Jiangsu’s Dutch act due to man’s home 130 thousand bride demanded the return of betrothal gifts

in China’s rural areas have large betrothal custom, which makes a lot of family hatno cattle Zaguomaitie for the wedding. Jiangsu recently a groom suspected by the bride wedding into the funeral Dutch act, originally.

Fengxian County Wang Gou Zhen Liu Cai Yuan Cun Bei Jiang Cun Ma Jia Er Hai natural son (a pseudonym) 27 years old this year, in the local is a typical older unmarried young men. In January 9th, the home to drink the medicine Dutch act to death. It is sad that the groom as originally, on January 29th (the twelfth lunar month twenty) wedding.

1 13, Fengxian County netizen posting said, this tragedy caused by too much doubt because of the betrothal gifts. Reporters learned that the second half of 2014, the parents built a two storey building for him. After the sheep year, have come to the matchmaker introduces the object, after the two sides met each other right, then get up.

according to local custom, small family through the matchmaker to the woman sent 88 thousand yuan bride price, and 2000 yuan money, a total of 90 thousand yuan. Later, the door to buy gift and spent 1600 yuan to buy the gold to spend 4000 yuan, also spent 2200 yuan to buy her a mobile phone.


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