Winter to make money items 50 yuan to make a hot drink earn 30

cold winter, Malatang is who can not miss the delicious chowhound, throughout the high streets and back lanes is a city in Dao Liangli, the scenery. That night, a spicy stalls in front of the crowded, bustling. Whether it is flying in the sky, underground running, swimming in the water, the tree knot can be hot, no food.

50 flat a few months into the store million

kelp, potatoes, mutton, cauliflower, lettuce, squid, duck, sausage, meatballs, melon, lotus root…… One yuan, two yuan vegetable dish, meat dishes, the guests go to their favorite by twos and threes, string into the dish, go to the checkout counter selected, by the person responsible for boiling. The per capita consumption of 30 yuan, guests feel gouwei and affordable, the side edge of busy Touzhaoyue — small business profit is not small, selling food on gross profit was 5 cents.

the anonymity of the owner to reporters just such an account: Malatang equipment investment of about two thousand or three thousand yuan, the shop rent according to lots of determined, better shop more than 100 thousand yuan a year, seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan a point about. Daily sales of two thousand to 4 thousand strings, a month is 60 thousand to 80 thousand yuan turnover, after deducting the cost of 24 thousand yuan to 32 thousand yuan, artificial ten thousand yuan, ten thousand yuan monthly rent, a dozen square meters of the store monthly earnings at least million.

Malatang eat as fast, become the preferred project of modern grassroots entrepreneurial people, making it simple, quick, easy to operate, the opening will be able to make money, to become the current model for small business.

Malatang store Raiders

1. market outlook

Malatang due to the taste of strange fragrance overflowing, have a unique style, it removes the Hot pot, mutton slices cooked in hot pot and other food in the taste of a single, dry spicy, greasy, fire and other shortcomings, but also refreshing aftertaste, spicy Sichuan style, let people eat, long can eat. In addition, the shop is more flexible, and low investment, easy operation, easy location, fast return, with a general market demand and broad market space.

2. spicy hot features


Malatang can store different flavors of suits around, suitable >