Fenghua college students entrepreneurship Park promoted Ningbo city college students entrepreneurshi

experienced in 2015, we are pleased to see the number of entrepreneurs in China has been significantly improved, the rate of increase means that the employment pressure has been eased. However, the survival rate and success rate of entrepreneurial enterprises also need to strengthen the building.

establish "Bank + venture capital financing model

to solve the shortage of venture capital, Fenghua park use of their comprehensive advantages, actively contact the corporate bank, venture capital companies, establish long-term cooperation mechanism, and actively expand the financing channels of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to meet the financing needs. At present, the major creative park has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Everbright Bank, Ningbo bank and other financial institutions, to simplify the process of college loans, greatly reducing the difficulty of college student loans. At the same time, a large garden with TCL Venture Capital Co., Ltd. and other venture capital companies to reach a cooperation agreement for the outstanding college students into the capital, effectively alleviate the problem of college students venture financing.

establish "professional + intimate service mode

In order to solve the