Sleepy ocean scientist Bo Lu Songsong blog

since the blog, in writing their own characteristics at the same time, also want to learn how to do your name bo. Learning makes progress,

was the first to share my experience of learning Lu Songsong blog, spent two nights with a time at noon, read all the articles, most of the comments of Lu Songsong blog, and micro-blog in the part of the article, also read a review of his articles, or rewarding.

talk nonsense, start with a set of data, as of March 29, 2010:

checked two domains, one was, one was, and the specific website included data as follows: data:

, Google, PG:4, Sogou, Rank:52, AlexaRank:12964, China, Rank:16792

Baidu included: 0 Baidu chain: 6730

Google included: 560 Google chain: 574

YAHOO included: 914 YAHOO chain: 10372

Sogou included: 560 Sogou chain: 560

soso included: 369 soso trans chain: 370

Youdao included: 238, there are anti chain: 37100

Bing included: 1510 Bing trans chain: – data:

, Google, PG:4, Sogou, Rank:2, AlexaRank:12964, China, Rank:16792

Baidu included: 44/2 Baidu chain: 8350

Google included: 5280 Google chain: 574

YAHOO included: 1050 YAHOO chain: 122

Sogou included: 607 Sogou chain: 600

soso included: 410 soso trans chain: 411

Youdao included: 255, there are anti chain: 0

Bing included: 1770 Bing trans chain: –

The following set of data from

is from

articles total: 164

reviews total: 20965

Total number of

References: 114

Total number of

Views: 3404488