Like martial arts how can we miss Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival

China has 5000 years of Chinese history, is an ancient nation, but also a mysterious country, for example Chinese Kung Fu, not only for us all the children of the Yellow Emperor far-reaching influence, in the world occupies an important position. The Eleventh China Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival organized by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, Chinese Wushu Association, Henan Province Sports Bureau and the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s government, held in Zhengzhou city in October 16, 2016 to 20. Since 1991, China Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival has gone through nearly more than and 20 years of glorious history.

this martial arts festival will continue to promote Shaolin Martial Arts in the world’s popularity and promotion, expand the Shaolin martial arts culture radiation and influence. Then, from nearly 70 countries and regions of the more than and 200 team of nearly 2000 athletes to participate in various projects of the martial arts competition; there are many experts and scholars gathered in Zhengzhou, martial arts master, major research issues in the development of Wushu, there are many officials and other social friends from all walks of life to participate in the Zhengzhou sea, the sea of martial arts event great in strength and impetus; inside and outside the media gathered in Zhengzhou, all-round, multi angle coverage Shaolin Wushu Festival event. The main activities are: this martial arts festival opening ceremony, the masses of martial arts activities, performances, martial arts contest papers report, martial arts training, the closing ceremony, "Zen Shaolin music ceremony" · special performance etc..

eleventh China Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival successfully will further promote the innovation and development of Wushu in the world and the popularization and promotion, promote exchanges and cooperation between countries and regions all over the world, the expansion of Zhengzhou and Henan in the international visibility and influence, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society and the pace of National Center in order to speed up the city of Zhengzhou, let China make a positive contribution.

what is the highlight of this martial arts festival?

10 on the morning of 16 may, the China Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival press conference held in the Zhengzhou press group, building second, room 9.

, director of the eleventh session of the China Zhengzhou international Shaolin Wushu Festival Organizing Committee Director of management center of the State Sports General Administration of Wushu Zhang Qiuping attended and delivered a speech, the Henan Provincial Sports Bureau Sports Management Center Director Ma Yanchun, Zhengzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy mayor Zhang Jun Feng, Deputy Secretary general of the municipal government Li Jianxia, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau Zhou Zhaohui, Dengfeng the municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Wang Chao attended the meeting.

conference, Zhang Junfeng informed of the main activities of the festival and arrangements for the preparatory work. Zhengzhou international Shaolin Martial Arts Festival has been successfully held ten sessions, the Zhengzhou municipal Party committee and government has been the martial arts festival as a manifestation of the traditional Chinese martial arts culture, boost the development of Zhengzhou culture, a major event of prosperity