Fake website cost only one hundred dollars to regulate the nternet

Taobao.com home

fake, although the figure in the Taobao home page layout, but there are a lot of different colors, logo and other identical, did the "spirit" has been reported before, to management for consumer checks.

Mr. Wang in the online shopping, fake Taobao Alipay page cheated 200 yuan, this surprising thing is not the first place. Reporter survey found that the low cost and management of the production of fake sites is not strict, giving a huge living space fake website. read more

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Chengdu two men steal 35 million 850 thousand game gold jailed for 10 years

news February 6th, the Chengdu intermediate people’s court before the law concluded together through the network game to steal game player game gold sold for the giant money case, the court of First Instance sentenced the defendant to theft, to eleven years imprisonment and fined eighty thousand yuan, another defendant was sentenced to ten years imprisonment, fined a fine of thirty thousand yuan.

At the same time

crime on the two defendants and detained by the public security organs, 160G 250G hard disk 2, the host computer 27 Taiwan, 29 Taiwan flat-panel displays will be confiscated, the public security organs to arrest illegal income car 1 small town to be recovered. read more

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Jet Li founded Kung Fu vertical content site street power into the short video industry


technology news February 21st news, today launched by Jet Li, kung fu class vertical website content and its English force street name officially launched, the future of the platform will be released on its own team to create and place in the world, the original kung fu kung fu series of video. Jet Li forwarded the relevant news in micro-blog.

official, street force is a Kung Fu, to knight spirit and life style as the spiritual core of Kung Fu sports entertainment content production and promotion platform, the target audience for the world. Its core business includes Street based network media community, its own team led original video content, as well as the emerging IP derivatives generated by the above two operations. read more

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Google false advertising suspected of being implicated in fraud

            December 4th Heilongjiang TV news night exposure caused by Google Advertising fraud.

              07 years of Guangzhou Honda, 90% new, non non pirates rob, license, not to sell thirty thousand. Longjiang used car network this link advertising attracted the attention of the Harbin people’s attention! Telephone contact, the other party requires one thousand yuan deposit. The money has passed, and the other party has made new demands. Said the car from Guangzhou sent to Harbin, need to pay four thousand yuan of the risk of gold! The other car to a box to pay off the balance! The little sun paid four thousand dollars. But the money did not pay long, the other side of the phone, saying that the car has been opened to Wuhan, but the car out of a small problem, need to be repaired, but the driver did not bring money. Ask the sun to pay five thousand yuan to the driver’s account. The car will be in Harbin in three days! At this time, komago a suspicious, each other again and again for money, grew more and more like television. So the sun with a liar to do a deal, but the other side has disappeared without a trace! read more

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Google recently updated a number of stations reduce PR PR

Chutian Webmaster Station CHUTIANZ.COM latest news: the number of owners according to reliable sources said this month Google PR value or range will be big update. In fact, Google PR value of the update in June 15th and June 16th have been updated, this station reporter Liang brother found large website PR a lot of PR7 was reduced to PR4 and PR5, and even some PR8 site was reduced to PR3. Here are some of the sites that have been updated by PR at 8 a.m. on the morning of June 17th, and have been reduced by PR: read more

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n the face of copyright disputes today’s headlines

days ago, news aggregation technology headlines today received a new $one hundred million round of financing, but the valuation of up to $500 million. The fall, attendant is denounced the media, saying it violated their copyright. Faced with these questions, look at today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming how to say.

The following

geeks Park founder Zhang Peng and today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming dialogue record:

Zhang Peng: why do you think there is an argument about copyright? What are the critics’ demands? read more

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Zhou Hongyi product six words just pain and high frequency

introduction: enterprise most stupid, is to a nonexistent market in money, and as I said, you see the demand is actually a pseudo demand.

text / Zhou Hongyi

for many traditional companies to embrace the Internet and spend money to buy technology is synonymous with nothing but cloud computing, big data, social networking, mobile terminals, these concepts. But it is the so-called Kung Fu in poetry, the only way to test the technical innovation or the user pay, the product can solve the problem of users, can bring value to the user, which is to promote the sales of productive forces, but also to establish competitive differentiation and promote the progress of the industry strength. read more

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Video network 2011 domain name aspect those information change corn

last week, potatoes, Sohu video, LETV announced a joint technical measures on Youku’s database search search shielding, video sites and concern, has been leading domestic video showing a "go" situation, is to increase the site competition, is also one of the domain name right. The most powerful element of competition in 2011, the major domestic video website, what are the domain name "


to abandon the brand name domain name – popcorn

Pinyin domain status has been highly respected, although the domestic video website struggles, but some video sites in the domain name strategy layout is a step not slack off, in 2011, May "abandon" popcorn has been used for the domain name pomoho.com, launched a comprehensive Chinese memory more easily 3P domain name baomihua.com, is more protective take baomihua.cn/.com.cn/.net, which shows that the degree of attention and popcorn network for the domain name domain name vision, phonetic domain "pomoho" is indeed better remember. read more

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CNNC China’s nternet development is changing from quantity to quality

The development of the theme of

[review] China Internet has converted from penetration upgrade to use a deeper level".

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) January 16th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of December 2013, China’s Internet users reached 618 million, a total of more than a year of new Internet users of 53 million 580 thousand. Internet penetration rate of 45.8%, compared with the end of 2012 to improve by 3.7 percentage points. read more

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UC site navigation enabled domain uc123 com to mimic Baidu hao123

renamed China (eName.cn) April 10th hearing, UC released the PC version of the UC browser in the afternoon, we all know this, but UC also has its own web site navigation, people know relatively little, the domain name for the site navigation uc123.com.

The domain name is very similar to the Baidu

site navigation hao123.com, renamed China through domain whois information query, uc123.com registered in 2005, the domain name holder for UC display. Through the domain name information records management system query display, the domain name in March 4th this year for the record. The rest of the suffix domain name, uc123.cn has jumped to ppwz.com, for the bubble site navigation. read more

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Beijing small community biggest websites

added the largest community network "who added" suddenly unable to open, which really let love "irrigation" owners with the back rush, we have added to other forums posting on the forum to ask why close, bluntly, feeling very frustrated".

home page added bulletin

resident Mr. Zhao said, July 12th afternoon, as usual he logged "who added" community network, but that has been cancelled "page to the web page navigation". He thought he was a problem with the network, but still can not log after the check. Subsequently, he logged in "small community", found that many owners are talking about the matter. Since the site did not advance notice, we are not informed, many residents speculated that the site may be black". Zhao refresh the Internet every day, but a week later, the site has not yet returned to normal. read more

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Five years of wind and rain DNSPod nternational Edition officially launched in March 9th

according to DNSPod official news, after nearly a year of development and preparation, March 9, 2011 DNSPod international version of the official on-line, committed to providing stable and reliable DNS analysis services for global users. Five years ago today, it is the official registration of the domain name dnspod.com day, after its continuous development, DNSPod on 2009 in October to get angel investment and the establishment of the company, began commercial operation. As of 2011, February, DNSPod has more than 230 thousand users, the domain name, the domain name of the record, the daily processing of DNS request more than 2 billion 600 million times a day. read more

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The 30 most challenging days of August

Why is

the most challenging?

in August 1st, the country began to block, block during prohibition system cutover and upgrading construction, telecommunications network engineering, and circuit scheduling, service provisioning and adjustment, until the end of the August 25th Olympic games. While the 6 Olympic city block has been from the beginning of July 20th, and will continue until September 20th.


during block due to the issue of information security has been closed at the end of the rear block site must submit the application for restoration, BLOCKOUTS shall not be during the recovery process. IDC (Internet Data Center), suggest that in the Olympic Games during block, some strength is not strong Internet Co, such as interactive website will bring the best interactive columns (such as BBS) automatically suspended website, in order to avoid disconnection caused greater losses. read more

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Monster sale chinahr com Bailout can not be sold or closed

chinahr.com will be the parent company Monster to sell the news recently raised concern. Yesterday, insiders told reporters, the acquisition of chinahr.com has been "I work". Chinahr.com did not respond positively to the news of the acquisition, but confirmed Monster seeking to sell chinahr.com.

Monster in the third quarter of last year net loss of $194 million 200 thousand, from chinahr.com losses reached $233 million. Monster hopes to reduce operating costs through the sale of chinahr.com. read more

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WeChat store destabilize Taobao zero threshold access needs to pay 20 thousand deposit

introduction: WeChat public platform yesterday officially launched the WeChat store, who opened a WeChat payment function of the certification service is available on the public platform for self application WeChat store function, so as to achieve quick batch add merchandise shop. "WeChat store" on the line, means that WeChat in the public platform to realize access modes of technology "zero threshold", challenge the official Taobao business.


shop is small "Wuzangjuquan" read more

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Cai Wensheng Mobile nternet is an important opportunity to follow the next year

in November 19, 2011, by the Shanghai City College of science and technology venture fund, jointly organized by the entrepreneur and the Global Entrepreneurship Week Chinese Station Committee "new venture Master" Finals held in Shanghai International Conference center.

Cai Wensheng, chairman of the era of science and technology,

networking in Beijing as a judge to attend the competition, and made an impromptu speech. He said today that he learned a lot, but unfortunately did not see the projects in the field of mobile internet. Cai Wensheng said that the mobile Internet has changed a lot of things, has really come to people’s side, which contains a lot of opportunities, entrepreneurs should seize the mobile internet. He stressed that not wait until a few years later, next year is very important to follow the point, if you can occupy a certain share next year, there will be great opportunities for development." read more

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Nanchang Baowang won the 10 million first venture investment

Admin5 station network October 22nd news network and treasure Co. Ltd. Nanchang venture capital equity investment signing ceremony today in hotels in Jiangxi held. Network of provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda office, Municipal Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangxi province attended the responsible person, business, media, academia, Internet community leaders and professionals as well as Baowang Baoyou a total of more than 150 people attended the signing ceremony.

Baowang (www.tiboo.cn) won the first venture investment of 10 million yuan, Jiangxi Internet industry risk investment for the first time, to strengthen territorial sites, the development of Jiangxi and Nanchang Internet industry will play a positive role in promoting. read more

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WeChat began renovation platform found cash back rebate permanent title

July 5th news, WeChat today released the "public platform on the rebate cashback fraud" announcement, pointed out by WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior, to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi behavior, once found such behavior, WeChat will be the permanent title.

WeChat began renovation platform found cash back rebate permanent Title


announced that the WeChat platform that users use WeChat chain, through the WeChat public account, WeChat to pay high cash back rebate behavior. This behavior is mainly to Consumer Commission cash back rebates, rebates and other multi-level and multilayer cashback (illegal example below), to a certain extent reflects Pyramid fraud, Ponzi scheme and other behavioral characteristics. Its essence is fraud, with high cash back rebates to attract users to participate in the rebate for new users to return the funds to pay for the original user, forming a laminated chain of funds. read more

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nvestment 28 billion 300 million yuan Alibaba strategic stake in Su Ningyun into the second larges

Alibaba today announced a strategic investment of about 28 billion 300 million yuan Suning, becoming the second largest shareholder, Suning will subscribe for not more than $27 million 800 thousand in new shares issued by Ali shares of not more than 14 billion yuan.


technology news August 10th afternoon news, Alibaba and Su ningyun announced a strategic cooperation. The non-public offering of shares of the Alibaba group will invest about 28 billion 300 million yuan in Su ningyun, accounting for 19.99% of the total issued share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Su ningyun. At the same time, Suning will be 14 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 27 million 800 thousand shares of the newly issued shares of Alibaba. read more

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Jiubang digital channel denying closed cuts for the internal optimization of all channels are reserv

Phoenix Technology News October 17th news, recent media reports said 3G portal parent jiubang digital began large-scale layoffs, in addition to retain the sports channel, bookstores, most of the rest are directly off the channel. Jiubang digital denied to close the channel that says all channels are reserved, and the layoffs to internal optimization.

Jiubang digital

this morning announced that the company’s 3G portal business implementation of about 100 of the total number of companies accounted for 12% of the downsizing plan, is expected to be completed at the end of October 2014. Jiubang digital said the layoffs is to redeploy resources to strengthen and expand the platform of GO series products, and improve operational efficiency will enhance the benefit of mobile products. read more

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About the global cross border electricity purchase B 30 million round of financing

self cross-border paramita global purchase (hereinafter referred to as "paramita") today announced the completion of $30 million B round of financing, the current round of strategic investment by Baidu, LB Investment, share investment and capital, become Oude round of investors.

in June this year, has just completed a round of "paramita", investors including recently invested in "micro shop", Vickers Capital became the capital of Singapore (Vickers venture capital), a member of the LG family founded LB Investment 4 venture capital. read more

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Ali sports and on line a platform this time it is the turn of running

Pingyu, gaming, running. Platform, platform and platform.

running may be the lowest of all sports, so companies want to run the business. Participate in the Olympic road race such as large marathon operators, and sports brand Nike, it has developed a running APP Nike+Running. Has always wanted to do, China’s sports industry based platform Ali sports also released in June 30th the international network of road running union WORA.

WORA has always been the most talked about platform Alibaba. According to the idea of Ali sports, settled in these platforms, including event organizers, event organizers, sponsors, professional sports associations, as well as sports APP and intelligent hardware technology company. In the conference site, a dozen such companies came to the scene that joined the WORA, including the sports marketing company CSM, donkey mother travel network, tiger running, Wyatt laps. read more

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Jumei com submitted PO application the proposed financing of up to 400 million

April 12th morning news, jumei.com on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted its IPO (initial public offering) listing application documents, jumei.com intends to raise up to $400 million of funds through the IPO transaction, to be on the New York stock exchange / Nasdaq stock trading symbol JMEI".

documents show that jumei.com 2011 net loss of $4 million 29 thousand, 2012 net profit of $8 million 104 thousand, 2013 net profit of $25 million 4 thousand; 2011 net loss attributable to common shareholders was $4 million 745 thousand, 2012 net profit attributable to common shareholders was $5 million 124 thousand, 2013 net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of $15 million 806 thousand. read more

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A5 topic Double eleven Tmall winner Taobao customers benefit next year or be canceled

webmaster network 15 reported that today, there is news that Tmall in the creation of a single day trading volume of record of 19 billion 100 million, or will be canceled next year, double the activities of the eleven. But whatever the next "double eleven" is to the party, this year’s "double eleven" Tmall is fully deserve the winner, but many webmaster Taobao customers also really benefit.

double eleven Tmall into the biggest winner

in the last week of "double eleven" on the same day, in addition to Tmall mall, Jingdong, suning.com, Gome online mall, shop No. 1, China Amazon, easy fast network, dangdang.com electricity providers have joined, desperately crying for "double eleven" price war. Unlike in the past, this year’s electricity supplier war Tmall has become the biggest winner, due to the weak participation of other electricity providers, the basic has become a supporting role. In this year’s Tmall led 11.11 shopping carnival, Ali single day turnover reached $19 billion 100 million, of which Tmall single day turnover of 13 billion 200 million, Taobao’s $5 billion 900 million, far more than last year’s $3 billion 360 million, thus setting a new record. read more

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Quick Taxi network transmission taxi software cheat fill Raiders difficult to achieve

central broadcasting network Beijing on January 28th news (reporter Ji Lele) according to the China sound "center wide news" report, recently, a netizen posted two taxi drivers and cooperation on the Internet, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, the reporter interviewed a quick taxi relevant person in charge.

has released two individual users and taxi drivers cooperation on the Internet recently, taxi software fraud by a single cheat subsidy "raiders". In this regard, a quick taxi public relations director Ye Yun said that this strategy is difficult to operate in reality. read more

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Electricity supplier microfinance profit model has yet to be questioned policy guidance

days ago, Suning Appliance Company Overseas announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hongkong Suning Appliance Limited company and related parties Suning Appliance Group Co., the company intends to jointly initiated the establishment of "Chongqing Suning microfinance limited, registered capital of 300 million yuan to develop, the purpose is" to provide innovative and convenient financial services products the supplier, solve the financing problem". This is following Ali, Jingdong, Suning began to get involved in the supply chain financial services. Some analysts said the huge profits of small loans also attract more and more electricity providers to join. read more

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Huge influx of B2B entrepreneurship early standing on the air but still in the early

Abstract: since the beginning of 2012, there have been B2B projects to get investment. 2014, B2B total financing of the industry reached 5 times the previous year. The little sheep, who had been hiding in a corner of the grass, finally caught the wolf and the tiger.

if the 2014 business is dominated by TOC, 2015, B2B (Internet plus enterprise service) venture capital is taking the line of sight.

but this is not a new field. Ten years ago or even earlier, some companies do business management services began to try to implant the Internet gene. However, compared with the now tens of millions of dollars in financing, over the past ten years, these companies have been in a state of suffering. read more

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NetEase Baidu unfamiliar street dissemination of pornographic information being investigated

following the "anti pornography · after the net net 2014 special action, the national anti pornography office remediation efforts to increase the deployment from March to September to carry out the" anti pornography · net net 2015 special action. The special action focused websites and illegal websites, lock the micro field of pornographic and other harmful information dissemination behavior put up a pageantry beat. In March 25th, the national anti pornography Office informed pornography · net net 2015 special action of the first case investigation. These cases, including the case of NetEase cloud reading column dissemination of pornographic information, Baidu mobile client fiction column dissemination of pornographic information case, unfamiliar street dissemination of pornographic information and other 3 cases. read more

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Adsense network broadcast Tencent Ali group to give way to subvert the video site

1 Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing: one to one marketing is the electricity business trend

Dangdang to ensure that the book category in the industry in an absolute advantage, but also in the development of clothing category. In the days before the end of the 2013 iResearch annual summit of dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing on books, clothing category, in his opinion dangdang.com selling books with experience in the field of clothing.


http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20130508/502444.shtml? 1368002462

2 grand literature split and change: the intersection of interests and destiny read more

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Jinhua Zhejiang’s first domain name theft case cracked two top level domain name to the United State

after more than a month of police investigation Jinhua network, 5·, 5 Jinhua science and technology co.. City Public Security Bureau police detachment Changjiang spring proud told reporters yesterday afternoon, cracked the case for some special network enthusiasts, domain name, domain name and website hosting all the Mailbox Manager sounded the alarm.

two top-level domain name to

May 9th, Jinhua science and Technology Co., a report to the Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment net, the domain administrator said the company was found in May 5th, which all of the company’s two international top-level domain www.22.com and www.90.com by others through illegal means supporting tube site transferred to the GODADDY domain name hosting site is located in the United States from Xiamen 35 Internet domain name, all people information two names were changed, the company has lost control of the two domain name. It is understood that the purchase price of these two domains in 2009 amounted to more than 110 yuan, the current market price is estimated at about 5 million yuan. read more

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The first 18 training Comsenz community operators into the west city tour in July

with the arrival of summer, a variety of training courses also came to the peak season. To the Internet for the training of individual owners will be carried out in the end community operations training activities in the summer to make up the popularity. July, this training is about to move into the west, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an and the surrounding area to bring together a webmaster web site operation, technical explanation, imparting experience and skills training feast".

It is reported that read more

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The 5 inspiration from the nternet bubble survivor

has been 15 years since the crazy Internet boom in 1999. With the first Internet boom of the past few years as a super – Hot initial public offering, the boom peaked after some time. Of course, it beat faster.

today, the lingering memories of the time – luxurious rooftop party, creating metoric IPOs and wealth (at least on paper) — feel both legendary and strange. As the market valuation of Twitter is 70 times that of income, and the cost of the technology center is rising, the debate over whether another era of irrational exuberance is coming, or has come. read more

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Red war Ali’s city is how you lost

The failure of

Spring Festival Red wars, Alipay. War, WeChat red a total of more than 1 billion times, shake the peak reached 810 million times / min; Alipay red number 240 million, the number of 29 million 980 thousand people participated in. Tencent beat ali. You will say that the current market value is not the largest Ali for two are not short of money for the Lord, the market value is really not important, it is important to confidence and future. For a vulgar idea, the two rulers have a son, a girl practicing sword, a less attention, you said is fortune more or than Ali son? Only future now is Alipay, the city lost his interpretation of this article?. read more

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Network letter office shut down 128 marriage website is difficult to become a major positive industr


| Li Qing

(the first easy language in May 17th), led by the national network information office, since the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of civil affairs and the National Women’s Federation, and other relevant departments jointly carry out the "dating sites of serious violations of dishonesty" special rectification work carried out for 3 months, had to shut down 128 serious violations of dishonesty dating sites (including marriage website channel), and ordered more than 20 site rectification or stop network rectification. In the network letter office announced the rectification work started, the major marriage sites that sound support. The main brand website that, to carry out special rectification in the dating market chaos serious situation, it is necessary for the long-term healthy development of the industry, the industry is a major positive. read more

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Shenzhen police cracked the electricity trade through MLM case involving 2 billion

electric maotong held an opening ceremony in the stadium of high-profile.

P.cn website screenshot

more than 20 principal, the backbone of "line" were arrested, including 26 provinces and more than 21 people about

during the period of probation, MLM veteran Kwak again, in Shenzhen by means of network, the pyramid wearing glossy coat, "flicker" 26 provinces, more than 21 people in 82 large and medium-sized city has become a "line", involving up to about 2000000000 yuan. After 8 months of investigation, the Bureau of Shenzhen City Public Security Bureau in the province, the country has launched last week to close the net action, will Shenzhen, fled to Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other places more than 20 Gang principal, captured the backbone. Yesterday, the police interviewed an exclusive interview with this reporter, revealed the case of the detection of the case of large network mlm. read more

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Why do say that the small program is an enhanced version of WeChat wallet

WeChat small program is about to release, the entire industry and the commotion! What hand tear Baidu, kick Ali, as if the minutes of the two giants will hang like.

hehe. (new efforts to control their own expression, so that they can keep enough smile……



WeChat search box so difficult to use, you can use it to search? Your mind is not a disease? Demand for general search platform has always been there, the search will not be reversed, but the user use WeChat search program, WeChat search box and has increased the frequency of use. read more

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Change the fate of grassroots webmaster

      under the same blue sky

      over the same cloud

      also experienced wind and rain

      with the outbreak in the network era, but have different life

      some people say that character determines destiny, others say that different environments create different people

      why is he still

      cause too much thinking

      sometimes we blame ourselves born late, sometimes we will praise the world change themselves are too busy to attend to all read more

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U S electricity supplier is also rampant fake flash purchase frequency gun

[Abstract] do not think only of our existence in a lack of credibility of the business community, before the United States Jingdong, selling, countless stories tell us, where there are people, where there is fraud. Looking at the international, is also so. But, after a heavy punishment the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, set up a commercial civilization, in the forgetfulness stuck in an infinite loop.

below this article from the special author Zhang Xian’s online shopping experience in the United States, not personally experienced, it is impossible to say: read more

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Tmall all the way to the Beijing Hangzhou double center plan intended to do

on the afternoon of September 23rd, Tmall headquarters from Hangzhou moved to Beijing the news in the online heat transfer, although Tmall official to respond with "Tai Chi", learned reliable sources but the "First Financial Daily" from a number of close to Ali, Tmall Beijing – Hangzhou double center plan is rapidly advancing.


linked to release in April this year in Beijing Ma Ali’s annual meeting in Beijing will be the second Ali home court ", as well as the goal of international Alibaba, plus like Tmall supermarket, rookie logistics recently in the Beijing area to the frequent movement of the background of the destination is Beijing. read more

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Urban beauty CO Shuang is not optimistic about the pure electricity supplier brand only understand

February 25th afternoon, fast fashion underwear brand city beauty today announced the line of electronic business platform, through online and offline membership system.

and many of the traditional enterprises, urban beauty does not completely sell "dish" to turn the electricity supplier. Urban beauty that line is financed under the line of new business opportunities, while the national coverage of the store is the foundation of the development of the operation.

Although the

on-line business, but the beauty of City Vice President and CIO Shuang said, urban women did not particularly want to electricity to produce much sales, but they hope to strengthen communication with the original members by the electricity supplier, allows members of an increase in online shopping channels. read more

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By the end of the inventory of the recent domain name registration business

at the end of the year, the companies are thinking of ways to improve performance, and strive to get some results before January, so that the company’s shareholders, employees and customers can have an account. Here we take a look at the recent major domestic domain name registration business growth.

data source webhosting.info. As the most authoritative assessment of the third parties, the data provided may illustrate some of the problems. (detailed link: http://s.www.webhosting.info/registrars/fastest-growing-registrars/global/? Pi=1) read more

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What is the value of the new Ali mischievous ghost industry in new ways

has always been "the city will play" Ali in mid July, for their membership system to do a comprehensive upgrade: before members of the hierarchy are now the "naughty value" was replaced, at the same time every month 12 days is defined as a member of Taobao.

August 12th, the first member of Taobao on the line, within 3 days of membership took more than 530 thousand equity, covering the price over one thousand yuan of South Korea’s World Cup qualifier against the price of travel vouchers, open classes, yoga top cat bounce fresh spree, taxi drops, games and other dozens of interests. In addition to the rights and interests of providers on the merchant business platform, as well as New Oriental is not operating in business platform, brand are willing to let members enjoy "pull out the wool? Taobao membership system and what can provide read more

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Research on the new management mechanism of nternet domain name system

Domain name system (DNS) is not only the basic business of the Internet, but also an important part of the Internet infrastructure. With the penetration of IP technology to the telecommunication field, some telecom services are more and more dependent on the DNS system. The existing DNS system is actually controlled by the United States, there are certain security risks. Therefore, the research of the new DNS system has been paid more attention, this paper presents a new type of Internet domain name resolution system compatible with the existing DNS system, in order to improve the security of DNS system.


read more

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Traditional home appliances to FOTLE electricity supplier to learn what

in a few days ago Analysys net Internet Innovation Conference, FOTILE won the "best business electricity supplier experience Innovation Award", published in "high-end electric road as the theme of the speech in the FOTILE business general manager Li Tao, indirectly to the home appliance industry dished out more interesting topics, the electricity supplier can actually do high-end


for household electrical appliance enterprises, and even 3C companies, the dismantling of the electricity supplier Li Tao speak of the road, for the future development of electricity supplier to understand the benefits. At present, the domestic part of the traditional home appliance enterprises are millet low price strategy into the ditch, think that Internet sales should be at a low price cut, however, in fact, FOTILE adhere to the high-end line can also be sought after in the electricity market. Low prices or high prices should be based on specific product characteristics and development goals, millet model may not be suitable for all enterprises, electricity providers may not be suitable for high-end product development. read more

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Foreign startups just debut whether suffered rapid plagiarism

we generally call this phenomenon micro innovation

in the Internet circle, learn is not new. But foreign? Some people ask, such as Facebook products, why not in emerging companies such as Google to quickly learn from or plagiarism? Known users have min the answer is trying to tell you who say No:

I hope my answer will put an end to some people’s unrealistic fantasies about the United States, and, of course, if I do not know the truth, I hope people can point out that.

education in the United States does emphasize originality and despise plagiarism. In fact, Americans and Chinese like micro innovation, micro innovation is not what the Chinese people or the characteristics of Chinese education. read more

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Liu Qiangdong the future will be unmanned warehouse and unmanned aircraft delivery


technology – Beijing morning news on April 21st, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong recently in the Internet Financial Museum first "Bella exchange" activities and keynote speeches, the relationship between technology and business and finance to express their views. Liu Qiangdong said in his speech, Jingdong’s electricity supplier business and financial services, the core support behind the technology.

Wang Wei, President of China’s Financial Museum interview Jingdong group CEO read more

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Tmall open platform and Jingdong fear trying to take advantage of one of two monopoly

days ago, media exposure Tmall requirements: check the merchant who participated in the activities of the Jingdong, Taobao cannot participate in the sales promotion of "double eleven". The news leaked, let double holiday low-key business circle again lively, but this time the sellers and buyers would be difficult to warm up! The face of Tmall platform is strong, the seller is to lose the right to speak, consumers are losing more favorable space.

as everyone knows, Taobao is the largest C2C platform, Tmall is also a leader in the B2C platform under the flag of the Tmall business forced the two elections, exposed to Tmall on a large body of the advantage of monopoly industries, the beginning of the heart. In the long run, not only harm the interests of consumers, but also damage the interests of businesses. The Internet is a large open platform, is also a big market environment, the business platform has the right to freedom of choice, consumers also have the freedom to choose the consumer rights, benign shopping environment should not make some unreasonable rules to bind, Tmall’s move is in the kidnapping of businessmen, kidnapped consumers. read more

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Ctrip the loss has become the norm

yesterday (May 13th), Ctrip announced Q1 earnings in 2015. The report shows revenue grew by 46%, but there are still a net profit of $115 million in the same period last year, but in 2015 Q1 lost a total of $126 million. This is following the 2014 Q4 after Ctrip second quarter losses. Loss has become an online travel industry as a whole, the norm".

After the

earnings announcement Ctrip shares rose 8.84% to close at $71.14, indicating investors on Ctrip new normal recognition.

Hotel, traffic ticket two pillars read more

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Beijing colleges and universities to buy operations experience summary

first to promote the general situation, promotion time: May 26th -6 month 15, Beijing, a university. Within 20 days, the real forum registered members close to 600, in the shopping membership of nearly 200 people, more than three members shopping 100 people (loyal members), close to 10 thousand of total amount of shopping, group purchase products more than 100 pieces of more than 10.

site staff: a total of three people, one of the designers, a forum for customer service (at the beginning of June, the delivery) and I, I have more than half of the time to do the mobile business group (the company is gold gold agents – Mobile is the highest level). (now just recruited two full-time promotion and several part-time staff). read more

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Network network push Tomb notes custom products P value reconstruction

July 31st, LETV pictures held a "value reconstruction" conference in Beijing, announced that it will start from the "Tomb notes" that a strong Internet IP, with film and music as ecological recreation IP to strengthen the anti IP, ecological reconstruction, IP value. In the conference site, network network for "Tomb notes" launched ecological customized products – "wine gift box mystery tomb".

music as value reconstruction day conference

"Tomb wine gift" products as the main network network this year and strive to create a global brand rose to Naynay Wine. It is reported that the "fire rose Naynay" by the network network and Chile concha group launch. The fire rose Wine produced with a history of 186 years of "Paradise terroir" Chilean Central Valley, Chile by the Research Institute of big data precision research, its smooth taste and superior product quality has been accepted by the mass consumer market. read more

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Alibaba Winport shop service the nightmare of the company

small and medium enterprises to build the Internet status quo

China’s tens of millions of small and medium enterprises, but there are not many independent web sites, according to the survey, at least 90% of companies do not have their own Internet signs

with the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, has also led to the development of e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises demand for enterprise website construction is also more and more, but the general small and medium-sized enterprises are not a separate network department, therefore the construction site are outsourced to professional web design company, followed, but also to promote more and more small and medium-sized enterprises website for web design company pillar. read more

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Shop decoration industry fierce competition decoration division work more than ten hours a day

online shopping market is becoming increasingly popular, all kinds of online shops springing up. In order to talent shows itself in the increasingly fierce competition, shop keeper who have adorned the facade, with eye-catching. So, the shop decoration gradually popular. Even without the sun and rain, as long as the mouse, but the industry is very competitive, shop decoration Division is not the referred to as "the click of a mouse, earning 100 thousand".

competitive fees charged uneven read more

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The road of enterprise marketing lease Hongkong server

With the continuous improvement of the domestic market economy and politics in the international status, more and more enterprises began to seek new business opportunities, and for a time,

marketing has become a hot spot. However, the enterprise export of the road is not quite so easy, many foreign companies want to put their own business in the overseas expansion but feel powerless, the reason for this is the enterprise information poor, marketing channels caused by the limited, may I ask, if a foreign trade enterprise, even a website is not, and so how to grasp the more read more

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Juhuasuan became uneconomical price fraud as flawed

electricity supplier fame in recent years, a lot of Taobao owners also earned a lot of money, of course, more money is earned this Ali electronic business platform, especially a few years ago, Taobao launched Juhuasuan, not only let Taobao earned a pours, but also changed the pattern of group purchase. In the field of Taobao group purchase is the so-called one, who, and many businesses for Juhuasuan to provide more services and more fierce price cuts, but Juhuasuan after a little more than two years of operation, Juhuasuan products is really cost-effective? read more

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Mop com list of VP members announced in December

respected webmaster, Hello everyone!

we have been very grateful for the support of long-term trust and mop.com alliance. We selected the last month on the mop.com advertising alliance, the flow is relatively stable, high quality IP, no cheating record and advertising average click above 3000IP webmaster, become our VIP member.

The number of members of the

VIP CPC advertising prices from 07 years in December 5th will increase to 45 yuan /1000IP, hope VIP members can increase advertising efforts and increase the number of ad clicks, make profit more ideal. At the same time, we also look forward to more high-quality webmaster to increase efforts to achieve our VIP standards and apply for our VIP membership. At the same time, VIP members will be proposed to optimize the advertising alliance mop.com, and MOP have more opportunities for cooperation, including friendship connection, marketing activities and brand promotion. read more

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Talking about how to optimize the conversion rate of business website

slowly, do SEO to the age of electronic commerce, such as electronic commerce and in doing things like not only consider the IP or PV of such problems, and more is the combination of the user experience of the website, the website structure, website conversion problems of data analysis it is a single. Most sites are converted into customers with only a small portion of the visitors. According to Clickz, the average online conversion rate is about 2.3%, while the highest in about 9%, (only a few sites in the 10%-15% mark). In this paper, we in the conversion rate optimization technology and touch focus on the following topics: demography, psychology, unique selling proposition, the performance gap, redesign, persuasive architecture, testing and conversion path. read more

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Double 11 electricity supplier promotional show carnival or overdraft

starts at zero on November 11th. How many people are waiting for the year’s largest electricity supplier promotional show opening?

"we haven’t slept for two days." Green box CEO Wu Fangfang busy no time to talk to reporters.

"we talk later, at the moment is really the most critical moment, we ‘Chong billion’ is also the last 400 thousand yuan." Camel flagship store in charge of the phone excitedly shouted to reporters. This is the 11 evening 21:33.

super big show read more

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A crazy cybersquatting owed 5000 yuan tuition for College Students

Tuition fee registration "Li Boqing"

"school is now urging me to pay tuition, their lives are not forthcoming, I am very confused ah!" The day before yesterday, a young man wandering in the South Dongan house on the river, he took his own tuition investment registered many domain name, this I can earn a lot of money, can not think of a never sold. Now he can not even protect their own life, the school began to pay tuition fees. He lingered on the river for a long time and called the reporter. read more

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How to get rid of the errors in the network marketing to enhance sales

to the network marketing a variety of marketing tools, marketing ideas by surprise, shaping the brand advantages such as low cost, favored by enterprises. The rise of network marketing, from the rapid development of Internet technology, the number of Internet users continued to rise, due to the potential of the huge online consumer market. It can be said that network marketing, is rapidly changing our lives, speed into our lives.

"network marketing is the most representative of a low cost, high efficiency of the new business form in twenty-first Century. Network marketing is to carry out marketing activities with the help of the network. It includes not only on the Internet for the network virtual market to carry out marketing activities, including the on-line service from the traditional tangible marketing activities, including to carry out traditional means in the network service in the network virtual market marketing activities". (from MBA mbalib) read more

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The entrepreneurial stories of college students and SEO

I am a rookie SEOer, is also a sophomore in Wuhan College students. In the face of many of the great God SEO, I never claimed to rookie, although also helped several companies completed SEO, also got the money, but this process is very difficult.

is the first to learn SEO, I did not receive formal training, from a small game only to understand the beginning of white, all the contents of self-study. From the beginning of ZAC downloading "SEO real code", has broken watch free video, each agency many friends to the audio files, in the face of so many free resources I cherish, because the university life can not afford the high cost of the VIP training institutions. While others are playing the game, I am watching the video; while others are playing, I am watching the video; while others go out to play, I am watching the video. In the first semester, I built the first own website HUANGJIAHU Forum (my university so do a side site in Huangjiahu University city. read more

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Benefits PC H5 free open source electricity supplier old driver invited you to gallop electricity su

Original title (

ECshop V3.6 PC+H5 released from the Business School of free and open source


in recent years, with the enterprise marketing era, more and more enterprises and businesses profoundly perceived, settled in the third party platform has been difficult to meet the development of enterprises, self built online shopping mall has become more and more enterprises to choose.

as a large user base shop system, the business school from the ECshop to the shopping process in front of scientific reasonable and humanized attracts consumers under a single. ECshop back-end function, although more and more powerful, but the operation is more and more simple, visual editing, WYSIWYG, become the most engaged in the electricity supplier of the individual and enterprise preferred. read more

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