To know how to solve a misunderstanding

as long as there are people to get along, there will certainly be misunderstanding. And how to resolve this misunderstanding, each individual will be different ways to resolve. For every business people, but also need to know how to skillfully resolve, so the store business can be more popular. Sometimes, clever solution to customer friction or misunderstanding, may win more loyal customers for themselves.

at the beginning of the day, from a female customer to the store said a few pounds of egg, went to the door and had forgotten to buy a toothbrush. She put the eggs in front of the store near the apple basket, and turn back to find a toothbrush. Then came a customer with a face, not like a native. As soon as she entered the shop, she squatted at the door to stir up the apple. Just when the female customer came to the checkout with the toothbrush, it happened that the new customer was tired.

listen to "throwing" a sound, "you crushed my egg." Female customers angry, but foreign customers did not seem to hear, but also continue to pick apples. "You broke my eggs!" Female customer more angry voice has improved a lot, "also want to go out. I quickly pulled her: "well, she does not like the locals, may not understand our dialect. It’s a pity that she didn’t remind me when she came in. The broken eggs are mine. I’ll give you a change." This is the voice of female customers.

female customers to go, foreign customers stood up, looked at me and said: "scared to death, I also feel trampled on broken eggs. I just came from Inner Mongolia, if the language barrier, make her more unhappy, so she didn’t dare. Boss, thank you for helping me out, or I really do not know how to do?"

egg is not what expensive things, even for a few egg also can not spend much money, but in their own shop inside cleverly defused two customer contradiction, get the customer’s approval, in order to win more customers, are of great help to the store business development will be late. So, if the shop to do business, this situation so often encountered, also need to know how to skillfully resolve the misunderstanding.