2016 Linyi 650 million yuan loans to promote entrepreneurship

2016 is a pioneering year, entrepreneurial incentives will also implement the provinces and municipalities in various regions, the real public entrepreneurship, therefore, this year, Linyi issued 650 million yuan loans to promote entrepreneurship. 6, the reporter learned from the municipal social sector, this year, the city will strive to achieve new urban employment of 82 thousand people, the new rural labor transfer employment of 150 thousand people.

in addition, the city will continue to implement the "strengthen employment training to improve employment and entrepreneurship five year plan", the full implementation of the four single training mode, focusing on the urban unemployed, poor families, college graduates, migrant workers, no studies in early high school graduates and other groups, to carry out a wide range of occupation skill training, employment skills training 80 thousand people, entrepreneurship training 11 thousand people.

in addition, do a good job of precise poverty, the working age poor all unemployed into employment registration scope, accurate identification, targeted measures, through the transfer of employment, skills training, public service jobs underpinning the installation, implementation of "one person, one person registration training and employment of a person, a family out of poverty".



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