How to buy a reasonable clothing store

clothing store competition, opened a clothing store looks very simple, only your body in which you will feel such fierce competition, how to open a clothing store, should start from the purchase, the purchase must pay attention to the clothing store. Here is to introduce some of the clothing store purchase method.

stock size and color, are in fact vary.

Color talk about the need to first identify the main potential customers you store, for example, students or young girls less than 25 of the family, you can choose some of the more bright some colors, such as watermelon red, blue, purple, and if it is installed or installed in the elderly woman, you can choose more some coffee, khaki, green, black. Of course, this is also related to the style of clothing you choose. In addition, as the store decoration, but also need to be considered, whether it is a small shop wallpaper, or lighting should be in line with the style and style of clothing, rather than first fit into the decoration of clothes.

size to say that in general, the color and size depends on a common purchase target customers and purchase channels. Take our website, because manufacturers in Guangdong for the vast majority of manufacturers, the production of clothing size specifications will be smaller, so most of the code we only sell clothes M-XL, if you are the guest, you should put the L codes as M codes, 1:2:1 is usually the proportion. That is to say take 1 pieces of M, 2 L, 1 XL.

for clothing stores, store decoration is very important, this is to attract customers into the store, so Xiaobian recommended we must be in the decoration work, so as to successfully attract more customers.