The first one Chinese facet chain Bayu man Hu Daosheng

since the tongue of China 2 broadcast, Chongqing once again swept the face of china. In fact, some people have already seen the prospects for the development of Chongqing, the use of 10 years of shop operations, the achievements of the 200 millionaires, which is the Chongqing and Hutchison small.

10 years ago, Chongqing Hu Daosheng founded Hutchison hu man, with a bowl of Chongqing small noodles started to regain the Chinese fast food brand banner pasta. If not forgotten, in 10 years, Hu and recorded at every step, breakthrough of Chinese fast food insurmountable "1000 pass", the development of the chain of 1098 stores, the achievements of more than 200 millionaires.

small chain

2005 in May 12th, Chongqing District, Chongqing normal college back door, a small noodle shop has just opened in Shapingba.

however, the newly opened shop, "Hutchison side Zhuang" (Hu Hutchison predecessor) four word signs and eye-catching, the shop clean and tidy, a wooden bench, neat, a small noodle shop "out of the formal specification Hot pot shop". On the same day, buy one get one promotional awareness, it is rare to try small noodle shop.

graduated, Hu Daosheng followed the neighbor "sea", engage in township enterprises, to Amoy first pot of gold, completed in 1991 and the experience of capital accumulation, it founded the first company.

2003 one day, Hu Daosheng and a recommendation