Wuhan city held a meritorious in order to support women entrepreneurs

there is a saying called Nei in our China, in fact, is to believe that women’s strength, in such an era, the majority of women have become a main force of entrepreneurs and the whole society, women entrepreneurship is supported by the whole society.

Wuhan "meritorious activities will promote 17 held. Changjiang Daily reporter was informed that the Wuhan women’s entrepreneurship center and Beijing Cci Capital Ltd Cerberus green branch will jointly set up a scale of 1 billion yuan of "Cerberus" funds, mainly used to support enterprises in Hubei area of female entrepreneurship.

"Cerberus" funds mainly invest in female entrepreneurial firms in Hubei areas of entrepreneurship in the Internet plus industry and culture industry, health care and other fields, and provide scientific and technological achievements, corporate governance, enterprise restructuring and listing the full range of financial services for the investment enterprises. Beijing Cci Capital Ltd Cerberus green branch also decided to central China headquarters in Wuhan.

In fact,


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