Create space to help college students to develop environmentally friendly products to reduce automob

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entrepreneurial boom slightly faded, but every day there are a lot of new venture to join the market competition. Especially in the creation of the public space, incubation of entrepreneurial projects are trying to grow, expect to face the market as soon as possible, to accept the challenge.


adorable Song said: "three of us met in 2010 freshmen of innovation and entrepreneurship Association, Yang Yajing sister a year ahead of the league, was already in the community is the right-hand man, her gentle character for music. Brothers very approachable. Participate in the activities of more, we began to get familiar with each other and found that there are many similarities in life and values, after several talk, decided to start a business together, to build a fortress of their own dreams. Since then, as long as you do not have classes, they will get together to discuss the project to do."

"Internet plus" brings business opportunities