Summer operation should pay attention to anti theft security

due to the hot weather during the day, people are reluctant to go out, shops in order to increase revenue, often in the summer will choose to extend the operating hours. However, there is often the risk of summer night operations, for the shop, only to do a good job of anti theft and theft, to be able to make summer operation more successful.

A few days ago

heard two neighbors smoke shop to be switching, every few days and that next to the copy shop wallet was stolen. I’m a little scared: will this happen? I would like to pay attention to the operation of the summer night, can not let things happen in my store. A few years ago, I installed monitoring on the store, then in order to save money, buy a few cameras are not clear.

once a customer to buy cigarettes did not give money, then give him to, he said to the. The regulation monitoring found that, because the pixel camera is too poor, can not see how he is to or not to, I can only eat yabakui. After this lesson, I let her husband that several monitoring all removed, replaced by a few high-definition camera. This is not afraid of criminals to fish in troubled waters.

husband to go to work during the day, usually come home at night after dinner to rest, I am responsible for closing the proofing. Since the extension of the business hours, I am afraid that criminals use my own opportunities in the shop to exploit loopholes. And her husband to let him go home late for an hour to watch for me. One night, a middle-aged man came into the shop, I hastened to ask what the main points. I saw the eyes swept the whole store, asked whether there is a brand of cigarettes?

I said there was one side from the cigarette holder to take a box to him, the man took a look over and over again and said: "a box." One side of the smoke into the pocket while the money, groping for a while the man took out the smoke from his pocket and said that the change is not enough, to change another brand. I was waiting for him to prepare to change, the husband took the box next to the hard look at, said to the man: "this box of cigarettes is not just give you that box, can not give you change."

that person’s facial expression immediately doesn’t naturally rise: "how?" This is the box you gave me." Husband: "do not think that we are not resigned to playing second fiddle is invisible. You can take that box out of the way!" The sound attracted the people who were playing outside the shop. The man who, from his pocket the box of hard throw on the counter, he picked up the box quickly out of the shop. Fortunately, I said to her husband: "fortunately, you stay in the store, if I am deceived in the morning!"

hot weather during the day, even criminals are too lazy to go out, a lot of people are taking advantage of the store at night to cheat. In the summer of this eventful season, our retailers are busy brains to find ways to make business more prosperous, never ignore the safety and hidden problems of the store, such as wire aging, shelf safety, is necessary to think of the problem.