Hefei science and technology innovation driven development of Xingcheng

10 month 19 days, Hefei held national double week activities at the venue. Potential to science and technology in Xingcheng, Hefei has built a large number of incubators, innovation driven economic development in Hefei, shaping the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, entrepreneurial atmosphere.

in 2015 began to focus on the project, the electricity supplier park, fragrance · valley; a Valley Industrial Park, lotus e-commerce Industrial Park is the frontier of Hefei Economic Development Zone Internet plus. These three projects invested 600 million yuan, respectively, $200 million and $50 million. Among them, the Valley Park will be put into use in November 2018, the experience store electricity supplier O2O and other related enterprises and commercial enterprises focus on the introduction of the world’s top 500 line of business enterprise, self B2C platform and independent database system, the annual output value of 500 million yuan; the fragrance of · a Valley Industrial Park can achieve annual the output value of 600 million yuan; Lotus Park the introduction of e-commerce enterprises and services around the electricity supplier incubator, photography, art, advertising and other training, not less than 300 enterprises in July 2016 will be put into operation, the annual sales income of 500 million yuan.

this one, it is particularly worth mentioning is the lotus park. In the city of Hefei to promote the introduction of dual policy, part of the old building in the future will become a customer’s talent, this is the Hefei Economic Development Zone to build the plant transformation incubator of innovation policy practice. As of August this year, a number of Chinese commodity Anhui operating companies and other enterprises have settled in the strength of the electricity supplier park, there are a number of well-known Internet Co are negotiating. In response to the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation, the call, the park has also opened up a special innovation, entrepreneurship platform for entrepreneurs to create a good atmosphere for sharing, communication.

5F wind up passenger space

in the open area in Hefei, a 5F maxspace has gradually become Hefei business circle in place.


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