Cosmetics store location skills Daquan

cosmetics are often used by women, cosmetics to join the market fiery, promising, attracted the attention of people. So, how to do a good job in cosmetics store location? Below we will share the location of cosmetics store selection skills, we want to help and learn from.

A, for the cosmetics franchise location, the most important thing is the traffic problem at the selected shop around. We must have a relationship, traffic flow. In general, the best choice in the vicinity of the station store, if you have to walk the customer, then you can not choose the store more than 20 minutes walking distance. And we must observe the pedestrian flow, to choose more pedestrian flow of the street store as well.

three, choose to shop area, should be the continuous increase of population and rapid growth characteristics of the area. You know, only the continued growth of the population, may bring more people, there will be more business opportunities.

four, in around the store, we must carefully observe. Whether there are obstacles around the selected pavement, a lot of street. You know, around the sidewalk or opposite shops, often because people need to concentrate on the road and ignore the surrounding shops.

five, the site, must choose to have spontaneous formation of the market area. In the long-term operation of the future, in a street or a market with a certain type of goods from the formation of the central market. And this market is conducive to the sale of similar goods. Can naturally promote the promotion of similar goods. For example, somewhere, people think of what they sell. If necessary, people will go there to buy.

six, the cosmetics store on the site, but also need to handle the content for site selection. Because, in store sales of commodities, to store different requirements. Some require large flow of people, such as clothing stores, etc., but it is not what kind of shops are suitable for people to choose more traffic. For example, apartments for the elderly, it is appropriate to choose fresh air, quiet place.

seven, cosmetics to join the site, the best choice of a commercial street center. For example: the East-West streets north and the best choice of shops, north-south streets and the best choose to sit east of the West shop. And the location of the best shops in the northwest corner of the crossroads. Remember, do not set the shop on the slope of the road, and the road between the high and low shops can not be too large, eight cosmetics shops close to the place where people gathered. Such as theaters, cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or near large factories, organs, which can attract pedestrians, the other