Frozen food ten brands list the whole

frozen food is not only convenient, but also nutritious and delicious, in this fast-paced market has been welcomed by countless people, and because of the market demand, resulting in the industry brand very much. Here, the small series to introduce you to the ten major brands of frozen food, so you can have a better understanding of the industry’s brand.

frozen food ten brands list NO.1, three:

Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods Stock Co is a production of quick-frozen food based joint-stock enterprises, three frozen food sales for many years among the domestic industry first, products have been exported to Europe, North America, Australia and other countries and regions in Asia, won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "Chinese famous brand" title, and in 2008 in the domestic listing.

fast food ten brands list NO.2, Miss:

Zhengzhou Synear Food Co. Ltd is one of the largest professional China quick-frozen food production enterprises, in the domestic market share of more than 20%, in August 2005 the "missing" brand was again "world brand lab" evaluation of selected "China 500 most valuable brands, comprehensive ranking of 234Th, asset valuation is 2 billion 734 million yuan, for the first brand China frozen industry.

fast food ten brands list NO.3, dragon and Phoenix:

dragon brand was founded in 1977 in Taiwan, 1993 dragon products in the domestic market, now the "dragon food" has become the best-selling brand products known to every family, and exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Europe and Australia and other more than and 10 countries and regions, won the China famous trademark, Chinese famous brand, Shanghai famous trademark. The title.

fast food ten brands list NO.4, Yu Kang:

Youkang group was founded in 1992, is a food industry as the core of the main business, real estate investment for the two wings of the diversified enterprise group, after more than and 20 years of development, the group is now ranked among the national frozen food industry five strong, Youkang is in the lead in the same industry, has made the first batch of brand-name products, China industry the industry’s first judicial recognition of well-known trademarks, the industry’s first overseas listed enterprises.

fast food ten brands list NO.5, Cody:


food group is a private joint-stock enterprise, founded in 1985, is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Henan Province, 100 key industrial enterprises in Henan Province, 10 conversion of grain key leading enterprise, Kedi frozen products ranked the top three, Cody dairy row.