Jiangxi Anfu 24 million 780 thousand yuan discount loan support for home business

this year, many of the country to return home entrepreneurship activities, through funding, welfare, policy support and other ways to attract young entrepreneurs to return home. Jiangxi province Anfu county investment 24 million 780 thousand yuan, the number of returnees lit a fire of entrepreneurship.

the county focus on encouraging the return of workers to create rural cooperatives, family farms, the development scale of planting and breeding, processing of agricultural products and rural service industry. Play home business incubation function Park, carries on the management to meet the conditions included in the business incubator, enjoy the relevant policies to support entrepreneurship, enterprises and individuals assigned to business incubators, give subsidies to business incubators in 3 years of property management fees, health fees, housing rental subsidies, raise the standard of original more than 50% to 60%.

the county within the scope of the migrant workers and other personnel, in accordance with the conditions of individual entrepreneurship given the highest 100 thousand yuan business loans, to meet the two conditions to support the personal loan amount of up to 300 thousand yuan. As of now, the county a total of 460 migrant workers, college students and other personnel retired soldiers home business provides $24 million 780 thousand in interest free loans, effectively solve the ofreturned venture capital shortage, lit the fire of entrepreneurship.

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