A grand and noodle shop entrepreneurs story

this is a grand and the owner of the business line readme, ask how he golon noodle? Look at the patience to read the following introduction you know.

today, my grand combined noodle shop opened, see the full customer dining room table, steaming noodle and customers enjoy the expressions, I finally took a deep breath of light. My first venture, is the beginning of the.

I am a housewife, my husband was at work and the children are 3 years old, also in kindergarten, when not small, need to spend more time to take, every day in the home to do the cooking, cleaning, life is fairly quiet, but this year a friend and a shopping when it completely broke my quiet life.

and friends go shopping together, tired they went into a well decorated noodle shop, served noodle steaming warm dishes, riotous with colour embellishment, plus soup delicious had moist layer, food nutrition perfect collocation retention, better taste delicious mellow taste, fragrance is to lead a person to endless aftertastes. Gobble down after a meal, satisfied. Looking around the shop is full of customers, business booming, with friends around, just know this is Tianjin grand and noodle joining stores, has been 7 years. Business has been good. All of a sudden, I thought, if we take the rice noodle to our local, do not know can not do. My husband was also jokingly said to me, the taste is good, but I do not know if we can accept Oh!

According to

on the same day, the shopkeeper gave me the address of the Internet to find the grand and joined the company contact, understand the light franchise fee will be 50 thousand, including furniture, decoration, the first batch of goods, a total investment of more than 100 thousand at least. I heard raspberry, this investment is too high. Her husband also said that the project is pretty good, large profit margins, low risk, it is worth investing. To hear him say so, I also tempted, so after a lot of investigation and preparatory work, and formally joined the company signed with the grand line. After the shop is preparing a series of grand straight camp shop, to receive training. Through a week of training, do all the technology to master all nanowires, and each step is personally operation, because the headquarters direct distribution of raw materials and package material, so the operation is extremely simple, after a week, I have been able to make extremely skilled a bowl of noodle taste standard, the excitement is self-evident.

through the tension for a few days, when the store officially opened on the first day, the heart is also the name of a drum, you can accept? Listen when issued from time to time sizzles, steaming noodles on the table, with guest appearance, and my heart is satisfied, for the future of the store business is full of hope. 200 customers a day. Busy, but also from time to time to call her husband to help. There are a lot of customers ordering takeout. When the family heard the news, they couldn’t believe it. Then I saw that I did it so seriously