2012 Network Entrepreneurship from which line

online shopkeeper more and more, especially with the launch of Alipay is more firmly, many want to join the ranks of the people’s confidence in electronic commerce. Convenient trading platform, safe trading tools have been gradually improved, but also waiting for what? So, when you have decided to open an online store, "what to sell" has become the main problem. We can see from the situation of the store, the current online trading volume of individual stores is relatively large source of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, mobile phones, home accessories, etc..

you are considering selling what time is best from their own interests and ability, and try to avoid those areas unfamiliar. And, at the same time, need to determine the target customers who? Where? What do they like? Now the mainstream Internet users show two characteristics: the main purpose of the game for the purpose of the student groups to network information inquiry, trading as the main office workers – white-collar or quasi white-collar workers. Of course, whether it is for what kind of groups, shops are always welcome, if you can find the suit fashionunique goods, such as homemade jewelry, toys, clothing and other DIY customized goods or services, will be a good choice of online shops.

to determine the category of goods, but also need to understand the situation of commodity prices. Overall, the value of goods is high, income is high, but the investment is relatively large. For neither the sales experience, but also the lack of the original capital of entrepreneurs, is indeed not a small burden. But one of the biggest characteristics of online transactions is covering a wide geographical area, so, some larger, heavier goods and low price is not suitable for online sales of goods in the mail, because the logistics cost is too high.

in fact we can find from the search, crystal, silver necklace, mobile phone, bedding, jeans and other people become the most search keywords, the keywords shows people’s shopping tendency from one side.