Mars is now shocking Female aliens

with the further development of modern science and technology level, there is growing evidence that the outer space there are some other life, at the same time, through various surveys, people also gradually opened a mysterious veil.

NASA the curiosity Rover (Curiosity  Rover) the photographs were often sharp eyed people catch unusual. And a recent photo once again aroused UFO enthusiasts hot, because Mars image appears to have a long hair and chest of alien women".

in Taiwan when the electronic newspaper reported in August 5th, designed UFO research website "UFO  Sightings  Daily" said, according to the images, it looks like a cloaked woman, from the chest of the shadow, that she has a pair of breast, and in a bright part. Can you see her arms and long hair.

the site also said that if this is a statue, it should be seriously weathered, but on the basis of image integrity, is the "high likelihood biological". In addition, the site also said that the alien woman seems to be staring at the Mars probe.

in fact in the entire sky, especially Mars found such a life with life characteristics, in fact, now is the people’s expectations, at the same time for such an alien from Mars, also let many people feel curious.


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