Gansu construction 500 million yuan strategic emerging industry venture capital investment fund

double times, use technology, technological innovation is the fastest way. Gansu province is located in the western region, long-term economic development lags behind the developed provinces in the East, more active focus on government investment in the construction of innovative industries.

"points" clearly, our province will foster a number of backbone enterprises, seek the approval of the country set up 3 nationalamplocal united innovation platform, technology center, 2 national enterprise 2 State Key Laboratory, creating a number of provincial-level key laboratories, engineering (Technology) research center, enterprise technology center and innovation platform. Venture investment guide the strategic emerging industries fund size increase to 500 million yuan, around the new energy, information industry and other fields, and then set up 3 – 4 shares of venture capital fund, the total size of the equity venture capital fund reached 2 billion 500 million yuan.

"points", our province will accelerate the energy equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, modern Chinese medicine pharmaceutical, agricultural products drying equipment such as the construction of 5 provincial engineering research institute, organized 17 nationalamplocal united innovation platform and related enterprises, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and application, promote enterprise innovation and development ability. At the same time, accelerate the North China core, the core of Gansu nuclear technology industrial park and other key projects.

accelerate investment, encourage industrial technology more settled, cultivating innovative talents, this is Gansu province is an important guidance to regional economic development. The size of the fund will be a huge contribution to gdp.

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