Fujian Normal University held a lot of entrepreneurial roadshow olive branch cast

student entrepreneurs are usually small, but in the future, the university will become a bridge between students and between enterprises, build a platform for the students’ entrepreneurial projects, attract more attention from investors, thus providing more security and opportunities for student entrepreneurship project.

12 20, a venture roadshow in Fujian Normal University Union College, 9 union college students entrepreneurial team with their own projects for promotion, and the site optimization reviews entrepreneurs, lawyers, hackerspaces responsible person, angel investors and other experts to support the project experience, some projects even on the spot favored by entrepreneurs.

stage for cooperation venture Roadshow

"roadshow is the only way which must be passed of an entrepreneurial team, we also hope to be able to offer this opportunity through college roadshow learn more entrepreneurial experience." Love Bento founder Wu Mengxia said. "The free WiFi founder Yang Hanbin also said that the roadshow activities so that they can get the guidance of experts from all walks of life, for the future operation of science team or entrepreneurs to participate in the game, have a very important significance.

roadshow site, 9 people were preaching the entrepreneurial team entrepreneurial projects came to recommend to the instructor. These entrepreneurial projects, there are just at the beginning stage is not fully on-line, had fame, in the University City to get angel investment; to the spread of culture, also involving children’s collocation; build the line service platform, also seek to "O2O" development route.

project was born in the course of

business9 projects to participate in the roadshow

"entrepreneurship curriculum enlightenment" change the past simple teaching and learning process with real entrepreneurial project business plan writing, enterprise learning, project roadshow activities such as students’ entrepreneurial knowledge, to carry out group activities in the classroom, enhance the entrepreneurial ability. The last class, all the teachers also gathered in the field, the simulation of road show, for students to build a simulation venture platform, by the student team to introduce the project, the teacher as an investor to invest. Today, after the end of the road show, with mentors on their guidance, coupled with the professional instructors bring lectures, but also to allow them to touch the initiative from the entrepreneurial ideas to commercial recommendation