What kind of shop decoration to attract more customers

successful entrepreneurial shop not only to grasp the market opportunities based on market demand, on this basis there is concern about the image of the store, which mainly includes the level of decoration on the shop. So in front of the design, how to attract customers, memorable impression? Exactly how to attract customers shop decoration? Look at the following analysis:

shop decoration design should pay attention to personality, characteristics, so as to highlight the selling point to attract customers to patronize. There are many reasons why customers patronize: it can be on the positioning of goods, business methods, business management, advertising, packaging, and so on…… But it may be on the facade design, decoration layout. Some reason is that customers need to be touched by the transaction before slowly feel, but the design of the facade is that anyone can see at a glance. The customer’s impression of the store starts with the facade.

According to the survey results show that:

professional shop decoration design, professionally designed pavement so that customers shopping impulse caused by the dead dead to make the business volume increased by 18% – 300%. If the dead are attractive appearance may cause the customer to watch or buy impulse; if the impressive facade, even if customers do not buy today, when he has the ability and the need, he is also the first to patronize this store.

for the design of a store image is appropriate, whether the design is beautiful, completely based on the store set up the times, regions and customer preferences as the basis. Hand holding the boss is not to make decisions based on my preferences.

when talking about how to cooperate with the shop owner with the designer, to create a distinctive feature of the pavement, the professionals said that a good store design is the result of close cooperation between the boss and the designer.

boss is based on the needs of the market, the customer’s purchase motivation, habits, consumption patterns, and other factors such as peer comparison, after a detailed investigation to make business plans.

in the shop decoration, decoration company in the design of the shop, the boss will cooperate with the business plan, so that the design meets the needs of the market. Make the boss think this design is a design, can bring prosperity to the business, after the opening of new stores would find the design company, other experts also fled, active patronage, designers are revered as the design authority of the line, so that we can design decoration with the product personality, personality, "selling business" the personality of the classic pavement.

look at the value of the pursuit of personalized fashion era, want to successfully open a popular shop, in addition to the new ideas of the product, even on the level of shop decoration and spend some of the ideas. Often allows customers to stop is not only the products you run, as well as other styles of store design. How to decorate the shop to attract customers, above