How to shop

shop named work is very important, but at the same time do not do, this is a fact that many people know, however, so to do the right, for many investors is still a big problem. The shop name is very important, the name of a highly general and strongly attractive to consumers, visual and psychological effect plays an important role, not only can give people the enjoyment of beauty, but also to attract customers, expand sales, up to the first "salesman" role. So, how to shop name? Let Xiaobian to introduce some tips for you.

, a catchy

The name of the

store must be loud, catchy, easy to remember, easy to spread like this, to do this, not only to pay attention to the language charm and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs and spiritual needs of consumers, who can resonate with customers psychological name, customers are generally easy to remember, and also can be spread. Especially some of the more humorous, with profound connotation. If the noodle shop named "face to face", some Chinese restaurant named "Kitchen God", on the contrary, make people feel uncomfortable and name is feeble.

two, easy to understand

small shops are facing the general community residents, pedestrians and other mass consumer groups, so named as easy to understand, don’t quibble. If the boss thinks he is doing metal business, so in the name of Tim a "Xin", while the timber business is adding a "Mao", for Geely, put the "Feng" specially written characters "feng". So even if you’re in the quality of service and so on doing a good job, but because many customers do not easily identify your store name, so it affects the communication of consumers in reputation, to effectively promote to other potential customers to. In addition, although the name of the shop is popular, but not too vulgar.

three, should have consumption characteristics

The name

small shops should emphasize not only the simple, catchy these points, but also can reflect the consumption characteristics of the store, including project management, management style. The name such as light shop will let customers see a name that you are selling lamps, if you take a "hero", there is no better lighting "brilliant lighting" or "bright light" effect, because the "brilliant" and "bright" and "light" to let the customer have the association, "hero is not necessarily! Therefore, the name of the store must be combined with the name of your business services and consumer groups, and can not be called.

four, should be rich cultural connotation

is now a lot of small shops, especially in the cultural aspects of the lack of comparison, appears to be more tacky! What "two children"