Talk about my choice of domain names from the point of view of the station

suffix analysis

1 and com have nothing to say, Longmen eldest son, search engine effect is optimal. Of course, the price is the highest. This is because many webmaster poor meters are used com, if it is the most complete preservation of the flow station.

2 and CN are good, after all, the rice of their own country. But one yuan CN directly affect the overall quality of the CN station, but also a little fear of search engines, search engine effect in general. The price is now second only if com is large, a small amount of traffic flow to com. At the same time a small amount of other suffix traffic can be obtained.

3, org can not talk about, but the search engine is very friendly, the spelling +org under the same situation, ranking good results, some webmaster tested.

4, enterprise dedicated meters, station quality is generally good. The search engine is actually higher than CN, for the traffic, it must be admitted that suffered most, if it is large, easy to com and cn.

5, net is isolated, a lot of good Larry NET didn’t cook. In fact, the net of the search engine is weaker than that of COM and ORG are. Of course, if it is large, easy to flow CN station, Baidu Wuhan real estate network is currently two page first net shows certain advantages.

under the same circumstances, pure SEO I personally ranked for them, com> net=org>>

pure SEO under the same situation, I personally to the ranking, spelling > abbreviation > digital.

, but the web is more important, the user experience, the domain name first, and that’s part of the reason why short digital meters are so popular. Good remember. Good Pinyin and English is more expensive, relatively speaking, Pinyin will be a little more popular on the public face of the audience, and the competition between Google and Baidu will play a part in the domain name. Including eBay and Taobao, but some industries don’t really matter. For example, the IT class, most of the audience simple words, or no problem,, and so on.

domain name

1, station or only do search engines to the station, the length of the domain is not much need to consider, it is important to spelling + suffix weight, of course this is in the same chain case.

2, the local station, good for the purpose.


wants to make the station site, if the money or get a good domain name, lest you lose.

finally, want to say is don’t exaggerate the function of domain name of the site, but also do not ignore the domain name to the benefits of the website, all of you.