Details determine success or failure to teach you to build team cohesion

companies want to be strong, can not be separated from a very cohesive and explosive team, so how to create a cohesive team is very important to the boss. The boss and employee relationship is very subtle, although the latter is relatively weak, but there are few occupation managers as the founder of the thing, of course, is a lot more boss let out the phenomenon of employees. On the whole, it is difficult for the boss to recruit good employees and employees to find a good job.

Has changed the

is the first market of enterprise employees. So in addition to the three shares, cash, killer mace can give employees "full decentralization red" (game life value) to attack, what can let employees "fill up blue" (Magic value) on the market, realize the combat burst table? Here are 6 details for your reference.

1, with a modest additional benefit

continued sea fishing. What’s the difference between his hot pot? Added value. When this product is similar to the hot pot, the added value becomes prominent. Additional added value to consumers, the same is true for employees, because employees are the first market. When your salary is not significantly higher than the industry standard, the option is still elusive, but not a large area of decentralization, there will be no Japanese love action movie star, there is no German car. It is the same as the environment, price, food and so on. How to attract and motivate employees? The success is not working. It would have to depend on the value of the sea fishing.

while massage, Manicure, Fresh Ground Coffee etc. these small things are not as popular as social security,   fruit snacks did not become standard, are small details to spend money to buy the people. What is the point of spending? Is to allow employees to take advantage of". A cheap, the company will be reluctant to go.

2, a social event