What are the advantages of joining the nine duck duck

food and beverage to join the project in addition to those very popular to join the project, cooked food is also one of the investors tend to join the project. Grandma duck nine, adhering to the essence of the Six Dynasties cuisine, combined with modern technology, the use of a unique "curing, baking, halogen" technology, with dozens of pure natural green herbs, refined from. The product is pure, bright color, mellow taste, fresh meat, fat and not greasy, instead of thin wood, rich nutrition, stomach and spleen Fu, cosmetology, health care, it is suitable for people of all ages. Is the so-called: back to a stew stewed flavor, three thousand pet a commitment. This taste should only be in the sky, the world can get a few back.

as chain enterprises, companies with the overall design and unique packaging, rely on scientific management and strong technical and financial security, in Chinese, always adhere to our fine tradition, which focused on the establishment and operation of every shop, good service to every franchisee and consumers, always for our dealers (franchisees / jointmanagement business / area manager) to provide perfect backup service, provide fresh and fashion for our consumers delicacy.

What are the advantages of

duck nine

huge industry outlook

"hunger breeds discontentment, food and beverage industry, huge market potential, cooked food is vice versa, the rigid demand of residents. National food safety supervision to strengthen the norms, more conducive to the development of the industry. Small investment, stable income, easy to operate the characteristics of such projects to become the first choice for investors.

advanced business philosophy

venture capital should bear the social responsibility to promote the development of positive energy.

mature business model

duck Jane snack shop and food and beverage program store dual-mode operation, for the industry to meet the needs of investors of all walks of life.

dominant brand image

bright decoration, clean shop layout, diversified marketing means, "my life has more popular taste" reputation.

strong headquarters support

relies on a strong management team, from site selection to marketing to the full range of training services.