A little good to the customer will make your business prosperous

if the location of the store is not good, so the store business will really bad? In fact, if you can have more than the operation of the strategy, the same will make the shop business is booming. My shop is not in a good location, but it’s a surprisingly good business. Many peers do not understand, learn from me. I don’t hide, smile and tell them: "if you want a good business, just a little more’."

Zhao sister come to the shop to buy eggs, egg, said the bill, before leaving, I took a plastic bag, smiled and said: "I’ll give you a little insurance!" But remember: after weighing the weight. If you put on the weight before the package, there will be no free plastic bags to sell eggs. Although a lot of customers are broad-minded, not stingy, but businesses must take into account, so nuanced.

big brother to the store to buy a cigarette. Not high-grade cigarettes, meager profits. But in the hands of the big brother to smoke cigarettes, while a beautiful lighter also plug into the hands of big brother. I smiled and said, "thank you for your patronage"! Big brother also said with a smile, "good! Good"! Holding a cigarette and cigarette lighter to push the door.

sun uncle come to the shop to buy a pound of peanuts, measured after, I will go with the bag of peanuts thrown a few more peanuts, gives you a little higher, a little higher.

Aunt Li came to the store to buy apples and beans milk powder, after buying a hand carrying a bag of apples, one hand carrying a bag of soy milk, go to the shop door. I quickly ran ran counter, came to the shop door, with both hands, thick plastic curtain aside a road gap, let Aunt Li through without obstacle. Especially in the winter, the elderly push the door to open the door are struggling, the soles of the feet and slide, it is easy to slip and fall. So I often see old people to the store, are running in the past, for the elderly to open the door waiting.


the customer is not a fool, the customer knows the compliment". More than a set of plastic bags, and more to send a lighter, and threw a few peanuts, more than a lift…… Businesses do, customers look at. You come naturally at the Lee – days after the customer to patronize your supermarket, take care of your business.

Many shopkeepers complain because in

sites causes affect the business of the shop, but if you can to the customer is more intimate, even if it is not good, the business can also be very hot. In short, as long as good for customers ", your business will naturally" sesame flower – jiejiegao".