How to join the chef barbecue buffet

in the catering industry we always selected by each chef, delicacy selection expert selection. Of course, there is a sense of barbecue barbecue industry claiming Gusteau’s project, surely this must be true ability, let us look at the barbecue chef brand!

has created a big barbecue chef, catering industry China miracle. It breaks Hot pot with grilled " since ancient times; water, fire is not a pot of " cooking boundaries, open restaurants There was no parallel in history. " a store two cuisine " new pattern, " delicious, healthy, environmentally friendly and low carbon " the image quickly recognized and loved by consumers. Rinse roast in the current China is one unique, with newer and better products for consumers and investment friends, provide more stylish and more sanitary products for consumers to rinse roast one, with faster and more broad road to prosperity for the majority of investors. So how can barbecue buffet join?

chef barbecue buffet to join what conditions need to be met? How to join?

can join the barbecue buffet:

1, an organization or a citizen with an independent civil liability act

2, with a suitable place of business

3, must be the direct operators and managers of the shop, can participate in the management of

4, can maintain the brand image of the brand

can join the barbecue buffet process:

1, joined the company and the company to discuss the initial understanding of the company’s culture and ideas, fill out the customer registration form.

2, franchisee in the local market research and preliminary feasibility analysis.

3, joined the company to consult the company, to receive the recruitment plan, and visit the model shop.

4, put forward the application to join the region.

5, qualification evaluation and validation

6, signed letters of intent, delivery deposit

7, may help the franchisee to carry on the feasibility analysis, determines the region to join the plan.

8, signed a franchise contract, to pay the franchise and margin.

9, franchisee in the company under the guidance of the opening and operation of the company to provide continuous management support.