Entrepreneurship shop how to promote the store

in today’s era of entrepreneurship is not what strange things, start to change their situation is a lot of people, more and more people start to shop, for them, the ultimate goal is to make money, hope to bring good development. Entrepreneurship shop, the store just opened, customers are not aware of, which requires the promotion and publicity of the store. Today to give you an introduction, entrepreneurship shop how to promote their stores.

a, published:

in a variety of blogs, books or magazines to express your point of view, so that you can understand your ideas, your team concept, your views on the industry, have an impact. You can be influential in the blog, and micro-blog published, the impact of these media, the book is also huge than the entity.

two, industry forum:

is involved in a variety of industry forums, industry insiders, and potential investors interested in the same subject. You should not spend a lot of money on the stage to sell, but you should make use of small salons and forums to express your views, and interact with the participants. In Beijing, you can participate in the French Telecom to do a variety of small salons, or participate in the mobile Leo 2 Wang hosted by the party.

three, become an industry expert:

training to become an expert in the industry, familiar with the industry trends, characters and professional details. There are a variety of analysts and reporters to interview you, do not shy, try to share your views to them. In Beijing, you can share your thoughts run by the open Cindy activities and share platform NTALKS Hui group sound.

four, word of mouth marketing:

to maintain a good reputation, let your friends, former colleagues and partners to actively recommend you. Let people familiar with the VC recommend your project, than you sent VC E-mail, the effect of hundreds of times higher. For example, you can contact with the wall of the Max Huang table.

In fact,

shop to do business we do not think so simple, but it is not so difficult, everyone in the business time to pay more attention to it, business shop, shop in the first period, what is not popular, because they don’t know you this shop ah, you need to promote and publicize the store. After reading the above set up shop for how to promote their own store details, I believe we all know, know how to promote their stores.

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