Ecological dishes popular catering market

sub health to bring people a lot of trouble, more and more people began to focus on health, of course, first of all in the above efforts to eat. Ecological food popularity soared, a new hot spot in the food and beverage market was born.

but now although the ecological food is booming, but the concept of "empty" symptoms, for example, some with chewing head water food, is nothing more than in the ecological park surrounding dig a pond, dig a small ditch, dishes also how much we often eat in the restaurant the other chicken fish eggs, the ecological food is difficult to retain old customers. There are a number of so-called ecological catering enterprises on the interpretation of the ecological only stay in the dining and leisure environment to create, rarely in the ecological dishes focus on this point.

as a "river ecological catering enterprises" innovation "mining water dish", should be a kind of treatment to the concept of syringomyelia, because water series vegetable raw material from rivers and lakes and paddy water, like Qionghai whitebait, Horse Lake, pond snail, mussel in Brasenia, such as soy sauce, seasoning chicken, MSG are certified by the national green food, water and food are the ecological food worthy of the name.


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