Sichuan nstitute of ndustrial Science and technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum to shar

college students innovation and entrepreneurship is the current "12th Five-Year" planning a key work in the upcoming "Thirteen fifth" also occupy a certain position. The day before, the Sichuan Industrial Technology Institute held in celebration of the 20 anniversary of the forum of innovation and entrepreneurship, college students share their entrepreneurial story.

"the school held a forum for innovation and entrepreneurship, advocated the establishment of the Alumni Association, aims to integrate alumni resources, build contacts, exchanges and cooperation platform for alumni." Sichuan Industrial Technology Institute executive president Tang Jianhe said, the school hopes to join our forum, the entrepreneurial success of alumni together planning, the establishment of Sichuan Industrial Institute of science and technology innovation fund, actively support and help the engineering students innovation and entrepreneurship, to realize the transformation of scientific research achievements.

in the "13th Five-Year" during the school plans a total investment of 1.3 million to build the National College Students’ Innovation Industrial park. Among them, the Sichuan Industrial Science and technology university students innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration street, a total of 116 new shops. The school is responsible for the basis of the decoration of each shop, all water and electricity, free rent for business students, free property management fees, nearly 200 students and students team settled in entrepreneurship.

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