What are the village shops together a small coup

no shop does not want to be able to focus on their own shops more guests, however, if you want the guests gathered, naturally also need to master a certain business coup. As a marketing staff, I often visited the rural market, a long time found a phenomenon: Rural daily necessities store, some do very well; People are hurrying to and fro., some are neglected, business. Carefully observed, some good business shop in addition to species, attaches great importance to the quality of goods, prices and other factors, there are a lot of popular recipe. I summed up the six, for your reference.

sets of tables and chairs. Rural small shops are often a lot of farmers and friends entertainment places. If the store or shop in front of the more spacious, the owner may wish to put a few sets of tables and chairs, so that their shops become a good place for farmers and friends leisure. Folks gathered at the table playing cards, drinking tea, chat, and ultimately buy a few packs of cigarettes. If some folks will bring their children around, the child will become a major source of the store, virtually increased sales.

TV set. Although now everyone has a TV, but people still miss the fun of watching TV together. Especially in the summer evening, the farmer’s friends generally have the habit of getting out of the shade, the owner of the shop in front of the TV set, we enjoy the cool side watching TV chat, there is a popular shop. Cool people will inevitably buy drinks, ice cream and other commodities, the store can increase the income.

order several newspapers. Many farmers like reading and reading newspapers, especially those who can enjoy the wealth of newspapers and magazines. The book on several newspapers and magazines, their spare time can look at the growth of knowledge and experience; to come to buy things and people sit around reading, not only can prolong their stay in the store, but also easy to understand their needs and to store the opinions or suggestions from the side, the long-term development is beneficial to the store.

set up a pump. As the saying goes: "a thousand days at home, go out for a while." The owner of the shop to buy a small pump, not much, but it can bring to the villagers and those who ride on the road to bring convenience. They are grateful to the owner’s help, but also a good impression on the shop.

hit a pressure well. The customers of the village shop are mainly farmers and passers-by. The owner in the shops in the vicinity of a wells, the farmer labor passing back shop, can come in to wash my face, drink slobber; pedestrians can also give the vehicle with water, many people in and out, nature can attract business.

take a sunshade. Awning can not only summer sun, rain can also rain. The owner of a sunshade, can not only make farmer friend and passerby on rest, rain, the summer you can shed in selling watermelons and drinks, natural income can increase a few.