Micro shop name mobile phone micro shop name Daquan Daquan

open micro shop is a hot topic in recent years, so you are ready for the micro shop name? The whole network to organize a new micro shop name Daquan, mobile phone micro shop name Daquan, introduce micro shop name methods and techniques, welcome to visit.

micro shop name first: do not try to duplicate; second: have characteristics and the characteristics of their own; third: to make people easy to remember your name.


name implies the variety of goods on sale:

* *   shuijingzhilian; Dunhuang Remanbar digital harbor……

this name is the benefit of the buyer to see the name of the shop, you know what kind of goods you sell, really intuitive… Looks more atmospheric.

micro shop owner hidden name:

Wenzhou   the other shop   Nana


The benefits of this name

is that it has affinity to the customer with a cordial feeling. If the owner himself in various forums with their registered user name to speak, then it is easy to remember. But such a shop name is difficult for customers to ponder what you sell? You must click to enter the shop to see; and this type of name is difficult to future business, unless the owner’s name has been in a certain range has little known.

micro name implied owner’s name and sell merchandise:

soldier electronic mall   quiet pet supplies store   sea of piano computer home

named this is a smart approach, both. But also for the future to further expand the store to lay a good foundation. The general construction of their own websites operating online shops are using this naming method.

to the name of the micro shop the main methods are the following:

1, the name of the micro shop is consistent with the operation of goods, usually should be able to reflect the characteristics of the operator, or reflect the good quality of the main products, so that customers can easily identify the scope of the business of the shop, and the desire to buy. Such as: Kobayashi glasses, Huajia wedding shop, sugar etc..

2, naming methods related to folklore or historical celebrities. Such as "Dongpo restaurant" "Chang" Qianlong imperial clothing "," not too at the same time we should pay attention to whether constitute infringement or violation of the relevant provisions.

3, the name of the micro shop to be associated with the spirit of business services, such as day and night stores, hundreds of services, Cheng Xinbai recommend