2012 entrepreneurial whimsy

now the society do not only unexpected, so long as we dare to think will succeed, let’s take a look at 2012 of the entrepreneurs "ideas".

the first venture idea

second entrepreneurial ideas

money gold idea

money gold idea

money gold idea

tree take a step to die, people move to live. If nothing is done in a place difficult to succeed, you should not hang in there, and should change a place, change a point of view, change a way to small losses and small temporary pain win long-term big harvest and happiness.

sixth entrepreneurial ideas

and avoid the monkeys breaking corn, breaking a throw one, or everything tasted dry, nothing special. Only unswervingly, persevere, aimed at the target to dig a deep well, there will be an inexhaustible source of success.

in profit point to Xinhen hard, cut the Gordian knot, hot pursuit "