What are the small window design strategy

window if you can do a good job of design, often can play a very big effect on the operation of the store will be of great help. In a word, through clever collocation, the formation of people is a gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect, the essence of window design. The industry spread a word: let the customer’s eyes in the store window to stay for 5 seconds, you will get more than double the chance of competing brands". A successful window display, must have a high degree of aesthetic visual enjoyment.

clever window design is not a simple thing, in order to highlight the brand style, big stores tend to find a professional design team to design the window to meet their marketing needs. The shop window is another exhibition hall, which through the limited space, display the brand this season’s flagship product. Through the background picture of the background, coupled with the appropriate lighting, color and copywriting, one of the most able to show the brand characteristics of the exhibition was born. Window design is good or bad, directly determines whether consumers will enter the store. Although all kinds of window design style, but also plays an important role in all sorts of strange things, at the same time, can not be divorced from its core role.

: the sale of goods is the most straightforward stimulation of

shop window is the first exhibition hall, consumers through the window display of goods can be intuitive understanding of the season’s flagship brand style. It also helps them decide whether to go to the store to buy the next step, and for those who do not understand the brand, the display of goods can directly stimulate their desire to buy. Therefore, through the window to display goods is a must do shop.

information release: occasionally use the last


store to inform consumers of the sales information, usually with the windows platform release, such as some of the big stores will be marked in the window to play, to remind consumers, the store is to carry out promotional activities, can come to buy goods, and some brands even discounts will play on words to stimulate consumers to buy for. This feature greatly help shops window to solve the no place sales information to make the window pain point, has become an important channel for consumers to get the store information, but if every day on this, maybe the customer will think you want to transfer this shop.

fixed advertising: might as well point to multimedia

A fixed window is also a

advertising shop, through the window Lielai Chen show Shop consignment of goods. Compared with TV, magazines and posters, the form of window advertising is closer to consumers and lower cost. Brand advertising tends to reflect the core culture and style of the brand brand, it is best to have a multimedia show, consumers through access through the window of cognition, can have a very deep impression on the brand type and style. This time, window set >