Chen Bangcheng chairman of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology

now, as long as people talk about eye hospital, people can think of the fastest is the Irish Eye Hospital, so what makes a private eye hospital has so much influence? Today, let us go into the eyes of Chen Bangcheng, chairman of the hospital of Ireland eye.

in the rich gem made in the story, the chairman of the legendary non Ireland Eye Chen Bang story is: do not understand a ophthalmic technology "layman" with his eyes hospital landing gem list.

3 million started   open wealth life

but behind this simple resume, Chen states have extremely rich and legendary personal experience.

The last century at the end of the 90s

"at that time to enter the medical profession is mainly want to try the new field." Chen Bang mentioned when the decision lightly, but now it seems that he was pushing a huge market is estimated to be as large as the size of 30 billion yuan gate.

1997, Chen Pang spent 30 thousand yuan savings, take "hospital in hospital" in the form of traditional public hospital bound cooperation, set up in public hospital in ophthalmic surgery and routine examination of myopia myopia, relying on public hospital resources, make a pot of gold in life.