How to open a small jewelry store location

small jewelry store, must be opened in a more prominent position. Now a large number of stores, a small shop in the integrated shopping district is difficult to be noticed. If you want to open a small jewelry store, then you need to do a good job in the siting. Xiaobian finishing some points, hoping to help you.

pedestrian flow. In general, a high level of customer traffic will increase sales. Jewelry store location should pay attention to what factors?

, however, excessive customer traffic will also be too crowded to prevent buyers from. At the same time also to analysis of pedestrian traffic, in order to determine the consistent characteristics of pedestrian and the position of the target market store.

The structure of the

shop and the visibility of the shop; the size of the shop area and the structure and shape of the building; what factors should be paid attention to in the site selection of the


urban planning restrictions, such as water, electricity, sewage, heating and other conditions.

store location. The concept of location refers to the distance from the center of the city; jewelry store location should pay attention to what factors?

two refers to the distance from residential areas or traffic lines; three refers to the location of a specific location, such as the corner, center, crossroads, etc..

small jewelry store location is a key. This kind of shop if the site is not appropriate, the basic is flooded by other stores, it is difficult to emerge. If you are an investor, then you should be ready to invest in the site, the above experience to share hope to help you, come to contact us.

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