Survey report 85% of mothers in the future will participate in Entrepreneurship

women face a variety of hidden discrimination in the community when looking for jobs, for a young woman, a child may be allowed to lose the birth of all the current status. So there are many mothers at the beginning of pregnancy to consider their own business, to do their own boss.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "double time", entrepreneurship has become the women especially mothers present fashion move.

before the release mechanism "mother mother industry survey shows: 94.1% white paper" business needs of users interested in Entrepreneurship (+ very interested), 85.6% of users said that the future will start (will + may start). Among them, nearly 50% of users are in the preparation of pre pregnancy entrepreneurial ideas, and the user will be in the baby after the age of 65.2% will be put into practice at the age of 1.

data show that mothers have become a huge group of business groups can not be ignored. Some analysts believe that women’s flexibility forces will burst out in the mother, in addition to the various ideas of creativity and a keen market sense of smell, will be accompanied by a child comes to make mothers have more commercial advantage.

for mothers, entrepreneurship may be the last ditch, to face numerous difficulties and dilemma. However, in the current era of entrepreneurship, you will get more opportunities for development, so do not be discouraged, have the idea to act quickly.

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