United States Mission O2O Road buy from the group continued to fight the enclosure

O2O business model just red, the United States to benefit a lot, then the United States on the growth path of the group O2O, what is supporting it a step by step to open up a new situation? Now and Xiaobian together to look at specific analysis.

from the group purchase to O2O, the layout of the U.S. group in more than four years. As a continuous entrepreneur, the U.S. group CEO Wang Xing earlier than their peers. United States mission to buy started, go through the enclosure and the winter grain storage and buy a foothold in the industry, and become a leader in the O2O tide.

in July this year, after two adjustments, the group finally sort out your line of business. At present, the United States has three groups and a subsidiary of the company, that is, take away the delivery of business groups, hotel tourism group, to the group of shops and cat’s eye culture media Co., ltd..

in Wang seems, from the group purchase website is the most easy entry of O2O, his strategic plan is this: in 2012 the United States mission is the keyword keywords opal film, in 2103 the United States mission is the hotel, in 2014 the United States Mission takeaway is key. This year, Wang Xing had pointed out at the beginning of the year, 2015 is the focus of the U.S. mission network platform to build, build an ecological year".

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