80 stall entrepreneurs successful entrepreneurial experience

with people now the entire business costs continue to increase, many entrepreneurs are more inclined to small business to get rich, also said that small business first appeared in the eyes of the people should be put stall, stall has always been a common starting point for small business success, but the small summer officially this 80 stall a member of the family business, let’s take a look at a small summer stall business story.

lights just light up, Kunming university graduates Xiao Xia began working together. One side of the goods on the ground, while shouting loudly, "look, there is no favorite with a." Small summer introduction, do not look at the stall, but the placement of the bag is also very particular about, including color, size and so on are arranged.

said this two years of experience with Liantan, small summer. "Although encountered a lot of difficulties, but gained a lot of valuable experience for the future of their own business to do some preparation." Small summer said, just out of school soon, so selling things are all good conscience call prices, will not deceive students. However, let the small summer are more worried than not sell a good price is not updated with styles of seasons or other reasons, it is easy to cause pressure due to illiquidity of goods.

"do the need of construction project management, put a stall also needs to manage, have learned can be used to stall, and out of practice after the father make yourself feel completely different, because everything should be responsible for their own.   "he said, showing the road beyond peers small summer expression, he felt it myself, but it is for a state of life, but still fought in the society, and is gradually proved that he can take charge as chief of.

stall as a more popular way of business now has attracted the majority of entrepreneurs are welcome, and a business street like this, the whole start-up costs are relatively low, naturally more and more by the majority of entrepreneurs are welcome.


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