Kelan County electricity supplier training to stimulate farmers’ enthusiasm for Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship brings new opportunities for rural entrepreneurship, but need to popularize more entrepreneurial farmers entrepreneurship knowledge, so as to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship, therefore, Kelan county organized a "winter action" of the new occupation farmer training in rural electricity providers.

one, from everyone interested in how to open shop, how to establish a relationship with customers, how to sell products in three aspects of teaching learning theory, involving computer basic operation of e-commerce of agricultural products, practical skills, the third party platform, Taobao and other Internet marketing means. Practical operation by the training of teachers in the computer classroom hand guide, detailing how to use electronic business platform to achieve network sales, and the scene for the new professional farmers answering questions.

entrepreneurship that is hard to understand, but entrepreneurial farmers can start, therefore, the training work is indispensable, only to master the skills to ensure the sustainable development of enterprise.



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