Entrepreneurship is not easy to refuse the temptation to let you go more smoothly

choose to start this way, probably because of lack of money, it may be because want to realize their ideals, no matter what your motivation, once you embark on the road of entrepreneurship, will be faced with the interpersonal relationship is very complex, will naturally have a lot of temptation. Entrepreneurs how to refuse temptation? Let’s take a look.

this paper tells a story about entrepreneurial enlightenment: Socrates pluck the ears. Socrates with disciples came to a cornfield, let them in the process of moving the field, each carrying a maximum grain, not to go back, and can only pick a branch. The first disciples picked a few steps since that is the largest wheat, found that there are more behind; the second disciples have been explored, the East West pick pick, until the end point was found, in front of several of the largest wheat have been missed.

A, choose a suitable entrepreneurial opportunity is the foundation to resist the temptation of other opportunities.

two, adhere to the achievement of competitive advantage.

from the fact that entrepreneurs tend to do business is not satisfied, although not necessarily new opportunities for him better. He always thought it would be hard to find out if he didn’t try, so he wanted to try something new, just like Socrates’s second disciples.