Heartbeat policy college students can start their own business red 150 thousand yuan

said please red envelopes, I believe people are very interested in college students in Henan to start their own business can be a red envelope, and the maximum amount of 150 thousand yuan yo!

our province college students entrepreneurship services into campus activities started in March 26th. During the event, the provincial and municipal levels of human society, the education sector and the relevant colleges and universities, through a series of measures to entrepreneurship policy, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship loans, etc..

College Students’ self employment

The declaration of the concentration of

: students start to support the project to declare two times a year, respectively in May and October, by the declaration of concentration of business incubator park.

personal declaration: eligible students to entrepreneurship where human resources and social security department for business (business) subsidies.   read the above introduction, but also in line with the conditions of the college students, you can actively implement their entrepreneurial dreams, there are preferential policies to help, entrepreneurship can be twice the result with half the effort!



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