Operating floor shop to pay attention to what

floor is a very common building materials, the choice of the floor decoration, to choose a good brand, then if you open a floor shop, in the operation, we should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to carry out a detailed introduction.

you need to know how to sell your location, the floor price, but high grade must in some, of course the proportion should be: 10% grade, 40% grade 50% class, know more about the surrounding consumer groups age, the goods location in the vicinity of the most suitable products of consumer groups. Operating floor shop to pay attention to what? Management of solid wood flooring shop to understand the price of these good, generally speaking, students are more likely to spend money than college students, when the stock can also take into account the variety of varieties.

first shop, do not put the inventory, all placed in the shop, because you do not know where the city and the location of your shop, the amount is really hard to say, but still some diversification is good, do not hoard goods, must follow the trend of solid wood flooring, solid wood floor business shop good money. Operating floor shop to pay attention to what? Solid wood flooring shop declined to bargain, only discount for members. The average price is 2 to 3 times the cost price. There are well-known brands of solid wood flooring, she did not enter the kind, it was necessary to buy a deposit to pay her to get into the general price is half of the counter price.

operating floor shop to pay attention to what? In addition, there are a series of gift packaging, there are a lot of customers to buy a gift to send a friend, the need for packaging, can be charged separately, both to earn a little money, but also to help customers solve problems.


above is some business floor shop need to pay attention to skills, I hope you have to pay more attention in the process of operation, the owner of the shop floor, these methods and techniques can provide more reference, like some specific marketing plan, investors need to according to the actual situation of their own consideration.