Raise a can also get rich from Sichuan guy high income

what is it? It is not a nail polish, in fact, is a cockroach, everyone hates a kind of disgusting insects, but there is a young man in Sichuan, but by a, and made a fortune, how is it?.

to leave a foreign nationality by a

"everyone does not know, as have effective central, it is medicinal value." Recently, the city of Sichuan Province, the town of 24 year old Qian Cheng introduced, he and partner Zheng Tianhang currently rented a cabin of 70 square meters, outside raised more than more than 40 only by the Corps, want to sell all over the country. Two people of this venture, but also made the relevant part of the supply of the Shifang youth fund 50 thousand yuan.

Qian Cheng graduated from Sichuan University Huaxi School of public health, professional pharmaceutical enterprise governance. Fast graduation, Qian Cheng victory into a world top 500 enterprises in Chengdu branch mission, engaged in drug sales. But graduate soon, Qian Cheng has maintained this let others love tasks, decidedly home business.

University, I went to a school about the future have judged lectures in the people of health suffer hunger and cold, hunger is becoming more and more fierce." Qian Cheng introduction, coupled with, and later a school of medical education was suffering from cancer, this thing is not a small trigger for me. So, I want to use my professional knowledge for human health cause a force." Affected by this, he finds that the well-being of the family promising.

subsequently, the money process to find a good friend Zheng Tianhang, two partnership, joint western medicine, agriculture, looking for entrepreneurial projects. In September last year, two people together to Yunnan, Gansu, Zigong and other places, the investigation of Dangshen and Huangqi herbs such as planting, and feeding earthworms, scorpions and other projects, after repeated deliberate, the selection of special, low cost, the advantages of elementary medicinal value of Periplaneta americana (cockroach) breeding.

said to do it, in October, two people set out to get ready, first to find an idle rural settlement room, according to the survey of knowledge, to build a warm home. Plumbing, breeding sieve box, then warm plate, incubator, etc. all by the money Cheng personally. About two months time, a basic equipment to complete by farming. If you want to complete the establishment of these basic equipment to spend yuan to estimate, we started to spend only $50 thousand, a waste of more than 20 thousand." Qian Cheng some complacent.

by living in a greenhouse to eat corn paste

walked into the money by a cottage. Open the door, a cold air Pimian come. Blockade of the dark interior of the dense, uniform display of a number of plywood, triangular splint. Periplaneta americana lived in such a blind by the house, specially built boiler heating 24 hours recommended