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first_imgA note from the editor:For nine years, Disability News Service has survived largely through the support of a small number of disability organisations – most of them user-led – that have subscribed to its weekly supply of news stories. That support has been incredibly valuable but is no longer enough to keep DNS financially viable. For this reason, please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support its work and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please remember that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring, and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS… Two opposition parties are writing urgent letters to work and pensions secretary Esther McVey – while a third is demanding an investigation – about a possible cover-up over documents linking the “fitness for work” test with the deaths of benefit claimants.Senior figures from both Labour and the Liberal Democrats said this week that they were writing urgently to McVey to ask whether the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had shown the documents to the independent expert the government commissioned to review the work capability assessment (WCA) in 2013 and 2014.The Green party’s co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, said the failure to be clear about what happened with the documents had “all the hallmarks of a deliberate cover-up”. He has called for an independent investigation.The SNP also said it would be seeking answers from DWP.Dr Paul Litchfield (pictured) was commissioned by DWP to carry out the fourth and fifth reviews of the WCA but has so far refused to say if he was shown letters written by two coroners and a number of secret DWP internal “peer reviews” into deaths linked to the WCA regime.Litchfield, who was recognised by the prime minister with a CBE in last month’s birthday honours, published the two reviews in December 2013 and November 2014, but neither of them mentioned the documents, all of which link the WCA with the deaths of claimants.A spokesman for Marsha de Cordova, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, said she would be writing to McVey “as a matter of urgency”.Stephen Lloyd, the Liberal Democrat shadow work and pensions spokesman, said: “I will be writing directly to the secretary of state, Esther McVey, to seek clarification whether or not her department, the DWP, ever showed [Litchfield] the documents linking the WCA to the deaths of benefit claimants.“The public has a right to know, particularly now he’s been awarded a gong.”Neil Gray, the SNP’s social justice spokesman at Westminster, added: “This issue has thrown up a number of questions for the DWP and we need a clear and definitive statement on what people knew and when. We will be seeking those answers.”Even though DWP possessed all the coroner’s letters and peer reviews, it has claimed in a freedom of information response that it holds no information in its records on whether they were shown to Litchfield while he was reviewing the WCA.Since Disability News Service (DNS) revealed the existence of the documents in the years after Litchfield’s final report was published, concerns have grown that DWP and its ministers deliberately covered-up evidence of the fatal impact of the assessment on sick and disabled people.The coroner’s letters followed the deaths of two men with mental health conditions in 2010 and 2013 and each warned of further such deaths if changes were not made to the WCA.The call for evidence for Litchfield’s second review was issued on 10 June 2014, five months after coroner Mary Hassell had written to DWP following an inquest into the death of Michael O’Sullivan, who had had significant, long-term mental health problems.Hassell had told DWP that the trigger for O’Sullivan’s suicide had been the conclusion by civil servants that he was fit for work, but she said that neither DWP nor the Atos doctor who had assessed him through the WCA process had asked his GP, psychologist or psychiatrist for information about his mental health.Hassell told DWP that it needed to take action “to prevent further deaths” like Michael O’Sullivan’s.But despite that urgent call, Litchfield’s second review failed to mention Hassell’s letter or a similar letter sent to DWP by another coroner in 2010 following the suicide of Stephen Carré.Litchfield’s two reviews also failed to mention the peer reviews.Peer reviews – now known as internal process reviews – must be carried out by civil servants into every death “where suicide is associated with DWP activity”.One of the aims of these reviews is to “determine whether local and national standards have been followed or need to be revised/improved”, so DWP would find it hard to explain why they would not have been shown to Litchfield, whose job it was to review how the WCA was working.DWP has admitted that at least seven peer reviews written in 2012 mentioned the WCA, and there are almost certainly more that were written by the time Litchfield wrote his final report in late 2014.Litchfield has so far refused to comment about the documents.But Professor Malcolm Harrington, the independent expert who carried out the first three reviews of the WCA in 2010, 2011 and 2012, has already told DNS that he believes he was shown neither the first coroner’s letter (the second letter had not yet been written by the time he completed his third review) nor any WCA-related peer reviews.Bartley said this week: “If the Department for Work and Pensions failed to show Dr Litchfield vital documents linking the work capability assessment with the deaths of benefit claimants, DWP are clearly implicated in a cover-up.“If he was shown them but didn’t mention them in his reports, then so was he.“This has all the hallmarks of a deliberate cover-up over the fatal impact of the assessment on sick and disabled people. “There is no justification for secrecy, it is clearly in the public interest for the truth to be told and there should be an independent investigation of what happened.”A DWP spokeswoman said: “As we’ve previously said, this was an independent review, and DWP provided information alongside other stakeholders – on request.“Any evidence used was referenced in the review.”last_img read more

Senior Department for Work and Pensions DWP civi

first_imgSenior Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) civil servants have failed to answer key questions about links between the government’s policies and the deaths of disabled benefit claimants, during a face-to-face meeting with grieving parents.Emma Haddad, DWP’s director general for service excellence, and Colin Stewart, its work and health director for the north of England, spent more than an hour in Monday’s meeting with Joy Dove and Eric Whiting, the parents of Jodey Whiting.The Independent Case Examiner (ICE) concluded earlier this year that DWP was guilty of “multiple” and “significant” failings in handling the case of the mother-of-nine, who had her out-of-work disability benefits stopped for missing a work capability assessment (WCA), and took her own life just 15 days later.During the meeting, Dove asked 13 key questions that had been drafted for her by Disability News Service (DNS), based on her daughter’s case and the wider scandal of deaths linked to the actions of DWP ministers and senior civil servants.But Haddad refused to answer many of the questions for legal reasons.Among the questions about her daughter’s case, Dove asked how DWP could have made so many serious safeguarding failings.Her ex-husband asked whether anyone had been disciplined or lost their job over their daughter’s death.Dove asked Haddad why she should believe that DWP had fixed the system when it had made similar promises after so many other deaths.And she asked why DWP kept making mistakes that led to the deaths of disabled people when it had carried out so many secret reviews into deaths linked to DWP actions.Crucially, she also asked about the alleged cover-up which saw DWP fail to show the independent expert ministers had appointed to review the WCA a series of secret reviews into benefit-related deaths and letters written by coroners linked to the assessment process. And Dove asked if she could see the secret review that would have been carried out by DWP after her daughter’s death.Haddad promised Dove that she would provide written answers to all the questions.The meeting took place in the offices of Labour’s Dr Paul Williams, Dove’s MP, in Thornaby-on-Tees.Dove said that Haddad insisted in the meeting that ministers had not ordered her and Stewart to apologise in person, but that they had instead “got together and decided we needed to come here and say sorry”.Dove told DNS she was glad the meeting had taken place, but she warned DWP that this would not be the end of her campaigning, although her legal team would now take the lead in seeking justice for her daughter.She said: “It hasn’t really changed things because she’s dead and she’s not coming back.“I told them that five minutes away from here, my daughter is in that cemetery.”Dove believes Haddad was on the verge of tears when she heard her speak about Jodey and showed her pictures of her daughter.She said: “I thought she had a tear in her eye when I got upset and showed her letters from Jodey saying she was in debt and which said, ‘Please, mam, look after my babies.’“I could see a tear in her eye but at the same time she had to hold it back.”But she said Haddad also told her: “I am a mother of two. I know how you would have felt.”Dove said Haddad and her colleague were left speechless when she told them that campaigners were calling DWP “murderers”.After the meeting, a DWP spokesperson said: “Senior officials have met with Mrs Dove today, to apologise again for the failings in handling her daughter’s case and discuss the lessons learnt.“We fully accepted the Independent Case Examiner’s findings earlier this year and have since reviewed and strengthened our procedures to ensure all vulnerable claimants are safeguarded.”The number of people signing a petition in Jodey Whiting’s name, calling for an independent inquiry into deaths linked to DWP failings, and for evidence of criminal misconduct by civil servants or government ministers to be passed to the police, has now passed 42,000.But that is less than halfway to the target of 100,000 needed to secure a House of Commons debate on the petition.To sign the Justice for Jodey Whiting petition, click on this link. If you sign the petition, please note that you will need to confirm your signature by clicking on an email you will be sent automatically by the House of Commons petitions committeePicture: Joy Dove being interviewed by ITV News after the meetingA note from the editor:Please consider making a voluntary financial contribution to support the work of DNS and allow it to continue producing independent, carefully-researched news stories that focus on the lives and rights of disabled people and their user-led organisations. Please do not contribute if you cannot afford to do so, and please note that DNS is not a charity. It is run and owned by disabled journalist John Pring and has been from its launch in April 2009. Thank you for anything you can do to support the work of DNS…last_img read more

Developments in development Too many jobs

first_img 0% Can we even count on those droves of workers to keep on coming? Here’s another report (to be taken with another big grain of salt) from a real estate site indicating that people thinking about buying homes are at least toying with the idea of buying them elsewhere. Like, Sacramento or Seattle elsewhere.But wandering eyes do not a real estate cooldown make, and in a still-expensive city, the fight about inclusionary housing is heating up again. The Planning Commission, amid some controversy, made a sort of compromise on Thursday in its recommendation about the amount and kind of affordable housing developers should be required to build. The city is revising that standard after a ballot measure last year more than doubled the requirement and analysts deemed that level unfeasible for developers. The final decision will be up to the Board of Supervisors.Below-market-rate housing, of course, is in extremely high demand in part because those in rent-controlled housing so often fall prey to “no-fault” evictions. Evictions in general have been falling in recent years, but one particular kind of eviction is getting a lot of attention at the moment. It’s the most frequently occurring kind of “no fault” (meaning the tenant did not breach the lease somehow) evictions: An owner-move-in. Supervisors held a hearing on this practice last week after an NBC Bay Area investigation found as many as a quarter of them could be fraudulent. But with very little enforcement power available to the city, lawmakers are thinking about adding stricter regulations for documenting these evictions and extending the time in which tenants can sue a landlord for not actually moving in. More on that coming soon.A less common kind of eviction nevertheless also made waves this week when artists living in a warehouse in Bernal Heights known as Bernalhaus were evicted after months of tension. The building was found not to be a residential property and unsafe. What’s next for the property now that the artists are out? Likely the construction of 49 condos, SocketSite reports.Sometimes, however, plans for condos don’t quite pan out. See for example this site on Cesar Chavez Street, where condos were slated to rise and which was bought for what would have worked out to be an extraordinarily high per-unit cost. But even with paperwork for building underway, the site was put up for sale – and now, the price has dropped a few million.On the other side of the Mission, we see a different kind of building delay: The DR Remix. A second Discretionary Review request has been filed on 15th and Mission streets, just two doors down from a project that planners sent back to the drawing board because its design was too aggressively upscale. A community group is now appealing based on the commissioners’ earlier comments, hoping for a similar overhaul. Tags: Affordable Housing • development • Developments in Development Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img Developments in Development is a “weekly” column recapping real estate, housing, planning, zoning and construction news.In what might be an annual tradition, Curbed brings us another potentially controversial statement on land use by a Silicon Valley official. Last year, it was Palo Alto’s mayor saying job growth is the most problematic contributor to affordability. This year, we’ve got Sunnyvale’s mayor saying very similar things about how to curb growth in order to stop housing prices from continuing to go up. He then does some impressively diplomatic legwork in the comments section – worth the read if you are a housing wonk.And where mayors are frustrated that big companies are bringing in tons of people who will need housing, urban development think tank SPUR voiced frustration this week that big companies are bringing in tons of people who will need transportation. In one notable example, Apple’s new spaceship-saucer hybrid campus apparently has its main entrance on the side facing away from transit. More on that at Curbed.last_img read more

SEAN Long took time out of his busy schedule to ta

first_imgSEAN Long took time out of his busy schedule to take the Super League trophy and League Leaders’ Shield to Heald Farm Court in Newton-le-Willows.Saints Assistant Coach brought joy to the residents and staff with the spoils of the Club’s 2014 season.Karen Chicken, Manager of Heald Farm Court, said: “Heald Farm Court Residents and staff would like to thank Saints so much for bringing the Trophies in for us to see.“We all enjoyed seeing them and meeting Sean and having lots of photographs taken.“It was an enjoyable day and it lifted everyone’s spirits so thanks once again for taking the time out for us.”last_img read more

ADAM Swift bagged four tries as Saints came from b

first_imgADAM Swift bagged four tries as Saints came from behind to thrash Hull KR 48-16.The winger crossed for two in the first and two in the second to eradicate a 12-0 deficit.They were part of a three tries in seven minutes blitz that also included Shannon McDonnell’s fourth of the season.The result keeping Keiron Cunningham’s side in touch with the top four.Ironically, for 30 minutes at least, no one in the ground would have expected such a scoreline.Shaun Lunt opened the visitor’s account when Hull KR pushed it on the last.Both Maurice Blair and Albert Kelly were involved, opening up the space with some fine offloading for the hooker to cross.Kieran Dixon tagged on the extras – and on the quarter hour mark the lead was increased through Chris Clarkson.The loose forward cruising through a gap moments after Saints had weathered a goal line stand.Dixon then tagged on a penalty after 21 minutes to make it 12-0 and the home side’s nerves were beginning to show.But the introduction of Kyle Amor lifted Saints and solid runs allowed the pressure to mount.And in the end it counted as Jonny Lomax put on a fine pass for Adam Swift to ghost over for his sixth of the season.The winger was unlucky not to add his second shortly afterwards – the referee ruling a knock on in the build up – but he made no mistake whenMark Percival put it on a plate.Swift rounding Kelly to pull Saints right back into it.Saints began the second half on the front foot, gaining a repeat set when Dixon fluffed his lines on a high ball.But Swift was just nudged into touch as he dove for his hat-trick following a great move.He didn’t have long to wait though as on 45 minutes, Dominique Peyroux won the ball back by gathering a loose play the ball from the Robins.In a blink of an eye the ball was moved left through Wilkin and Percival and Swift scorched home from 80 metres.His in and out move to round the full back extra special.Saints had their tails up and their next try was equally as good.After some solid drives, Peyroux showed his strength to take on the line and then offload under pressure to slip McDonnell in.And it got better as on 52 minutes Adam Swift went in for his FOURTH following great work from Walmsley and Lomax.Thomas Minns made it game on for Hull KR but Joe Greenwood’s excellent offload to Mark Percival killed off any hopes of a comeback.Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook powered over from close range to increase the advantage and then Jon Wilkin caught Peyroux on a great line for a deserved try.And Alex Walmsley capped a great second half display when he blasted over from close range at the death following a Jordan Turner 40:20.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Swift (4), McDonnell, Percival, McCarthy-Scarsbrook, Peyroux, WalmsleyGoals: Percival (6 from 9)Hull KR:Tries: Lunt, Clarkson, MinnsGoals: Dixon (3 from 4)Penalties:Saints: 6Hull KR: 6HT: 8-12FT: 48-16REF: J SmithATT: 9488Teams:Saints:1. Jonny Lomax; 23. Shannon McDonnell, 24. Matty Fleming, 4. Mark Percival, 5. Adam Swift; 3. Jordan Turner, 12. Jon Wilkin; 8. Alex Walmsley, 9. James Roby, 14. Lama Tasi, 13. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 18. Dominique Peyroux, 28. Morgan Knowles.Subs: 10. Kyle Amor, 15. Greg Richards, 17. Luke Thompson, 20. Joe Greenwood. Hull KR:21. Thomas Minns; 29. Joe Wardill, 12. Graeme Horne, 4. Iain Thornley, 5. Kieran Dixon; 11. Maurice Blair, 7. Albert Kelly; 17. Dane Tilse, 9. Shaun Lunt, 10. Mitch Allgood, 20. James Greenwood, 15. James Donaldson, 13. Chris Clarkson.Subs: 8. Adam Walker, 14. Kevin Larroyer, 16. James Green, 24. George Lawler.last_img read more

Several awards will be presented throughout the ev

first_imgSeveral awards will be presented throughout the evening as we acknowledge the skills and hard work that our Women’s squad have shown throughout their 2018 campaign.A fantastic two-course meal with tea and coffee will also served before the main part of the evening gets underway.The event starts at 7pm and tickets are £17.50 for Adults and £6 for Juniors.Click here to buy now, or visit the stadium ticket office.One not to be missed…last_img

With great support from the Saints Heritage Societ

first_imgWith great support from the Saints Heritage Society, we will have a different front cover for every home game this season which will take its’ inspiration from a retro-programme featuring Saints against the same opposition back in the day.We start tonight with a Saints vs. Wigan classic from Good Friday in 1966, which we hope bodes well for tonight! That day Saints recorded a 17-10 win that included a try from a certain Tom van Vollenhoven!We feature that team inside the programme and this regular feature will also highlight their individual Heritage numbers, produced for us as a result of the outstanding work from our friends at the Saints Heritage Society.Tom has a very appropriate number for a flying winger so pick up your copy to find out which one!If you have any ideas for covers you would like to see and you have the original programme in your collection, then please scan the front cover and email to us at sales@saintsrlfc.com.You never know, we might just choose yours to become part of our collection in 2019.The usual features are inside with columns from Chairman, Eamonn McManus, Justin Holbrook and James Roby plus loads of other content including an interview with Lachlan Coote, details of our successful 2021 World Cup bid to become a Host Venue, more information on how Heritage numbers were brought to life, plus a look back to the video years of the legendary Ron Hoofe, a quick Quiz page and something for Junior Saints to keep them entertained too.Buy yours from inside or outside the ground tonight for just £3 and many thanks to Warrington Audi for their season-long Programme Sponsorship.In addition, we have produced just 200 copies of a special limited-edition version for the same £3 price which will contain exactly the same great content as the main programme but with a special one-off cover design. This unique cover is in tribute to our flying winger Tommy Makinson as he makes his 200th Saints appearance tonight and this version is only on sale in the Club Shop, so when they’ve gone, they’ve gone!Please note, the Tommy Makinson version will NOT be on sale in any other area of the Stadium, so if you want one make sure you visit the Club Shop before you enter the turnstilesAll Hospitality guests will receive the Retro cover version as part of their package this evening.last_img read more

Share the Table requesting unused food from Topsail Island vacationers

first_imgTOPSAIL ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Do not throw away your unused food when you leave your rental house.Share the Table is accepting food donations for the local food pantry.- Advertisement – According to a Facebook post, you can drop off any of your unused food at the North Topsail Beach Police station parking lot on Saturdays from 9:00-11:00. A town spokeswoman said the town is not involved with the group, but they are allowing them to use the parking lot on Saturdays.It does not matter what you drop off, they will find a way to use it. Anything that cannot be used in the pantry will be donated to the animal shelter.The Facebook post said Labor Day weekend will be the last Saturday for food drop off until next spring. Organizers are hoping to make this a record weekend for donations.last_img read more

5000 reward offered in Castle Hayne murder investigation

first_img The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says Hicks-Bey was shot multiple times.If you know anything, contact Crime Stoppers at (910) 763-3888 or 1 (800) 531-9845. You can also submit a tip here. Melquan Hicks-Bey (Photo: GoFundMe) NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Crime Stoppers is offering up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of those involved in the murder of Melquan Hicks-Bey,22.His body was found Sunday around 10:00 a.m. in a wooded area off Alvernia Drive in Castle Hayne.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Brunswick Center at Calabash opens

first_img The center, located at 10050 Beach Drive in Calabash, features a kitchen, an exercise room, an arts and crafts room and more. There are walking trails and room for gardening outside.The facility will also house Meals on Wheels.“But today, that plan has been achieved thanks to the vision of the County Commissioners. This is a testament to the vision and planning of local officials and County officials. This is not just a Calabash facility, this is a community facility,” Brunswick Senior Resources, Inc. president and CEO Jim Fish added. CALABASH, NC (WWAY) — The new Brunswick Center at Calabash is finally open.It is the county’s fifth senior center.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Police Two arrested 3000 bags of heroin found at Mayfaire apartment

first_img WPD says investigators executed a search warrant on a Mayfaire Drive apartment last week and conducted a traffic stop involving one of the men. Investigators found more than 3000 bags of heroin, cash and two stolen handguns.Shawn Scott Fonville is charged with two counts of Possession of firearm by convicted felon, Possession of a stolen firearm, Trafficking Heroin, Possession with intent to sell/deliver Heroin, Maintaining a dwelling.Zabar Aaron Irick is charged with Conspire to Traffic Heroin, Possession of Heroin, Resist/Obstruct/Delay.Related Article: Track when storm debris will be picked up in WilmingtonBoth are under a $5 million secured bond. Shawn Scott Fonville and Zabar Irick are facing a list of drug and possession charges including heroin trafficking. (Photo: NHSO) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two men are behind bars after Wilmington police say they found thousands of bags of heroin at a Mayfaire apartment.Wilmington Police Narcotics Investigators ended a two month long investigation last Monday and arrested, 31-year-old Shawn Scott Fonville and 43-year-old, Zabar Irick, both of Wilmington.- Advertisement – last_img read more

ONLY ON 3 Man loses home in Florence now forced out of

first_imgBOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) —  An 80-year-old Boiling Spring Lakes man has spent the last few months living in his garage, after Hurricane Florence destroyed his home. Now he’s being told he isn’t allowed to live there anymore.Army veteran John Ganey says he’s lived in Boiling Spring Lakes for close to 30 years. He and his dog have spent the past four months living in his garage.- Advertisement – “I can take a bath in there, I can go to the bathroom in there, I can use my sewer tank out there to dump everything,” said Ganey.Last week, Boiling Spring Lakes Code Enforcement put a notice on Ganey’s garage door informing him that he could no longer live there.“I don’t see what’s unsafe about it. They’re saying it’s unsafe and unlivable. It’s not unlivable and it’s not unsafe,” said Ganey.Related Article: Company shut down after price-gouging accusationChief code enforcement officer Ruth Bek says Ganey is in violation of the state building code.“It was designed and built as a storage building. And anytime you alter the purpose of a building without coming and getting the permit and meeting the technical codes, you’re in violation,” said Bek.Bek says the garage does not have a permanent source of heat, properly spaced electrical outlets, sleeping facilities, or sanitation facilities.“He just simply cannot continue to stay in the garage, and, for lack of a better way to put it, do his business in a bucket and then take it out and pour it in a septic tank,” said Bek.Ganey says a few days ago, a friend dropped off a camper for him to use. But the town says he needs to file the proper paperwork before he is able to use it.Ganey says his nerves are shot and he’s just ready to sell the property.“It’s not worth my time living here with what we’ve got running the town to me. I just want to get going,” said Ganey.Ganey says he is saving up to have a modular home built on the property in September.He says he’s been sleeping in his truck since the notice was posted to avoid being harassed by police.last_img read more

New Whiteville City Hall almost ready to open

first_img The chambers can double as an Emergency Operations Center with power and data outlets on the floor to handle electronics.An open house is scheduled Wednesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and city staff will begin moving into the building on Thursday. Whiteville City Hall is set to hold an open house Wednesday, July 17 2019.(Photo: Matt Bennett/WWAY) WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The City of Whiteville is getting ready to debut its brand new city hall, four years after being forced out of the old one due to mold.The $3.4 million building features a new technologically advanced city council chambers. The chambers are named after Horace Whitley, who served as Whiteville mayor for 34 years.- Advertisement – last_img read more

US welcomes Sudan powersharing deal as important step forward

first_img SharePrint A Sudanese man waves the national flag as he celebrates, after Sudan’s ruling military council and a coalition of opposition and protest groups reached an agreement to share power during a transition period leading to elections, along the streets of Khartoum, Sudan, July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin AbdallahA Sudanese man waves the national flag as he celebrates, after Sudan’s ruling military council and a coalition of opposition and protest groups reached an agreement to share power during a transition period leading to elections, along the streets of Khartoum, Sudan, July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah The United States on Saturday welcomed a provisional agreement forged by Sudan’s ruling military council and a coalition of opposition and protest groups to share power for three years as an “important step forward.”The U.S. State Department said in statement that special envoy for Sudan Donald Booth will return to the region soon.The agreement brokered by the African Union and Ethiopia Union, announced on Friday, is due to be finalised on Monday.“The agreement between the Forces for Freedom and Change and the Transitional Military Council to establish a sovereign council is an important step forward,” the State Department said. “We look forward to immediate resumption of access to the internet, establishment of the new legislature, accountability for the violent suppression of peaceful protests, and progress towards free and fair elections.”The deal revived hopes for a peaceful transition of power in a country plagued by internal conflicts and years of economic crisis that helped to trigger the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in April.Relations between the military council that took over from Bashir and the Forces for Freedom and Change alliance broke down when security forces killed dozens of people as they cleared a sit-in on June 3. But after huge protests against the military on Sunday, African mediators brokered a return to direct talks.WhatsApp <a href=’http://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/ck.php?n=ab2c8853&amp;cb={random}’ target=’_blank’><img src=’https://revive.newsbook.com.mt/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=97&amp;cb={random}&amp;n=ab2c8853&amp;ct0={clickurl_enc}’ border=’0′ alt=” /></a>last_img read more

The gaps in Apples updates

first_imgAdvertisement There was also no mention on Monday night of the long-anticipated high-definition television from Apple or an accompanying software development kit for the existing Apple TV set-top box, something many pundits expected.Just as the iTunes Store’s biggest challenge was getting content providers on board, this seems to be the largest obstacle in Apple’s path in television. The company doesn’t want to simply make a TV; it wants to tie it to an ecosystem as it did with the iPod. Though there is money to be made in hardware, there’s far more to be made in the long run from content.Two of the biggest highlights — unsurprising in light of it being an event aimed at developers — were the announcements concerning updates to Apple’s two operating systems, OS X Mountain Lion for laptops and desktops, and iOS 6, which powers iPhones and iPads. Early adopters of the iPad will be disappointed to learn that there will be no support for iOS 6 for the first generation iPad, even though it’s newer than the iPhone 3GS, which is supported. There’s also no mention of an overhaul of iTunes even though the App Store is to be updated in iOS 6. – Advertisement – Portable powerhousesAs anticipated, the MacBook Air range sees its processors and graphics cards overhauled and the size of its solid-state drives (SSDs) increased. The range also now offers USB 3 ports and the built-in camera has been upgraded to 720p. Pricing starts at US$999 and goes up to $1 499 for the top of the range 13-inch model. This is in keeping with the prices on the last generation of MacBook Airs.The star of Apple’s presentation, however, was the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display — 2 880×1 800 pixels — and SSD, dual Thunderbolt and USB 3 ports and HDMI rather than mini-DisplayPort.The new star in Apple’s portable universe also does away with an optical drive, though this is still included on entry-level MacBook Pro models across the range.Aside from the new, top-end 15-inch model, and the fact that the entire range of MacBook Pro’s is now thinner and lighter, the rest of the upgrades were largely incremental.Storage has been increased, with both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro now available with hard drives up to 1TB in size, or SSDs up to 512GB.Maps for mobile What is noteworthy from Apple’s iOS 6 announcement is the move to its own mapping service and away from Google Maps. To date, Apple hasn’t offered its own turn-by-turn navigation, with users having to rely on third-party apps.Much like Nokia’s mapping offering, the new Maps app in iOS 6 will also include real-time traffic information and, thanks to Apple’s recent tie-in with Yelp, will offer local business information in supported regions.Apple hasn’t yet specified which countries are supported by its new map app, but has intimated that it will be available in a number of countries outside the US. This is in keeping with the expansion of its voice recognition service, Siri, to 15 countries.In iOS 5, Apple built in closer integration with micro-blogging service Twitter. In iOS 6, it takes the same approach to Facebook. The new OS will make it possible to synchronise Facebook contacts across Apple devices, and post content within Apple’s own apps, including Photos, Safari and newcomer Maps.Mountain Lion is set to include similarly thorough Facebook integration and will take a page from iOS’s book with the inclusion of a notifications centre.Storage has been increased, with both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro now available with hard drives up to 1TB in size, or SSDs up to 512GB.No mention was made of updates to the iMac or Mac Mini ranges, but this isn’t surprising as both are only a year old.Maps for mobileWhat is noteworthy from Apple’s iOS 6 announcement is the move to its own mapping service and away from Google Maps. To date, Apple hasn’t offered its own turn-by-turn navigation, with users having to rely on third-party apps.Much like Nokia’s mapping offering, the new Maps app in iOS 6 will also include real-time traffic information and, thanks to Apple’s recent tie-in with Yelp, will offer local business information in supported regions.Apple hasn’t yet specified which countries are supported by its new map app, but has intimated that it will be available in a number of countries outside the US. This is in keeping with the expansion of its voice recognition service, Siri, to 15 countries.In iOS 5, Apple built in closer integration with micro-blogging service Twitter. In iOS 6, it takes the same approach to Facebook. The new OS will make it possible to synchronise Facebook contacts across Apple devices, and post content within Apple’s own apps, including Photos, Safari and newcomer Maps.Mountain Lion is set to include similarly thorough Facebook integration and will take a page from iOS’s book with the inclusion of a notifications centre.by Craig Wilson, TECHCENTRALlast_img read more

CES Ubuntu is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next month

first_imgAdvertisement Ubuntu is coming to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next monthBut it’s not quite finished yetLINUX VENDOR Canonical revealed that it will launch Ubuntu for Phones on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in February.Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Canonical revealed that it will launch its Ubuntu Linux mobile operating system on Google’s last generation Nexus in a matter of weeks. Canonical said that it will be available as a download, and that the Galaxy Nexus will be the only phone that the software will be available on for now.The company unveiled Ubuntu for Phones earlier this month, offering users the full Linux experience on a smaller screen. The operating system has been designed to work with both low-end and high-end smartphones, and Canonic – Advertisement – al said that it supports existing HTML5 apps such as those designed by Google.Speaking at the operating system’s launch, Mark Shuttleworth, VP of Canonical and founder of Ubuntu said, “Your average Android developer is already using Ubuntu, as it is the typical developer platform,” adding that he expects these people to have no difficulty in supporting the new operating system.Unfortunately we weren’t able to get our hands on the Ubuntu for Phones operating system at Canonical’s booth at the Las Vegas technology show, with Canonical telling us that the software is not yet finished.However, the firm was able to give us a quick glimpse at Ubuntu running on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone ahead of its launch in a few weeks time, and we were pretty impressed with what was on show. Ubuntu for Phones will certainly appeal to Linux fans if its appearance if anything to go by, offering users a full-blown version of the operating system. It seems pretty slick on first impressions too, but be sure to check back soon for a more in depth look at Ubuntu for Phones.Credit: TheInquirerlast_img read more

Smile Communications officially launches 4G LTE in Tanzania

first_imgAdvertisement Irene CharnleySmile Communications Tanzania , a subsidiary of Smile Telecoms Holdings Limited has launched the first commercial Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) broadband network in Tanzania.Country Manager of Smile Tanzania, Fiona McGloin, sees the introduction of 4G LTE as another major milestone in the development of East Africa and the continent as a whole. “Our experience in providing services to our customers over the past six months in Dar es Salaam has demonstrated that access to the best, most flexible, fastest technology anywhere in the world results in increased usage and demand for broadband” she said during the launch in Dar es salaam.According to Smile Group CEO Irene Charnley, the true benefits of 4G LTE lie in the radically improved user experience, and the ability of this global technology standard to enhance access to the most advanced form of communications whilst substantially reducing the costs of operations.“4G LTE is making the internet come alive for our customers due to the quality of the user experience Surfing the internet, downloading music and movies without buffering, communicating via HD voice or uninterrupted HD video calling – the internet experience has become better, faster, easier, and more reliable.” says Charnley.  – Advertisement – The introduction and accessibility to this groundbreaking 4G LTE technology will give impetus to Tanzanians and Tanzania to reach their full potential whilst simultaneously accelerating mobile broadband penetration across the continent, thereby boosting major economic activity. We’ve been waiting and hoping for the future. With 4G LTE, the future is here!” she said.Smile Communications already has a presence in five countries across Africa, including Tanzania. The Smile 4G LTE broadband network, which already covers Dar es Salaam, will be rolled out in phases across Tanzania over the next two years “The company was founded on a simple vision – to provide affordable, high quality and easy-to-use broadband internet access and communication services to everyone across Africa, using low cost and innovative business models and the latest technologies,” says Charnley.“Today is a major milestone in making that vision a reality.” In 2012, Smile began revolutionising communication in East Africa when it chose Tanzania as the first country in Africa in which to deploy its 4G LTE broadband network. After more than a year of extensive testing and valuable feedback provided by technosavvy trial customers, Smile made its 4G LTE broadband network commercially available to its current customer base which ranges from SMEs and households, to hotspots and individuals in Dar es Salaam.Smile 4G LTE is now commercially available across the city. The Smile 4G LTE network uses the most advanced telecommunications technology and standards available anywhere in the world, and will provide unparalleled speed, reliability, quality and ease of use. 4G LTE enables ultrahigh- speed internet access, accelerating broadband penetration and vastly improving the online experience.The 4G LTE standard is at the cutting-edge of mobile telecommunications. The inherently flexible and constantly evolving nature of 4G LTE guarantees that it will remain the gold standard in mobile data and voice services for years to come.Source: Daily Newslast_img read more

SanDisk Introduces HalfTerabyte SSD Optimized for Everyday Computing

first_imgAdvertisement SanDisk Corporation, a global leader in flash storage solutions, has today announced the SanDisk® Z410 SSD, a cost-competitive, half-terabyte solid state drive (SSD) that enables manufacturers to design for a broad range of desktop PCs and laptops.The 15-nanometer, three-bits-per-cell based Z410 SSD delivers the performance, capacities and form factor ideal for mainstream computing platforms.“SSDs are being rapidly adopted as the preferred storage option across the entire spectrum of the PC marketplace,” said Tarun Loomba, vice president and general manager of Client Platform Solutions, SanDisk. – Advertisement – “In addition to the performance and durability benefits that SSDs provide, the SanDisk Z410 SSD delivers storage that is ample for most consumers and the right size for typical corporate users. The Z410 is an important addition to our overall SSD portfolio, as our customers require a complete range of storage options, from home/office PCs to the latest high-performance, ultra-thin laptops.”SLC Cache Means a Better Computing ExperienceBuilt on the successful SanDisk Z400s SSD platform, the Z410 SSD features an SLC cache–a combination of SLC and TLC blocks to maximize read and write speeds.This means PC users can expect very short start-up and application loading, making the Z410 ideal for multi-tasking and typical PC workloads such as home/office productivity, web browsing, email, casual gaming and audio/video entertainment.“The price gap between SSDs and legacy HDD storage is narrowing,” said Jeff Janukowicz, research vice president for Solid State Drive and Enabling Technologies at IDC. “Coupled with the inherent performance and reliability benefits, it is helping to propel SSD adoption into the mainstream PC market.”Build Durable, Reliable Systems with Ample Storage CapacityWith up to 480GB of capacity, the Z410 is ideal for manufacturers looking to design durable, energy-efficient computing platforms. Validated for several top OEM platforms, the Z410 is designed to consistently deliver high endurance and reliability for typical corporate, educational and home applications. The Z410 SSD boasts up to 1.75M hours Mean Time To Failure (MTTF), making it an extremely reliable option for PC manufacturers and ultimately for consumers.1 Featuring one of the lowest power draws of any SSD in the industry, the Z410 consumes less power during active use, as well as during slumber and low-power modes.The SanDisk Z410 SSD is currently shipping in 2.5’’ (7mm) form factor at 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities, and includes a 3-year warranty.last_img read more


first_img[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to Starters Orders. Our daily midday update from the trading room at Star Sports with our key market movers for the day across all sports.Monday 4 AugustRACING2.00 RiponHoneysuckle Lil 7/1 > 100/302.30 RiponGreenbury 13/2 > 11/43.00 RiponMuffin Mcleay 3/1 > 7/43.15 KemptonVerchild Lad 25/1 > 11/15.15 KemptonJohara 3/1 > 7/45.45 CarlisleHail Bold Chief 7/1 > 4/1What’s your view?CALL STAR SPORTS ON 08000 521 321last_img

Its Not What You Know… betting shop memories

first_img[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was on honeymoon in Palma, Majorca, it was October 1961 when I received a phone call, the call was to tell me we had got a licence for our first betting shop at 148 Finchley Road in NW London.The shop was around 80 yards away from Finchley Road underground station, we opened the shop in early 1962.At that time the Finchley Road consisted of one lane going south into London and one lane going north, away from London. Today it is a six lane highway with three lanes going each way.Our shop was a large shop, it also had a large forecourt where there was enough space to park six cars. Today it is a Holiday Inn Hotel, how times change !We opened the shop with four staff. Issy (tits) as the settler, Marky as the boardman (no televisions in those days), Judy (my wife ) as a cashier and me doing a bit of everything.Between us, we had not got a clue.It took around three months to get the feel of things, like how many bets we would take in a day, the amount of money we would take, the big punters, the regulars and so on.Not sure of opening hours, I know you could not open before a certain time and you had to close by a certain time, we opened 10am and closed 6pm.No sooner had we opened in the morning then the regulars would come in. We had a large table in the middle of the shop and they would all sit round it with their papers open studying form. We supplied tea and coffee, I think it was against the law to do that but it was more like a club than a betting shop.Among our regulars were people from all walks of life, there was actor named Peter Bowes an absolute gentlemen, also one of the best judges I ever came across, it was hard to beat him. Another punter was a Mr Raven who liked backing hot favourites. If the first one got beat he would chase and chase till he got his money back or go broke…. a bookies dream.Then there was John Bloom (Rolls Razor) have a look on Google, you will see how much money he made and lost.John would arrive around ten, park his Rolls Royce on our forecourt, have a cup of coffee, make a number of small bets, he never lost a fortune to us and then leave. In all the time he came in, he never laid out more than £20.Another one was known as Maverick, his real name was Ivin Desai, he was the son of a well known wealthy Indian business man. He, like one or two other people I have come across lived to gamble. As I have said before I think it is a disease. He gambled day and night, I know there was a time his parents sent him to Switzerland where he was placed into a induced sleep for two weeks as he had got to a stage that he could not sleep more than a few minutes at a time…. it helped him for a time.Peter Rothenberg (two other chapters about Peter), if he was not there by 10.15am, there had to be a reason. Also, one of the regulars was Themis the Greek, Cypriot boy. No idea where he got his money from and the last but in my opinion, the cleverest, was Ibrahim Hussan, a young Jewish guy from Iraq.Why do I think he was the cleverest?Well his day went something like this. He would get out of bed around 10 at night, yes 10 at night, have a shower, have something to eat, then go out and find somewhere to play cards games. There were at least six clubs where you could play cards around Finchley Road.Why so late?He had worked it out that the people he was playing cards with had been up most of the day, working and when it came to midnight they were getting tired and their brain was slowing down. His day had only just started, he realised that he had the edge. When he finished playing cards, normally between 5 and 7am, he would get the morning papers, have breakfast, come in to our shop for a few hours, have a few bets but by 2pm in the afternoon he was gone.Home to bed.One day a policeman and another man walk in, the other man turned out to be a policeman too. They walked up to the counter and asked if they could speak to a Mr Thompson.I am sorry we have no Mr Thompson I said.“Do you not have a Mr Thompson who goes round collecting bets on your behalf”.“No, certainly not”.The policeman explained that a man had been going around saying he was taking bets on our behalf and that he had taken quite a lot of money from punters.How much is quite a lot of money? I enquired.Well he got £2,000 off the actress Shirley Eaton (today approximately £65,000).Shirley Eaton,wow, I had her picture on my bedroom wall till I was 16. She was to me, the English Briggitte Bardot.It transpired that this person had conned people out of just over £6,000 (today approximately £200,000) using our name.We never heard a word for about a year when the policeman comes in and tells us that they caught the man a couple of months later. He was well known to the police and was sentenced to six years.One morning, not long after we opened, two men walk in asking if they could see the boss.How can I help ?We work for someone who wants to see that you have no trouble in you shop, ‘you know what I mean’, he added.Yes, I understand, I said but we have Morry Bloom and Maxie Pinkus looking out for us.They both turned and walked straight out of the shop. The peoples names I gave were people I knew. They were both heavies in their time for one or two well known gangsters, we never had any trouble in our shop.Eventually lost contact with all the punters. Don’t know what happened to most of them, except that Peter had committed suicide (separate story) and Ibrahim had got a green card and opened an ice cream shop in Queens, New York.I would like to add we had the cleanest betting shop in the UK.One day after racing had finished I was sweeping up when the phone rang. I left the broom propped up against the counter and went to answer. When I came back there was this little guy sweeping the floor, he got the job. Every day he was waiting for us to open…. he would dust, clean, make the tea, get the shopping and do anything you wanted him for…. he was in the shop all day.The punters loved Robert. He would get cigarette papers and do errands for them. They in turn would give him something for going and a bit extra if they won, he became the shop mascot.After every race he would sweep up and give a clean around like in the barbers shop. He was around for about three years, then one day vanished. Still wonder what became of him.We opened three more shops, one in Covent Garden, one in Holborn and one in Kentish Town. They were ok but nothing special.As I was doing 5 or 6 nights a week at the dogs and the betting shop 6 days a week, it was not a hard decision when a company named Williams came along with a very good offer that we sold the shops.That was the end of my betting shop days.last_img read more

Waste not grow more food

first_imghttp://news.rice.edu/files/2016/03/0228_COMPOST-2-web-1xnbxsy.jpgRice University mechanical engineering student Andrew Miller makes an adjustment to a prototype of The BioBlend, a device to separate compostable materials from food waste processed by a garbage disposal. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)Located on a 300-acre forested campus in Houston, Rice University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 20 universities by U.S. News & World Report. Rice has highly respected schools of Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, Engineering, Humanities, Music, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and is home to the Baker Institute for Public Policy. With 3,910 undergraduates and 2,809 graduate students, Rice’s undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is 6-to-1. Its residential college system builds close-knit communities and lifelong friendships, just one reason why Rice is ranked No. 1 for best quality of life and for lots of race/class interaction by the Princeton Review. Rice is also rated as a best value among private universities by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. To read “What they’re saying about Rice,” go to http://tinyurl.com/AboutRiceUniversity. http://news.rice.edu/files/2016/03/0228_COMPOST-1-web-1vtzg9h.jpgRice University engineering students have invented a device to separate compostable materials from food waste processed by a garbage disposal. From left, Ryan Yeh, Christina Petlowany, Edgar Silva, Andrew Miller, Mitch Torczon and Kavana Gowda. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University) FacebookTwitterPrintEmailAddThis https://youtu.be/QKQ8aV9Vfz8Related Materials:(com)post-haste team site: http://oedk.rice.edu/Sys/PublicProfile/29805602/1063096Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen: http://oedk.rice.eduGeorge R. Brown School of Engineering: http://engr.rice.eduImages for download: Share6Editor’s note: Links to a video and images for download appear at the end of this release.David Ruth713-348-6327david@rice.eduMike Williams713-348-6728mikewilliams@rice.eduWaste not, grow more foodRice University engineering students’ device makes composting easier  HOUSTON – (March 28, 2016) – It’s good for crops, it’s good for water and, in the end, it’s good for people and the planet. Why would anyone not turn food waste into compost?Rice University engineering students asked that question at the start of the school year and have spent the months since refining their answer.The team known as (com)post-haste invented a device that sits under one’s sink and takes macerated food waste produced by a standard garbage disposal and sends it in one direction while liquid waste (including water) goes in another. Effectively, it simplifies the process of recycling garbage into a useful product while helping to protect water supplies.The students make up one of more than 80 capstone design teams at Rice. Most senior engineering students are required to complete a project to graduate and are presented with a host of possibilities when they begin their classes in August.For all the members of (com)post-haste, developing the device they call The BioBlend was a natural.“I think for all of us this was the top choice,” said Kavana Gowda, who like all of her teammates is a senior mechanical engineering student. Other members are Christina Petlowany, Andrew Miller, Edgar Silva, Mitch Torczon and Ryan Yeh.The students have spent much of the last eight months working in the basement of Rice’s Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen, where they have installed an actual research kitchen – or at least the sink part.The project is a partnership with NASA, which has an interest in such devices for outposts on the moon, Mars and beyond, and Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, which pitched Rice on the project and intends to install The BioBlend at its Living Lab, where it will be tested alongside other emerging household technologies. Rice lecturer Matthew Elliott is the team’s faculty adviser.“I think one of the major barriers to being eco-friendly in a variety of ways in the United States is people aren’t willing to put in any effort,” said Torczon of the device. “This doesn’t require users to change their behaviors. They can continue putting food down the garbage disposal, and once every couple of days take it out, just like taking out their trash.”The difference is The BioBlend produces a moist, finely chopped form of waste that takes less time to turn to compost than regular garbage. Alternately, it can be used to generate biogas.“One of the things our sponsors want to see is if they can make the device large enough to put in the basement of an apartment complex or a grocery store or restaurant, places with a ton of food waste,” Torczon said. “They could create a lot of biogas they could then turn around and sell or, if they’re in a restaurant, use themselves.”“I think a family of four, using a biogas generator with their waste, would be able to make enough for them to cook with,” Gowda added.Whether it’s used for compost or biogas production, the key to The BioBlend’s success will be its ability to keep garbage out of wastewater treatment plants, where it’s not only useless but also costly and complicated to remove.The team’s research into separation techniques spanned sewage plants to hand-cranked tabletop devices for making jellies and tomato sauce. What they had in common was a circular strainer with a large screw in the middle that pushes solid waste along while allowing liquid to escape. Their own motor-driven, spring-loaded version has a failsafe to keep unwanted solids like ice from jamming the system.A weight sensor tracks how full the bin is, a cutoff switch automatically trips before it overflows and a carbon filter helps quash odors and keep flies away from the compost.The team has not ruled out giving The BioBlend Wi-Fi powers to alert users to its status via the Internet, Torczon said. They could just make it beep when full, but the students are wary that annoyed users would simply disconnect it rather than keep with the program.The teammates had no problem finding a way to feed their creation. “One of the cool things about the project was digging once a week through the trash in the Rice serveries,” Yeh said.“It’s caused me to reevaluate how much food I’m throwing away,” Torczon added. “Our sponsors said at the beginning they hoped it influenced our behavior.”-30-Follow Rice News and Media Relations via Twitter @RiceUNewsVideo:last_img read more

How Temple Universitys Fox School Remains King of the Online MBA UPDATED

first_img UPDATE: Since the release of this article, U.S. News & World Report has removed the Fox School of Business from its 2018 Best Online MBA ranking for reporting falsified application information. This article does not reflect the changes in the ranking.The Temple University Fox School of Business Online MBA program has been named the best in the United States for the fourth consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report. We recently spoke with Darin Kapanjie—Fox Temple associate professor, Academic Director of the Online BBA, Online MBA, and part-time MBA programs, and the Managing Director of Online and Digital Learning—about the school’s miraculous online supremacy and what the future holds.Staying at the top of any MBA ranking, not just in one region, but across the entire U.S. for four years, is unprecedented. For Kapanjie, it’s been long enough for him and the rest of the Temple Fox team to start guessing when, if ever, another school will take over.“We keep waiting for someone else to claim the top spot,” he says. “To be honest, the end of the day we built a program that we believe to be the best in land. We don’t tailor our program to the rankings, it just so happens that the program we built does well in the rankings.” Unlike many new online MBA programs, which are designed for applicants with less experience, the Fox School of Business Online MBA caters to a more “mature” demographic, he notes.“The design of our program speaks to a more mature business professional. [Students] average over 12 years of work experience, which is unusual for an online program. That mature population helps with some of the ranking criteria. We’ve also invested heavily in the product we are delivering, we have a team of instructional designers, instructional technologist, technical support specialists, and web developers. We have built our program, marketing, recruiting, and instructional design teams from within, nothing is outsourced. As a result, this team is dedicated to the success of this program. There is a sense of pride and community around the Fox Online MBA.Despite the Online MBA’s miraculous rise to prominent among business schools, Kapanjie acknowledges that Fox and other schools like it are still competing against traditional MBA programs. However, there are plenty of reasons to prefer the digital format.Fox School of Business Academic Director Darin Kapanjie“This is more of a personal preference or pressure from a busy travel schedule from work, than a more attractive alternative,” he explains. “We at Fox understand the market is changing and that online/hybrid learning is the now and will continue into the future. Personally, I believe that in a few years the hybrid and online MBA’s will dominate the market. Online education is being accepted more and more, it’s no longer viewed as a cheaper and easier solution. It’s schools like us and Carnegie Melon, UNC, Indiana, University of Florida, etc. that are dedicated to delivering quality online opportunities that are helping change that perception. Personally, I believe our online program stacks up well against most of the top ranked traditional MBA’s.”Even with a rich tradition of forward-thinking business school programs located in and around Philadelphia, Fox manages to stand out—particularly among schools offering an online degree.“We have made a significant investment in online education here at Fox,” he says. “Our entire operation is run in-house and is built for the future. We put a great deal of effort around the entire student experience, from inquiry to alumni. I can’t speak for other schools in the region, I can only say that we believe there is a vast market in need of a high-quality online MBA program and we are listening to that market.”But to keep Fox’s top spot, Kapanjie acknowledges that the program cannot remain stagnant.We are building more and more concentrations (mini-major within our MBA) and integrating several dual degree opportunities to widen our net,” he explains. “I personally believe that the dual degrees, MBA/MS, will become more popular in the next few years.”For more information on the Online MBA at the Temple University Fox School of Business and other MBA offerings, check out our profile on the business school and head over to the official Fox Temple site. About the AuthorMatthew KormanMatthew Korman is the Managing Editor of MetroMBA. Since graduating from Rowan University with a degree in journalism and political science, Matthew has worked as a music industry writer and promoter, a data analyst, and with numerous academic institutions. His works have appeared in publications such as NPR and Sports Illustrated.View more posts by Matthew Korman How Temple University’s Fox School Remains King of the Online MBA (UPDATED) regions: Philadelphiacenter_img Last Updated Jan 23, 2018 by Matthew KormanFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail RelatedTemple Fox Axes Online MBA Director After Rankings FalloutWeeks after the Temple University Fox School of Business announced the forced resignation of its long-time Dean Moshe Porat, reformed to its approach to its ranking system, and the hiring of Interim Dean Ronald C. Anderson, the Philadelphia metro business school has announced the departure of its Online MBA Academic…August 23, 2018In “Featured Home”Fox Temple Maintains Top Spot As Country’s Best Online MBAFor the third straight year, the Fox School of Business at Temple University earned top honors as the country’s premiere Online MBA program, according to U.S. News & World Report. The publication’s 2017 ‘Best Online MBA & Graduate Business Programs’ list was formally revealed Jan. 10, with Fox leading the way…January 11, 2017In “Featured Home”Temple, Carnegie Mellon Top U.S. News 2018 Online MBA RankingsThe annual U.S. News & World Report 2018 Online MBA rankings are officially in, with the Fox School of Business at Temple University, once again, taking the top honors. The Fox School of Business has owned the top honor for multiple years in a row, further cementing its case as not…January 9, 2018In “Featured Home”last_img read more

MIT Sloan MBA Deadlines Have Been Announced

first_imgMIT Sloan MBA Deadlines Have Been Announced The newest batch of MIT MBA deadline dates have been announced for the Sloan School of Management, going in to the 2018-19 academic season.Round OneDeadlines: September 25, 2018Notifications: December 19, 2018Round TwoDeadlines: January 22, 2019Notifications: April 2, 2019 Round ThreeDeadlines: April 8, 2019Notifications: May 8, 2019Head over to the official MIT Sloan website for more application information. About the AuthorMatthew KormanMatthew Korman is the Managing Editor of MetroMBA. Since graduating from Rowan University with a degree in journalism and political science, Matthew has worked as a music industry writer and promoter, a data analyst, and with numerous academic institutions. His works have appeared in publications such as NPR and Sports Illustrated.View more posts by Matthew Korman Last Updated Jun 25, 2018 by Matthew KormanFacebookTwitterLinkedinemail center_img regions: Boston RelatedMcCombs School of Business Announces Upcoming MBA DeadlinesThe newest batch of University of Texas MBA deadline dates have been announced for the McCombs School of Business, going in to the 2018-19 academic season. Round One Deadlines: October 9, 2018 Notifications: December 19, 2018 Round Two Deadlines: January 8, 2019 Notifications: March 28, 2019 Round Three Deadlines: April 2,…June 18, 2018In “Dallas”Emory Goizueta Announces New MBA DeadlinesDeadlines for the One and Two-Year MBA programs at the Emory University Goizueta Business School have been officially announced for the 2018-19 academic year, which are as follows: Round 1 Application Deadline: October 5, 2018 Notification Date: November 30, 2018 Deposit Due: December 21, 2018 Round 2 Application Deadline: November…May 30, 2018In “Advice”Boston College Announces MBA Deadlines for 2018-19The newest batch of Boston College MBA deadlines dates have been announced for the Carroll School of Management, going in to the 2018-19 academic season. Round One Deadlines: September 17, 2018 Notifications: December 5, 2018 Round Two Deadlines: January 7, 2019 Notifications: March 15, 2019 Round Three Deadlines: March 15, 2019…August 22, 2018In “Advice”last_img read more

A Security Robot Dives Into a Fountain

first_img Show Discussion It’s ok security robot. It’s a stressful job, we’ve all been there. pic.twitter.com/LQbnntbCRm—Sparkle Ops(@SparkleOps) July 17, 2017Knightscope, a Silicon Valley startup, said in a statement that the incident was under investigation and it was an “isolated event,” reported The Washington Post. The company also pointed out that no one was hurt and promised to deliver a new robot.According to the Knightscope website, the robot is designed to “provide a commanding but friendly physical security presence,” and to “alert proper authorities when a concern is detected.” If it detects anomalies, it makes a sound intended to dissuade criminals and others from causing further trouble. Knightscope later tweeted the robot “just wanted to enjoy summer.”  BREAKING NEWS: “I heard humans can take a dip in the water in this heat, but robots cannot. I am sorry,” said K5 in an official statement. pic.twitter.com/nWC4tubv9w— Knightscope (@iKnightscope) July 18, 2017 US  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share A security robot in Washington, D.C., “drowned” Monday afternoon after falling into a fountain. Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself.We were promised flying cars, instead we got suicidal robots. pic.twitter.com/rGLTAWZMjn— Bilal Farooqui (@bilalfarooqui) July 17, 2017 A Security Robot Dives Into a Fountain By Steven Mei July 18, 2017 Updated: July 18, 2017 Share this article The robot’s watery demise was not the first time the robot had run into trouble. Last year the robot collided with and injured a toddler in Palo Alto, California.16 mo old has injuries to leg, foot after @StanfordShop security robot knocks him down and runs him over. #paloalto pic.twitter.com/tJdDNeFJq1— Lilian Kim (@liliankim7) July 12, 2016The robot also was “assaulted” in April by a drunk man in Mountain View, California. “The ‘assault’ was detected and immediately reported,” vice president of marketing and sales, Stacy Dean Stephens, told CNET, “The robot did exactly as it was supposed to do.”From NTD Television last_img read more

US Gas Prices Still Rising as Energy Industry Starts to Recover After

first_img US US Gas Prices Still Rising as Energy Industry Starts to Recover After Harvey By Reuters September 3, 2017 Updated: September 3, 2017 Cains Lawrence (L), and Derrick Washington fill up gasoline cans and their vehicles at the Fuel City service station in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, in Dallas, Texas, U.S., September 1, 2017. (Reuters/Brandon Wade) Share NEW YORK—U.S. gasoline prices continued to rise on Sunday amid fears of shortages, despite the restart of several key refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast that had been crippled by Hurricane Harvey.The storm took down a quarter of U.S. oil refining capacity and lifted average gasoline prices by more than 20 cents since Aug. 23.Related CoverageRetail US Gasoline Prices Surge as Harvey Keeps Refiners ShutOn Sunday, average retail prices rose again, to $2.621 a gallon, with weekly increases hitting 18 percent in Georgia and 19 percent in South Carolina, according to motorists advocacy group AAA.The increases came despite the resumption of operations at several refineries and pipelines. Over the weekend, ExxonMobil Corp began restarting the country’s second-largest oil refinery, the 560,500 barrels per day (bpd) Baytown, Texas, unit, while Phillips 66 said it was working to resume operations at its 247,000 bpd Sweeny refinery and at its Beaumont oil and fuels terminal. The restarts followed an announcement from Valero Energy Corp on Friday that it was increasing production at its Corpus Christi, Texas-area refineries.The hurricane battered Texas before weakening to a tropical storm and inundated the region with torrential rains and flooding.Some pipelines also restarted over the weekend, assuaging worries over the ability of refineries to get the crude oil they need to operate. Magellan Midstream Partners said it had resumed operations on Friday on its BridgeTex and Longhorn crude oil pipelines, which transport around 675,000 bpd of West Texas crude to East Houston.Still, the majority of Texas ports remained closed to large vessels, limiting discharge of imported crude, and the Colonial Pipeline, which hauls more than 3 million bpd of refined products including gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from the Gulf Coast to the populous U.S. Northeast was also partially closed. center_img  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Show Discussion Share this articlelast_img read more

Mandalay Bay Owners Countersue Over 1000 Victims of Vegas Mass Shooting

first_img Share this article US News Police near the the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, on Oct. 4, 2017, before the windows Stephen Paddock broke for his shooting spree were repaired. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images) Owners of MGM Resorts International have filed federal lawsuits against the victims of last year’s Las Vegas mass shooting, in a bid to protect against liability for the injuries and deaths that occurred during the attack.In the face of over 2,500 claims made against MGM, the corporate leaders countersued more than 1,000 victims of the shooting.MGM, the owners of both Mandalay Bay and the Route 91 Harvest festival venue, where the shooting took place, argued that the victims’ claims against them “must be dismissed,” according to the lawsuit (pdf) filed on July 13 in Nevada and California.The suit argues that security for the concert, provided by Contemporary Services Corp., was certified by the secretary of Homeland Security. It stated that the security had taken all actions needed “for protecting against and responding to acts of mass injury and destruction.”“Plaintiffs have no liability of any kind to Defendants,” the complaint stated.According to authorities, lone gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded hundreds more on the night of Oct. 1, 2018, firing on a crowd of concertgoers from the window of his Mandalay Bay hotel suite. He later shot and killed himself as police approached his room. The company also made reference to legislation known as the SAFETY Act, which provides liability protection to any company that uses antiterrorist technology, which the suit states it used as part of security provided by Contemporary Services Corp.“Paddock’s mass attack meets the requirements of the SAFETY Act as set forth in the statute and the Regulations promulgated by the Department of Homeland Security,” the suit states.Debra DeShong, a spokeswoman for MGM Resorts, said in a statement on July 16: “The Federal Court is an appropriate venue for these cases and provides those affected with the opportunity for a timely resolution. Years of drawn-out litigation and hearings are not in the best interest of victims, the community, and those still healing.”Robert Eglet, a Las Vegas attorney who represents some of the victims of the shooting, said the grounds of the lawsuit are “obscure.” He called MGM’s decision to file the claim in federal court a “blatant display of judge shopping.”“I’ve never seen a more outrageous thing, where they sue the victims in an effort to find a judge they like,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “It’s just really sad that they would stoop to this level,” he said. Follow Bowen on Twitter: @BowenXiao3 Show Discussioncenter_img Mandalay Bay Owners Countersue Over 1,000 Victims of Vegas Mass Shooting By Bowen Xiao July 17, 2018 Updated: July 18, 2018 Share  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   last_img read more

Singer Demi Lovato Awake After Suspected Overdose Media Reports

first_img Singer Demi Lovato Awake After Suspected Overdose: Media Reports By Reuters July 25, 2018 Updated: July 25, 2018 Demi Lovato at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20, 2018. (Reuters/Steve Marcus) Share  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article LOS ANGELES—U.S. pop singer Demi Lovato, who has spoken openly about her history of drug and alcohol abuse, is awake after she was taken to a Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday suffering from a suspected overdose, according to media reports.Lovato, 25, a Grammy-nominated recording artist, was “okay and stable, reported People magazine, quoting an unidentified source.“Demi is awake and with her family who want to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers, and support,” Lovato’s representative told entertainment magazine Variety in a statement.Entertainment news website TMZ, quoting law enforcement sources, reported that Lovato was found unconscious at her home and was treated with Narcan, an emergency antidote for suspected opioid and drug overdoses. Show Discussion  QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video Los Angeles police said they had responded to a medical emergency on Tuesday involving a woman on the Hollywood Hills street where Lovato reportedly has a home but declined to identify the person. City fire department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart said a 25-year-old woman was transported to a local hospital from that location.Lovato released a song last month called “Sober” in which she sang: “Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore, And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor, To the ones who never left me, We’ve been down this road before, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore.”The New Mexico-born performer rose to fame on Disney Channel shows “Camp Rock” and “Sonny with a Chance” 10 years ago and forged a pop career with hits like “Skyscraper” and “Sorry Not Sorry.”In a 2017 YouTube documentary, “Simply Complicated,” Lovato spoke about years of substance abuse, eating disorders, and drinking, saying she first started using cocaine when she was 17.She entered rehab at the age of 18, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.Lovato, who has some 69 million followers on Instagram, was in the midst of a U.S. tour and was due to perform in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Thursday.Her hospitalization became the top trending item on Twitter on Tuesday, with fans and celebrities expressing concern and support.Country singer Brad Paisley tweeted: “Addiction is a terrible disease. There is no one more honest or brave than this woman.”By Jill Serjeant, Steve Gorman and Brendan O’Brien Entertainment News last_img read more

Border Patrol Finds World War IIEra Unexploded Ordnance

first_imgA Border Patrol agent discovered an unexploded MK2 37mm ordnance round from World War II near the Arizona border on Friday. (CBP) A Border Patrol agent discovered an unexploded MK2 37mm ordnance round from World War II near the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona last Friday.The agent found what appeared to be an unexploded round of ammunition. Cochise County Sheriff’s deputies sent agents with assistance in setting up a safety perimeter, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported on Tuesday.  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share  QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video An official assigned to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit from Davis Monthan Air Force Base responded to the scene of the unexploded round on Tuesday and confirmed it was live.The official then detonated the round. It’s not clear how the round got there.“Anyone finding any type of explosive is advised to not touch it and alert authorities right away,” the Border Patrol said.The MK2 37mm was an anti-tank weapon that was used by the United States during World War II. US News Share this article Border Patrol Finds World War II-Era Unexploded Ordnance By Jack Phillips July 26, 2018 Updated: July 26, 2018 Show Discussionlast_img read more

Cruise Ship Carrying 350 People Experiences Engine Failure Off Massachusetts Coast

first_img  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Cruise Ship Carrying 350 People Experiences Engine Failure Off Massachusetts Coast By Eldon Eng September 8, 2018 Updated: September 8, 2018 A cruise ship with over 350 people on board lost power off the coast of Massachusetts on Sept. 7, stranding its passengers who were just 180 miles from their final destination. Within hours the luxury liner was back in operation.The 376-foot ship, known as Star Pride, was bound for New York from Reykjavik, Iceland on a 17-day cruise when it became stranded at Buzzards Bay, about 48 miles from Boston. The incident happened at approximately 3 p.m.The ship became stranded because multiple engines automatically shut down after the engine systems started losing cooling water, according to an emailed statement from Windstar Cruises, the ship owner.The captain of Star Pride contacted the U.S. Coast Guard for assistance at 3:20 p.m., according to a news release. The U.S. Coast Guard tweeted about the situation at the time. Share US News U.S. Coast Guard tugboats surround an engine disabled cruise ship, on Sept. 7, 2018. (Fox News) center_img After being stranded for two hours, the ship regained its ability to move. Tugboats then escorted the cruiseliner towards Newport, Rhode Island for a U.S. Coast Guard inspection.“At no time were the 191 passengers and 160 crew and ship at risk,” said the statement.The Star Pride subsequently passed the inspection and resumed its voyage towards New York, the U.S. Coast Guard tweeted early the next morning.This is not the first time Star Pride has encountered problems during a voyage. On Dec. 22, 2015, the ship experienced a grounding in the reefs of Panama, according to Cruise Industry News. The guests and crew members on board were safe, but the ship was unable to sail. Six months later, Windstar Cruises announced they were spending $4.5 million to remodel the ship, according to a company statement. Share this article #BreakingNews Disabled cruise ship in Buzzards Bay, @USCG launched Buzzards Bay Task Force and local #USCG units. No injuries reported. Stay tuned for updates. Media inquiries should be directed to 617-717-9609. #SAR— USCGNortheast (@USCGNortheast) September 7, 2018 Show Discussionlast_img read more

WJHGTV Live Coverage ABC3340 Live Coverage The

first_imgWJHG-TV Live CoverageABC33/40 Live CoverageThe storm is slated to make landfall on Wednesday afternoon along the Florida Panhandle, the Weather Channel reported. Conditions will begin to deteriorate in the area starting in the morning.“Reports from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that maximum sustained winds have increased to near 145 mph with higher gusts. Michael is an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some additional strengthening is still possible before landfall. After landfall, Michael should weaken as it crosses the southeastern United States,” the NHC wrote. The storm has an estimated minimum central pressure of 928 millibars. The storm is about 80 miles south-southwest of Panama City and around 85 miles west-southwest of Apalachicola.The storm has 145 mph winds, enough to make it a Category 4 storm.hurricane michael will pass over florida Hurricane Michael will hit Florida Oct. 10. (NHC)In a previous advisory at 8 a.m., the agency said there is a storm surge warning for Okaloosa/Walton County Line in Florida to Anclote River in Florida. A storm surge watch is in effect for Anclote River in Florida to Anna Maria Island in Florida, including Tampa Bay.A hurricane warning is in effect for Alabama/Florida border to Suwannee River in Florida.A tropical storm warning is in effect for Alabama/Florida border to the Mississippi/Alabama border, Suwanee River in Florida to Chassahowitzka in Florida, and North of Fernandina Beach in Florida to Surf City in North Carolina.An estimated storm surge of 9 to 14 feet can be expected in some places, including Tyndall Air Force Base to the Aucilla River, which are both in Florida.Weather forecasters noted that on Oct. 9, Michael appeared to strengthen rapidly, going from a Category 2 storm to a Category 4 storm. Some have predicted that the storm could reach Category 5 strength before landfall.“Additional strengthening is expected before landfall as Michael remains over warm water and in an environment of light to moderate vertical shear. After landfall, Michael is expected to steadily weaken as it crosses the southeastern United States. Extratropical transition is expected to begin while Michael is over land, and this should be complete just after the 48 h point. The cyclone should re-intensify due to baroclinic forcing as it moves rapidly northeastward over the north Atlantic,” reads a discussion from the NHC. US News Share Four Webcams Show Discussion Hurricane Michael: Live TV Feeds, Webcams, Streams, Videos of Florida Panhandle Landfall Top video shows a cruise ship stuck in Michael’s outer bands – scroll down for feedsBy Jack Phillips October 10, 2018 Updated: October 10, 2018 Webcam at Destin Beach Panama City Beach WebcamHurricane Storm Chaser in Panama City Tallahassee Webcam Gloomtube Composite Stream Panama City Beach Stream Webcam Near Port St. Joe, Panama  City Beach QualityAuto 360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video Hurricane Michael is slated to hammer the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, Oct. 10, and there are about 10 live streams available when it hits Florida in the afternoon.The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said at 9 a.m. ET that water levels are quickly rising along the Florida Panhandle. A National Ocean Service station at Apalachicola, Florida, recently reported a sustained wind speed of 40 mph and a wind gust of 53 mph, the NHC noted in its advisory.Destin – Panama City Storm Chaser  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share this article Hurricane Michael Webcam from The Sunlast_img read more

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first_img Show Discussion Investigators remain on scene of horrific quadruple murder on S Barlow Rd. Deputies saved the life of a young girl by using deadly force on the murder suspect as he was attempting to kill her. All deputies were uninjured, suspect is deceased. pic.twitter.com/dzVXp5ADzm— Clackamas Sheriff (@ClackCoSheriff) January 20, 2019 Share this article Deputies Shoot Man After He Kills 4, Including Baby Daughter By The Associated Press January 21, 2019 Updated: January 21, 2019 The home is about 20 miles south of Portland and northeast of the city of Woodburn.The sheriff’s office took an emergency call from a resident of a home at about 10:15 p.m. Saturday. The caller described a violent and hectic scene, Jensen said. Arriving deputies found a “horrific” situation, Jensen said.“I’ve talked to investigators, 20-year veterans, and they’re saying this is a shocking scene,” Jensen said. US News The suspect of the quadruple murder has been identified as:Mark Leo Gregory Gago – 42 years old – Woodburn pic.twitter.com/hQlyO60fzt— Clackamas Sheriff (@ClackCoSheriff) January 20, 2019 “We’re not sure what was used at this time,” Jensen told reporters near the scene Sunday. “I’ve been told that there were numerous weapons, swords, things of that nature in the residence. The investigators are trying to determine what exactly was used to kill each person.”The sheriff’s office identified the victims as Olivia Gago, 9 months, Shaina Sweitzer, 31, Jerry Bremer, 66, and Pamela Bremer, 64.center_img PORTLAND—A rural Oregon man killed four members of his family at the home they shared and was shot by sheriff’s deputies as he tried to kill a girl, authorities said.Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42, killed his parents, his girlfriend and their infant daughter on the night of Jan. 19 before deputies shot him, the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said.The victims were not shot, The Oregonian reported . Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Brian Jensen said the causes of death will be investigated. NEWS RELEASE: Sheriff’s Office responds to quadruple homicide on S. Barlow Road; suspect killed, child saved in officer-involved shooting — https://t.co/TwDAU5qHQC pic.twitter.com/07j96jYX0c— Clackamas Sheriff (@ClackCoSheriff) January 20, 2019 They found a woman dead outside the home and Gago attacking the child. The 8-year-old child was Sweitzer’s daughter from a previous relationship.A roommate also survived. She suffered what deputies described as injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening. She was being treated at a hospital.Gago had been arrested in August on a weapons charge. Jensen said by email that Gago was booked on a charge of unlawful possession of a weapon. He did not have details on the circumstances of the arrest or disposition of the case. Share Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42, was provided by the Clackamas, Ore., County Sheriff’s Department. Gago, killed four members of his family on the night of Jan. 19, 2019. (Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department/AP)  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   last_img read more

US News

first_img US News Share General Mills announced a recall of its 5-pound bags of Gold Medal unbleached all-purpose flour. (Food and Drug Administration) Share this article  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   The potential contamination of salmonella has triggered a nationwide recall of “Gold Medal” flour, produced by General Mills.The company said in a press release that the recall only affects one type of flour.“This recall only affects this one date code of Gold Medal Unbleached Flour five-pound bags,” the notice stated. “All other types of Gold Medal Flour are not affected by this recall.”The recall affects bags with a better-if-used by date of April 20, 2020.The recall was voluntary and came after the “potential presence” of salmonella was detected during sampling of the packaged product. Show Discussion Possible Salmonella Contamination Triggers Recall of General Mills Flour By Zachary Stieber January 24, 2019 Updated: January 24, 2019  QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video The company said no direct consumer reports of confirmed illnesses have arisen as of yet. “Food safety is our top priority, and though we have not had any confirmed illnesses, we are voluntarily recalling this specific lot of Gold Medal Unbleached Flour to prevent potential illnesses,” Jim Murphy, president of General Mills Meals and Baking Division, said in a statement.“This recall does not involve any other flour products, and we are continuing to educate consumers that flour is not a ‘ready to eat’ ingredient. Anything you make with flour must be cooked or baked before eating.”Anyone who has the five-pound bags of flour in question should throw out the product. People who have the product can call General Mills Consumer Relations at 1-800-230-8103 or visit GeneralMills.com/Flour for more information.The recall has not been circulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, which typically circulates information about recalls. The agency is affected by the partial government shutdown but has been keeping its recall portal updated.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns consumers against consuming raw products made with flour.According to the agency, “consumers should refrain from consuming any raw products made with flour. Salmonella is killed by heat through baking, frying, sautéing or boiling products made with flour. All surfaces, hands, and utensils should be properly cleaned after contact with flour or dough.”salmonella bacteria Illustration of Salmonella bacteria. (CDC)SalmonellaSalmonella can cause salmonellosis, a common bacterial foodborne illness, noted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).“CDC estimates Salmonella causes about 1.2 million illnesses, 23,000 hospitalizations, and 450 deaths in the United States every year. Food is the source for about 1 million of these illnesses,” the agency stated.Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever within 12 to 72 hours after consuming a contaminated product.Most people recover without treatment; most of those hospitalized suffer from severe diarrhea.The illness typically lasts four to seven days.Salmonella outbreaks regularly occur in the United States, leaving dozens sick across multiple states in some instances.In December 2018, for instance, millions of pounds of ground beef were recalled and some 250 people fell ill from the tainted meat.Other recent outbreaks have been linked to raw turkey products, raw chicken products, and tahini. The latter case was announced in November and stemmed from tahini products produced in Israel. The General Mills logo is displayed on a box of Raisin Nut Bran cereal at Scotty’s Market in San Rafael, California on September 20, 2017. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)Previous General Mills Flour RecallIn 2016, 45 tons of flour was recalled by General Mills over the detection of E. coli.The FDA said results of a traceback investigation found that the flour was the source of a multistate outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli infections.The outbreak left 63  people infected across 24 states. The infections started on dates ranging from Dec. 21, 2015 to Sept. 5, 2016. Some of the people who got sick ate or handled raw dough.“FDA’s traceback investigation determined that the raw dough eaten or handled by ill people or used in restaurant locations were made using General Mills flour that was produced in November 2015 and select production dates through February 10, 2016 at the General Mills facility in Kansas City, Missouri,” the FDA stated.“Epidemiology, laboratory and traceback evidence available at that time indicated that General Mills flour manufactured at this facility is the likely source of the outbreak.”From NTD News Follow Zachary on Twitter: @zackstieber last_img read more

The view from the North Ridge Trail on Mount Diabl

first_imgThe view from the North Ridge Trail on Mount Diablo looks southwest, in Mount Diablo State Park, California, in this Dec. 18, 2018, file photo. Authorities say a body was found in the wreckage of a plane they believed crashed Friday night, Feb. 8, 2019. (Tom Stienstra/San Francisco Chronicle via AP) Share US News  QualityAuto 1080p720p480p360p240pRewind 10 SecondsNext UpLive00:0000:0000:00ChromecastClosed CaptionsSettingsFullscreen  click to watch video KGO-TV in San Francisco reports that authorities say the pilot was believed to be the only one on the plane. The pilot’s name was not released.Gregor says the pilot was flying from Hayward to Lincoln. He says that on Saturday, a family member of the pilot reported the aircraft was overdue after it had not landed as scheduled.The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate. Body Found at Plane Wreckage Near California Mountain Peak By The Associated Press February 10, 2019 Updated: February 10, 2019  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Show Discussion Share this article CLAYTON, California—Authorities say a body has been found in the wreckage of a plane they believed crashed Friday night, Feb. 8, two miles southwest of the peak of Mount Diablo in Northern California.Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says the single-engine Mooney M20 crashed into the hillside in Contra Costa County. Gregor says the exact time of the crash hasn’t been determined yet.He says the aircraft burned after crashing.California State Parks spokeswoman Gloria Sandoval says the body was found at the crash site and that the Contra Costa County coroner’s office is at the scene.last_img read more

1 Dead 130 Injured as Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio

first_img 1 Dead, 130 Injured as Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio and Indiana By The Associated Press May 28, 2019 Updated: May 28, 2019 Severe storms, capable of producing large hail, damaging wind, and tornadoes are likely this afternoon into tonight from the central Plains to the Midwest and across the Upper Ohio Valley into the Northeast this afternoon and evening. The full forecast: https://t.co/TgJgC5UHLo pic.twitter.com/RA6LeyWECu— NWS SPC (@NWSSPC) May 28, 2019 At least half a dozen communities from eastern Indiana through central Ohio suffered damage, according to the National Weather Service. The storms damaged homes, blew out windows, toppled trees and left debris so thick that at one point, highway crews had to use snowplows to clear an interstate.The National Weather Service tweeted Monday night that a “large and dangerous tornado” hit near Trotwood, Ohio, eight miles northwest of Dayton. Several apartment buildings were damaged or destroyed, including the Westbrooke Village Apartment complex, where an aerial photo shows the roof blown off entirely. By Angie Wang, John Minchillo, and Kantele Franko BROOKVILLE, Ohio—A swarm of tornadoes so tightly packed that one may have crossed the path carved by another tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, smashing homes, blowing out windows and ending the school year early for some students because of damage to buildings. One person was killed and at least 130 were injured.The storms were among 53 twisters that forecasters said may have touched down on May 27 across eight states stretching eastward from Idaho and Colorado.The winds peeled away roofs—leaving homes looking like giant dollhouses—knocked houses off their foundations, toppled trees, brought down power lines and churned up so much debris that it could be seen on radar. Highway crews had to use snowplows to clear an Ohio interstate.Some of the heaviest damage was reported just outside Dayton, Ohio.“I just got down on all fours and covered my head with my hands,” said Francis Dutmers, who with his wife headed for the basement of their home in Vandalia, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) outside Dayton, when the storm hit with a “very loud roar” Monday night. The winds blew out windows around his house, filled rooms with debris and took down most of his trees. Share this article Carl Shackleford Jr. carries his father’s memorial flag out of a tornado damaged apartment at the Westbrooke Village Apartment complex in Trotwood, Ohio, on May 28, 2019. (Doral Chenoweth III/The Columbus Dispatch via AP) Show Discussioncenter_img Spoke with @GovStitt of Oklahoma last night from Japan because of the devastating tornadoes. Told him that @FEMA and the federal government are fully behind him and the great people of Oklahoma.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 28, 2019 Just before midnight, not 40 minutes after that tornado cut through, the weather service tweeted that another one was traversing its path, churning up debris densely enough to be seen on radar.In Trotwood, Mayor Mary McDonald reported “catastrophic damage” in the community of some 24,500 people. Hara Arena, idled in recent years after decades as a popular sports and entertainment venue, sustained “a huge amount of damage.”The mayor said five busloads of displaced residents have been taken to a church offering temporary shelter while the American Red Cross assesses needs.vandalia ohio tornado Storm damage liters a residential neighborhood in Vandalia, Ohio, on May 28, 2019. (John Minchillo/AP Photo)Some of the heaviest hits were recorded in towns just outside Dayton. In Vandalia, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) directly north of the city, Francis Dutmers and his wife were headed for the basement and safety Monday night when the storm hit with “a very loud roar.”“I just got down on all fours and covered my head with my hands,” said Dutmers, who said the winds blew out windows around his house, filled rooms with storm debris, and took down most of his trees. But he and his wife were not injured and the house is still livable, he said.roof remains brookville tornado A section of roof remains torn from Brookville High School after a tornado hit the area the previous evening in Brookville, Ohio, on May 28, 2019. (John Minchillo/AP Photo)In Brookville, west of Dayton, the storm tore roofs off schools, destroyed a barn and heavily damaged houses.Crews were also clearing debris in two other counties northwest of Dayton.In Dayton, the storm caused a few minor injuries but no reported fatalities. Dayton Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne called that “pretty miraculous” during a Tuesday morning briefing. Payne attributed the good news to people heeding early warnings about the storm.westbrook dayton ohio tornado Residents walk toward their Westbrooke Village Apartment building that was heavily damaged by a tornado, in Dayton, Ohio, on May 28, 2019. (Doral Chenoweth III/Columbus Dispatch via AP)Residents say sirens started going off around 10:30 p.m. Monday ahead of the storm.Mayor Nan Whaley urged residents to check on neighbors, especially those who are housebound. Multiple schools in the area were closed or had delayed starts Tuesday.City Manager Shelley Dickstein said a boil advisory has been issued for residents after the storms cut power to Dayton’s pump stations, and that generators are being rushed in.The response will require a “multi-day restoration effort,” utility Dayton Power & Light said in an early morning tweet. The company said 64,000 of its customers alone were without power.In Montgomery County, which includes Dayton, Sheriff Rob Streck said many roads were impassable. The Montgomery County sheriff’s office initially said the Northridge High School gymnasium would serve as an emergency shelter in Dayton but later said it wasn’t useable.ohio tornado damage This aerial photo shows tornado damage at the Westbrooke Village Apartment complex in Trotwood, Ohio, on May 28, 2019. (Doral Chenoweth III/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)In Indiana, at least 75 homes were damaged in Pendleton and the nearby community of Huntsville, said Madison County Emergency Management spokesman Todd Harmeson. No serious injuries were reported in the area or other parts of the state.Residents in Pendleton, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) northeast of Indianapolis, were being urged to remain in their homes Tuesday morning because of dangers posed by fallen trees, downed power lines and utility poles that were also blocking roads.“People are getting antsy. I know they want to get outdoors and I know they want to see what’s going on in the neighborhood, but we still have power lines down, we still have hazards out there,” Harmeson said.Pendleton High School was opened as a shelter for the community, where more than 3,500 homes and businesses were without power and utility crews were at work repairing downed power lines.Harmeson said only one injury was reported in Madison County, that of a person who suffered a small cut to their forehead and was treated and released from a local hospital.“We’re very fortunate,” he said.national weather service map tornado A rapid-fire line of apparent tornadoes tore across Indiana and Ohio overnight, packed so closely together that one crossed the path carved by another on May 28, 2019. (Map4News/Here; National Weather Service via AP)The National Weather Service said a survey team will investigate damage in Madison County and possibly in Henry County. Another team may survey damage in Tippecanoe County.The latest apparent tornadoes came two nights after a twister struck a motel and mobile home park in El Reno, Oklahoma, killing two people and injuring 29. President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that that he spoke from Japan with Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt and told him that the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the “federal government are fully behind him and the great people of Oklahoma.” US News  LINKEDINPINTERESTREDDITTUMBLRSTUMBLEUPON   Share In Celina, Ohio, 81-year-old Melvin Dale Hannah was killed when a parked car was blown into his house, authorities said. “There’s areas that truly look like a war zone,” Mayor Jeffrey Hazel said Tuesday.Storm reports posted online by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center showed that 14 suspected tornadoes touched down in Indiana, 11 in Colorado and nine in Ohio. Six were reported in Iowa, five in Nebraska, four in Illinois and three in Minnesota, with one in Idaho.last_img read more

Justin Brake APTN News Canada wont be introducing

first_imgJustin BrakeAPTN NewsCanada won’t be introducing new comprehensive land claims and inherent rights policies just yet, Crown-Indigenous Relations Carolyn Bennett told the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Thursday.The announcement comes a day after hundreds of grassroots people, chiefs and Elders marched on an AFN policy forum to demand their involvement in any changes to federal policies impacting their rights.Demonstrators condemned a June deadline by which government previously indicated to some First Nations it wanted to have the two key policies replaced.The comprehensive claims policy applies to cases where Indigenous rights and title haven’t been addressed by treaties, while the inherent rights policy addresses the right of Indigenous peoples to govern themselves in their own communities and nations.For weeks Bennett’s office has tried to appease concerns about the deadline, saying the government “will take the time to get it right.”On Thursday Bennett reiterated that talking point, saying new policies by June are “not happening”.Instead, she announced, the Liberals will issue a cabinet directive to federal officials by the end of June, “in which we would ensure that cede and surrender and extinguishment are no longer part of the conversation as we work on the path of self-determination.”She said the directive will respect the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and that government will support a process “that is led by First Nations rights and treaty holders [to] co-develop rights-based policies that can replace the comprehensive land claims policy and inherent right policies.”Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett announced Thursday that the Liberals will issue a cabinet directive on Comprehensive Land Claims and Inherent Right Policies. Justin Brake/APTN.Bennett also said government will work with First Nations to improve the specific claims and the additions to reserve policies.More than half of the 634 First Nations are currently in dialogue or negotiations with the government, Bennett said, explaining that in ‘getting it right’ government will “uphold and affirm First Nations’ rights, title and jurisdiction.”For its review of the four key First Nations policies, the feds are engaging the AFN and First Nations Canada are currently engaged with.Others, such as member nations of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) and the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI), say the government’s efforts to overhaul rights-based legislation and policies have fallen short of the minimum international Indigenous rights standards.Some chiefs criticized the 10 principles developed by former justice minister and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould, saying the government should have asked First Nations to develop the guidelines for negotiations around legislation, policy and Indigenous rights, title and jurisdiction.Some, including many who demonstrated in Edmonton Wednesday, condemned the AFN’s role in negotiating the policy changes while the majority of those who will be impacted have little to no input.Others, still, questioned the need to engage with Canada at all, and suggested First Nations simply begin, or continue, to assert their own rights, title and jurisdiction within their communities and territories.Chief Dean Sayers of Batchewana First Nation addressed Bennett Thursday, asking rhetorically why First Nations are “asking Canada to return something that they’ve stolen?”He encouraged First Nations to “reclaim and take back what is yours — put the onus on Canada to make a specific claim to us for lands.”Bennett said that by the end of June, when the cabinet directive is issued, the existing comprehensive claims and inherent rights policies will be removed from the government’s website.jbrake@aptn.ca@justinbrakenewslast_img read more

VIDEO Qantas CEO hit with pie in the face during speech

first_imgMay 10, 20170 Comments Blog Qantas chief executive, Alan Joyce, was hit with a pie in the face during a business breakfast event in Perth.Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas, was attacked with a lemon meringue pie at a business breakfast event in Perth, Australia.Tony Overheu, who carried out the stunt on Tuesday, said he did it to make a statement about Joyce’s support for same-sex marriage. The 67-year-old has since apologised to the Qantas chief executive.Mr Joyce was one of twenty Australian executives who signed a petition in March 2017 urging Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to legalise same-sex marriage.“No attempt at bullying us into suppressing our voice will work,” Mr Joyce told reporters. He has said that he will press charges.center_img VIDEO: Qantas CEO hit with pie in the face during speechlast_img read more

Emergency landing as smelly passenger causes others to vomit and faint

first_imgJune 1, 20180 Comments Blog Emergency landing as smelly passenger causes others to ‘vomit and faint’center_img A Transavia plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger’s body odour allegedly caused others to vomit and faint.A Transavia flight from Gran Canaria to Amsterdam had to make an emergency landing in Faro, Portugal after a passenger’s body odour caused others to ‘vomit and faint.’Passengers were reported to have been overwhelmed by the ‘unbearable’ smell of the man.A Belgian passenger on board the flight said: “It was like he hadn’t washed himself for several weeks. Several passengers got sick and had to puke.”Flight attendants tried to quarantine the unwashed man in the toilet, before the pilots decided to divert the flight.A Transavia spokesman said: “The airplane diverted because of medical reasons, but it is indeed right that he smelled quite a bit.”This is not the first smelly incident on a Transavia flight.Earlier this year, a fight broke out on a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam over an elderly passenger’s excessive farting, resulting in the pilot making an emergency landing in Vienna.last_img read more

Electric Vehicle Coalition Announces Adds Major Automakers Secures 40000

first_img Tumblr Oregon has a strong new coalition working to expand electric vehicle sales and use in the state. The Energize Oregon Coalition, a voluntary partnership working to ensure a strong market for plug-in electric vehicles in Oregon, was created earlier this year through a MOU between Governor Kitzhaber’s office, the Oregon Department of Transportation and Drive Oregon.Coalition Co-Chairs Ashley Horvat of the Oregon Department of Transportation and Jeff Allen of Drive Oregon announced today that the effort has landed key stakeholders and funding and will hold its initial kickoff meeting on November 7 from 8am to 1pm at the PGE World Trade Center in downtown Portland. “Nissan, Honda, Ford, and General Motors have all signed up to join the Energize Oregon Coalition, signaling a significant milestone for an industry that prides itself on its ability to unite the public and private sectors to build a successful market,” stated Ashley Horvat, the state’s Chief Electric Vehicle Officer. “We welcome their support, along with that of over seventy other businesses and organizations, all working together to ensure Oregon provides national leadership and sustained investment in the EV industry. Accelerating EV adoption will foster innovation, strengthening our economy while moving us closer to a zero-emission and oil-free transportation future.” Robert Langford of American Honda Motor Co. stated “We are pleased to join Drive Oregon and support this Coalition, which is pulling together the key stakeholders and decision makers in Oregon to promote adoption of electric vehicles.” “Oregon has been at the forefront of the energizing the EV market. Leadership at the state and local levels has made Oregon one of the best markets for Nissan LEAF sales, and we look forward to being an active supporter of the Energize Oregon Coalition to build on that success,” said Erik Gottfried, director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing for Nissan. Jana Gastellum of the Oregon Environmental Council, which has also joined the Coalition, noted that “Electric vehicles dramatically reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, and we look forward to working together to get more of them on Oregon’s roads.” Separately, Drive Oregon also announced that it has secured a $40,000 grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust to support the Coalition and other work to increase electric vehicle use in Oregon. “Oregon is a leader in the electric vehicle space largely because of the great collaboration we have between carmakers, communities, interest groups, government agencies, and philanthropies like the Meyer Memorial Trust,” noted Drive Oregon Executive Director Jeff Allen. “Oregon’s ability to mobilize diverse interests in pursuit of shared goals is a tremendous competitive advantage.” The Coalition’s November 7 launch event is free, but advance registration is required at www.energizeoregonlaunch-es2.eventbrite.com.  Drive Oregon is the epicenter for innovation in electric mobility, connecting leaders and entrepreneurs to advance the electric vehicle industry and strengthen our economy. A nonprofit public-private partnership, Drive Oregon is funded in part with Oregon State Lottery Funds administered by Business Oregon. More information: www.driveoregon.org The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) values safety, customer service, efficiency, accountability, problem-solving, diversity and sustainability. With sustainability as one of ODOT’s core values, it is in the best interest of the state to support a growing EV industry. ODOT is providing leadership for the state by continuing to “electrify” the transportation system with the deployment of the West Coast Electric Highway, implementing the EV Tourism Initiative with Travel Oregon, the EV Ambassadors Initiative with Citizens’ Utility Board, leading the Energize Oregon Coalition and the ZEV MOU Implementation Task Force.  Learn more at www.oregonelectrichighway.com.  The Energizing Oregon Coalition is a voluntary partnership working to ensure a strong market for plug-in electric vehicles in Oregon. The Coalition grew from Oregon’s statewide “Energizing Oregon” action plan and will serve as the implementation arm to carry out the recommendations laid forth in this living document. The Coalition will provide a medium for members to remain proactive by creating new and innovative projects together and leveraging resources, be it people, goods, and/or funding. The Coalition will not only remain proactive and utilize the “Energizing Oregon” Plan as its guide, but will also be nimble in its ability to recalibrate in response to industry evolution and market fluctuations. Email Electric Vehicle Coalition Announces Adds Major Automakers, Secures $40,000 By CBN 0 Share. Twittercenter_img E-Headlines LinkedIn Google+ Facebook on October 31, 2013 Pinterestlast_img read more

City of Bend Seeks Applicants for the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board

first_imgCity of Bend Seeks Applicants for the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board (BEDAB) LinkedIn E-Headlines Google+ 0 By CBN Share. Twittercenter_img on May 15, 2014 Facebook Pinterest Tumblr Email  There are openings on the BEDAB board and the City of Bend has extended the deadline for applying to May 30. BEDAB members are appointed by the city council and advise the council on economic development matters. Their goal is to promote a supportive business environment to foster economic growth. There are three positions available, and to balance out the board, the City is looking for representatives from the health care, retail, banking and high tech industries. Here’s a link to the application: Here and to the City’s weblink about BEDAB: www.bendoregon.gov/BEDABTop 10 BEDAB SuccessesFive years ago, the City of Bend launched a new committee that has since become the hub of a strategic and well-coordinated effort to bring business to Bend and keep it here. It’s called the Bend Economic Development Advisory Board (BEDAB)—a 13-member team made up of business owners and the city’s key economic development partners. The board is doing great things to propel our business community forward. These are the highlights of its work.1. Business support community galvanized. Most importantly, BEDAB has brought a great team together. In the past, groups such as Economic Development for Central Oregon, Bend Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Development Center, Visit Bend and the City of Bend each had its own game plan. Now, through BEDAB, these groups work in tandem, each understanding its role in the economic development eco-system and larger effort to build Bend’s business scene.   2. City agenda revamped with a business focus. Through BEDAB and the hiring of Carolyn Eagan as the Bend Business Advocate in 2012, the City of Bend is now tapped into the needs of the business community like never before. As new plans for capital projects around the city are made, BEDAB and Eagan now bring home victories for the business community in the process such as encouraging prioritization of development in employment lands and sewer improvements that benefit business. Through this process, Bend has become a city that links long-range planning goals with economic goals. 3. Communication from businesses to the City streamlined. Now that BEDAB is up and running, business owners know where to go to reach the city about critical issues such as zoning, fees or ordinance concerns. BEDAB then has the authority to bring these issues directly before the Bend City Council or to the right department, clearing the way for a rapid response to issues. 4. Target industries identified. Through the collective knowledge of all the business organizations at the BEDAB table, the group has been able to identify five core industries that Bend is ready to serve. These groups include the outdoor industry, aviation and aerospace, technology and software, bioscience and advanced manufacturing. As our coordinated economic development efforts become more sophisticated each group is pulling in its own way to direct these business types to town. 5. Business support directory created. This desktop directory allows businesses to quickly look up who can best help them with their problem. If you want to create a tech meet-up, the number for Tech Alliance is right there. A question about the enterprise zone? EDCO’s contact info is at your fingertips. 6. Bendforbusiness.com up and running. Through a partnership with Visit Bend, BEDAB has launched this very website bendforbusiness.com. Serving as a business recruitment tool and place to share successes and news, bendforbusiness.com is the place to learn why Bend is great for business. 7. Cohesive marketing plan in effect. The economic development organizations involved in BEDAB now speak with one voice through a coordinated marketing effort. Bend has a lot to offer and through the synergy of a coordinated media campaign that message has been amplified to the world. 8. Relocation packet done. For businesses considering moving to Bend, BEDAB has created a relocation packet available through the Visit Bend website filled with information about this community and why we’re great for business. Not only that, but when a relocation packet is requested, Bend Business Advocate Carolyn Eagan is able to follow up with a personal email to the business, increasing the likelihood that businesses give Bend the consideration we’re hoping for. 9. Welcome packet ready for action. For businesses that have moved to Bend, BEDAB is ready to help and tells them so with a packet of critical information such as the business support directory and information about how to plug into the business community right away. 10. Future goals envisioned. Now that many of the first steps have been taken including a strategic vision, a marketing plan and a website, BEDAB is looking to take Bend’s economic development efforts to the next level by identifying legislative opportunities that could be a boost for businesses in Bend, by lobbying local and regional government for more economic development tools and by finding the resources to spread the good word about this community farther and wider.  last_img read more

Employment Sees Little Change in Central Oregon Beginning 2017

first_img Google+ LinkedIn By CBN on March 9, 2017 E-Headlines Employment Sees Little Change in Central Oregon Beginning 2017 Email According to Damon Runberg, Economist for the State of Oregon Employment Department, record snow across the region in January had little effect on Central Oregon’s employment situation. Monthly jobs losses were consistent with seasonal norms and unemployment levels were little changed on a seasonally adjusted basis.Crook County: The unemployment rate remained little changed at 6.6 percent in January from the revised rate of 6.5 percent in December.The rate was 7.7 percent last January.The county shed 130 jobs from December,slightly more than the expected loss of 100 jobs this time of year.A high concentration of the monthly job losses were in federal and local government agencies. The only other notable industry changes in January were a loss of 20 jobs in retail trade, as well as, professional and business services.After annual revisions, Crook County’s employment situation is essentially unchanged from this time last year (-10 jobs). The private sector is up a modest 30 jobs, while public sector employment dipped by 40 jobs from last January. Industry employment losses over the past year continue to be concentrated in manufacturing, in particular, wood products (-50 jobs). These losses were more than made up for by gains in education and health services (+60 jobs), information (+20 jobs), and leisure and hospitality (+20 jobs).Deschutes County (Bend-Redmond MSA): The unemployment rate remains very low at 4.6 percent, but the rate ticked up slightly from 4.4 percent in December. The rate is down slightly from this time last year (5.1%). Neither the monthly nor annual change was statistically significant.Deschutes County lost 1,400 jobs from December, which was actually fewer than expected for this time of year. Following the end of the holiday shopping and tourism push we saw large declines in retail trade (-580 jobs) and leisure and hospitality (-340 jobs). Most industries posted job losses in January, including 80 jobs lost in both manufacturing and construction. Record snow on the ground had little effect on Deschutes County’s total non-farm employment levels.There were 3,100 additional jobs in Deschutes County businesses in January compared to the same time last year, a growth of 4.2 percent. Job growth over the past year continues to be diverse with strong gains in construction, retail, transportation, professional and business services, and health care. Recent revisions revealed that financial activities saw significant growth over the past year due in part to growth from the real estate sector. The only industry to post job losses over the past year was leisure and hospitality (-80 jobs), a relatively small decline, but perhaps a sign that the tourism industry may be leveling off.Jefferson County: The unemployment rate remained little changed at 6 percent in January. The rate was 6.1 percent in December and 7 percent in January 2016.Jefferson County shed 70 jobs in January, fewer losses than typically expected this time of year. The majority of these losses were concentrated in Indian tribal government (-80). Manufacturing posted an impressive gain of 50 jobs from December.Jefferson County saw a moderate bump in employment levels after recent revisions. The county added around 100 jobs from this time last year (+1.7 percent). Nearly all the growth over the past year was concentrated in private businesses with particularly strong growth in construction, financial activates, manufacturing, and wholesale trade.center_img Share. 0 Pinterest Facebook Twitter Tumblrlast_img read more

Shopping Local — FiresSmokeEclipse Create Economic Challenges

first_img We have been challenged by the smoke over the past few weeks. Not wanting to go outside and frequent our regular shopping and eating establishments. On top of the fires seemingly coming from every direction, the eclipse ‘incident’ was a disappointment: expectations in Bend and Sisters were high that hundreds of visitors would converse on our towns and retailers and restaurants would be packed.Yet, nothing happened. For the bulk of eclipse watching most went to Prineville and Madras, but even in those towns the expectations were higher than the result. Except for a couple days in Prineville, even the traffic was lower than anticipated.The result, especially the sad cancellation of the renowned Sisters Folk Festival that generates $1.2 million for the Sisters economy each year, is that local retail and eating establishment are hurting.TIME TO SHOP LOCAL LIKE YOU NEVER DID BEFOREThe impact it can have on our economy is enormous. When you shop at local establishments (rather than sitting at home and ordering from a catalog or online) all of the money you spend stays right here in this community. It means strengthening our economic vitality, which benefits every single person around you.However, we challenge you to go even a step further and begin by reading the labels when you shop for everyday things and see what you can find that is made in the USA — the job you save may be your own or your neighbors.An appealing aspect of buying from a local merchant is the ability to receive personal service and direct contact with a company that backs up its products.Don’t forget to think food. Most produce in the U.S. is picked four to seven days before being placed on supermarket shelves and is shipped for an average of 1,500 miles before being sold. And this is when you consider only U.S. grown products. Those distances are substantially longer when we factor produce imported from Mexico, Asia, Canada, South America and other places.We purchase imported fresh food to the detriment of small farmers by subsidizing large scale, agribusiness-oriented agriculture with government handouts and artificially cheap energy. If you’re not dining out, buy farm to table products, locally grown food whenever possible. See www.AgriculturalConnections.com. Check out the market for Central Oregon Locavore. The permanent indoor Farmers Market in Bend at 1216 NE First Street houses products from over 250 local farmers and food producers or use the online marketplace at orders@centraloregonlocavore.org.By choosing local and independent businesses for your services, shopping, dining and other needs, you not only get real value and personal service, you’re helping to grow and sustain our regional economy.THINK LOCAL – BUY LOCAL – BE LOCAL1. Support yourself: Several studies have shown that when you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a nationally owned businesses, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms — continuing to strengthen the economic base of the community. Studies show that locally-owned businesses generate a premium in enhanced economic impact to the community and our tax base.2. Support local community groups: The impact that local non-profits have on creating a healthy environment for at-risk youth and families is beyond measure. Local businesses can help to assure their success.3. Keep our community unique: Where we shop, where we eat and have fun — all of it makes our community home. One-of-a-kind businesses are an integral part of the distinctive character of Central Oregon. Tourism businesses benefit when people go on vacation they seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace unique.4. Reduce environmental impact: Locally owned businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transportation and generally set up shop in town or city centers as opposed to developing on the fringe. This means contributing less to sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.5. Create more jobs: Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and in our community, providing the most jobs to residents.6. Get better service: Local businesses hire and train people with a better understanding of the products they are selling and take more time to get to know customers.7. Invest in community: Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, are less likely to leave and are more invested in the region’s future.8. Put your taxes to good use: Local businesses require comparatively little infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the community.9. Buy what you want, not what someone wants you to buy: A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses is the best way to ensure innovation and low prices over the long-term.10. Encourage local prosperity: A growing body of economic research shows that in an increasingly homogenized world, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their one-of-a-kind businesses and distinctive character.Share. By Pamela Hulse Andrews CBN Publisher/Founder, Bend, Oregon LinkedIn Google+ Shopping Local — Fires/Smoke/Eclipse Create Economic Challenges Share. E-Headlines 1center_img on September 20, 2017 Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Emaillast_img read more

Need a Business Boost Make Visual Content Your Social Media Weapon

first_img Share. 0 E-Headlines Pinterest LinkedIn Google+ Need a Business Boost? Make Visual Content Your Social Media Weapon By CBNcenter_img Tumblr Email Facebook on July 25, 2018 Twitter The average brain is wired to process visual content nearly 60,000 times faster than a single text. In fact, people are able to remember 65% of visual information, even after three days, according to a study by Brain Rules. Without some sort of image, your audience will only remember 10% of that data compared to information.With over 2 million blog posts published every day, it takes more than just a simple message to attract the market. You need to start creating unique content that stands out from the competition and is also useful for the audience. One of the most successful ways of doing this is to make visual content a social media weapon for your business.Make Social Media a Digital AdvertisementContent like images, infographics, and videos are visually appealing and easy to digest. These are the things that will make people want to stop and read your post rather than the same old marketing taglines. In fact, 41.5% of marketers believe that original visuals will perform best and help your marketing efforts. This means you should put your most vital information and takeaways in a visual.Boost Business Facebook with Engaging ImagesMost businesses are active on Facebook, however many of them struggle to make an impact. Sharing related images like gifs, videos, visual quotes, memes, and other visual content are easy to use as they encourage engagement on Facebook. However, you cannot use just any image as most have strict terms of using them.The good news is that there is plenty of visual content out there. So how do you make compelling visuals of your own? Just as you would with any content – it requires time and skill. Use visual content that resonates with your audience.Optimize Traffic with PinterestNext to Facebook, Pinterest is the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media. With over 70 million users, now is the time to consider building a business presence on Pinterest. There are two ways to can do this:Strategize your content on the web – encouraging others to pin and shareBuild a Pinterest business account and start pinningDon’t give everything away on your image. Instead, add useful information to provide context. Ultimately, you will want users to visit your website for more information, whether it is an article, review, more tips, or to purchase a product.Using Instagram for MarketingToday, Instagram has over 150 million users – making it be the most-used platform for sharing photos. It allows savvy marketers to share videos and photos with their followers as well as build an impressive audience online. Yet, only 5% of start-ups and businesses have embraced Instagram – not knowing how to use it for their competitive advantage. If your business targets today’s millennials and generation x, then Instagram is the platform to market your business. Creating branded content allows you to gain more reach on social media by altering and recycling visual content used on Instagram for other social platforms.What Does Visual Content Mean For Your Business?As visuals are a vital part of a marketing campaign, they have the power to lure and retain your target market. In fact, 38% of marketers say that posting social media is the most important part of strategy content for their business, according to the Social Media Examiner. Another study claims that people pay attention to image-carried information and tend to ignore decorative images.To catch the viewer’s attention, you need to choose images that provide a form of valuable content such as charts and graphs. Not only will they help the audience understand your stats but also memorize the information provided.last_img read more

Back to the Future for GL3 Architects

first_img Pinterest 0 By Simon Mather CBN Feature Writer Email Business & Industry, E-Headlines on June 25, 2019 LinkedIn (Jim Landin and Mike Gorman | Photo by Cascade Business News)A pair of well-known local architects with over 70 years’ experience and past involvement in some 400 varied Central Oregon projects have reunited with a “hands-on” approach to optimize customer service.Mike Gorman and Jim Landin originally launched a partnership in Bend in 2004 before later affiliating with other prominent architectural firms, leaving their hallmark on a range of projects now blanketing Central Oregon, and have now come full circle with their new venture: GL3 Architects, located in the Old Mill District.Gorman explained, “Jim and I make a good team and have always worked well together; we play off each other’s strengths, and we really wanted to get back to a more hands-on approach, prioritizing customer service as a nimble, responsive boutique firm.“The first time round we pretty much started from scratch, but now after 18 years we have a strong following reflecting a successful track record, and many of our long-term clients are excited about the switch. We have hit the ground running and are already currently working on nine projects in five states, with more in the pipeline.“One thing we excel at is airing out different ideas with developers in creative ways so they can examine feasible options and decide which one pencils out best.“We’ve done everything from a goat farm in Tumalo to the Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend.” said Landin.“Versatility is key in what we do. We have a vast range of experience and are now working on projects in five different states where we are licensed.“Another area in which we have expertise is mixed-use projects, which we will see ever more of as Bend in particular becomes more urbanized, as well as in the affordable housing arena where we have been involved with a number of initiatives, including the new 50-unit Canal Commons in North East Bend being developed by Pacific Crest, who we have successfully teamed with over many years.“We also have strong relationships with county and city jurisdictions, which helps in the process.”Landin said that GL3 already has a staff of five, including taking on graduates and an intern from the prestigious University of Oregon Architectural program.He added, “In our profession you are learning all the time. Our joint expertise covers 70 years and the learning curve we have been through in that time is invaluable.“We enjoy being architects and embracing the challenge of interpreting rules differently in creative ways, while meeting the same regulatory requirements and displaying a variety of styles.Gorman said, “Relationships are key in our profession and we are well-known and trusted in the community. We listen to client needs and enjoy working with people who appreciate what we do.”“The client’s success is our key,” says Landin of the firm which specializes in architecture, master planning and sustainable design. “We won’t be driven by awards or profit. Satisfied clients who return is our goal and reward.”Both former University of Oregon architecture graduates, Gorman and Landin have strong roots in Bend and after stints in more urban areas plus experience working together in other firms, but originally decided to take the plunge and strike out on their own in early 2004.Landin’s resume also includes expertise in residential and mixed-use. Local projects include St. Clair Place (Building a Better Central Oregon Award) in Bend and RiverWest I & II.“Architecture is about what the client has originally envisioned,” he said. “It requires the architect to put in use imagination, expertise and ethics to produce a successful project.”GL3’s blueprint for success includes a commitment to continue building on the foundations of a customer-centered philosophy.Flagship assignments have included the seven-story, 50-unit Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend, the 53-unit Discovery Park Lodge affordable senior living development in North West Crossing, Bend Memorial Clinic’s Westside primary care facility — the first LEED-certified building in Bend — and Vision Plaza, an urban-style two-story, 30,000 sq. ft. office condo complex with basement garage.Landin said, “We really listen to what the client’s goals are, whether it be the contemporary thrust of a Vision Plaza; the needs of government and educational institutions, or, for instance, the 1880’s storefront feel of the Black Butte Crossing mixed-use concept in Sisters.“We design projects in accordance with our client’s needs and wishes, and don’t necessarily have a ‘signature look’.“It really is a collaborative effort with our team and the client fully involved in the process.“Every client has an idea regarding the image or budget. We help them determine if that can realize that particular vision within that budget and it is a joint exercise to balance image, budget and value.“We try to ask the right questions to ascertain what they want out of a project and our goal is to have them say ‘look what I designed’.”Gorman added, “We are proud that we started from scratch and have built our business up to its current level.“We have great clients, who have become great friends, and we appreciate their loyalty as evidenced by the amount of repeat business we enjoy.“The fundamental is relationships. We have something of a low-key approach, but really attempt to absorb the client’s vision. Money is obviously important but doing a good job and having a happy client is more important.”“Jim and I are fortunate as partners in that we get on well and each’s strengths complement the others.“We started this company with an idea of how we wanted to interact with clients and staff.“We have both worked with other companies and realized there were elements that were a good fit for us and others that weren’t.“We strive to execute a business model that features the best way we believe to operate and over the years I believe we have remained true to that mission. Hopefully, that is reflected in the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.“Customer service and delivering on promises is as important as ever. We are always pursuing new business but are equally selective in who we work with and want to associate with clients who appreciate what we do.Landin added, “One of the ways we believe we stand out is that we stay fully involved with the partners in our projects throughout the process.“Also, in the early stages we lay out the scenarios for our clients, including the pros and cons of the ideas. Everyone has a different perspective or level of experience.“Successful clients are our biggest advocates, and some of our best marketing sources come from referrals and recommendations.“Successful projects are the best advertisement and it is gratifying to see the amount we have been able to achieve.”Concluded Gorman, “What gives us as much pride as anything is having a positive impact on the community through architecture.gl3-arch.comcenter_img Twitter Google+ Facebook Share. Back to the Future for GL3 Architects Tumblrlast_img read more

These 15 NYC Startups Raised the Most Capital in Q2 2019

first_imgThese 15 NYC Startups Raised the Most Capital in Q2 2019July 2, 2019 by Reza Chowdhury 344SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Over $3.3B was invested in Q2 of 2019. Find out where it went…Today, we take a look at the companies that have raised the largest startup funding rounds in New York City in Q2 of 2019 using some data from our friends at Crunchbase.  In addition to the dollar amount, we have included a brief description, industry, round type, total equity funding raised, and funding round details. Lastly, in order to maintain a focus on conventional tech-enabled startups, pharmaceutical, financing, real estate, and biotech companies were removed from the data.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 15 NYC STARTUPS THAT RAISED THE LARGEST ROUNDS IN Q2 2019The TechWatch Media Group audience is driving progress and innovation on a global scale. With its regional media properties, TechWatch Media Group is the highway for technology and entrepreneurship. There are a number of options to reach this audience of the world’s most innovative organizations and startups at scale including sponsoring a piece like this, which will be read by the vast majority of key influencers in the entrepreneurial universe. Find out more here.PREVIOUS POST1 / 23NEXT PAGE Filed Under: #NYCTech, AlleyTalk, Funded in the Alley, Funded in the Alley, Funding, Funding News, Startups, Venture Capital Tagged With:  Amos Stern,  Bernard Liautaud,  Garry Fatakhov,  Guillaume Maron,  Iyah Romm,  Jean Guillou,  Jeremy Suriel,  Mat Balez,  Toyin Ajayi, 500 Startups, 83North, 8VC, Aaron Schumm, Accel, Aglaé Ventures, Aleksandr Yampolskiy, Alexis Fogel, Allianz, Alon Cohen, Andreessen Horowitz, Arab Angel Fund, Artem Petakov, Arun Gupta, Atlas Venture, Avalon Ventures, Away, Baillie Gifford, Battery Ventures, Bay Gross, Bessemer Venture Partners, BlueVoyant, BoxGroup, Brad Birnbaum, Brandon Weber, Brookfield Asset Management, Button, Canaan Partners, Centene, Centricus, Chris Maddern, Cityblock Health, Coatue Management, Comcast Ventures, Commerce Ventures, Daniel Dines, Daniel Schreiber, Dashlane, Dave Morgan, Dennis Crowley, Donald DeSantis, Earlybird Venture Capital, Eight Roads Ventures, Elkstone Capital Partners, F-Prime Capital, Fiserv, Fortress Investment Group, Founders Fund, Foursquare, Franklin Templeton Investments, G20 Ventures, General Catalyst, George Soros, Georgian Partners, Giorgos Tsetis C.E., Global Founders Capital, Greycroft, Greylock Partners, GV, Hercules Capital, Hillhouse Capital Group, Icon Ventures, Inc., Insight Partners, Jen Rubio, Jill Layfield, Jump Capital, Karl Baum, Kustomer, L Catterton, Leerink Transformation Partners, Lemonade, LetsGetChecked, Litify, Madrona Venture Group, Marius Tirca, Maverick Ventures, Michael Jaconi, Microsoft, Mike Dudas, Morgan Stanley, Naveen Selvadurai, Naver Corporation, New Enterprise Associates, NGP Capital, Niall Smart, Nicholas Romito, Noom, norwest venture partners, Nutrafol, Oak HC/FT, Optum Ventures, Oren Frank, OurCrowd, Peter Foley, peter thiel, Plug and Play, Point72 Ventures, Polaris Partners, Primary Venture Partners, Qiming Venture Partners, Quadrille Capital, Qualcomm Ventures, Quartet, R&R Ventures, Redpoint, Reuven Moskowitz, Revolution, Riverwood Capital, Roland Peralta, Roni Frank, Ronnie Mateo, Ryan Hallman, Ryan Masiello, Saeju Jeong, Sam Kassoumeh, Samsung Ventures, SecurityScorecard, Seedcamp, Sequoia Capital, Shai Wininger, Siddhartha Dabral, Sidewalk Labs, Siemplify, Silicon Valley Bank, SimulMedia, Singapore Exchange Limited, SoftBank, Spark Capital, StartUp Health, Steph Korey, Stephen Milbank, Steve Shulman, Talkspace, Tamara Mellon, Tanner Hackett, TheTime, Thomas Glocer, Tiger Global Management, TransLink Capital, TransUnion, Trinity Ventures, Trumid Financial, Two Sigma Ventures, UiPath, Unilever Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Valiant Capital Partners, Vestwell, VTS, WarnerMedia, Winton Ventureslast_img read more

Inside the Mind of a New York VC Joshua Siegel of Rubicon

first_imgInside the Mind of a New York VC: Joshua Siegel of Rubicon Venture CapitalMarch 21, 2017 by Bart Clareman 704SHARESFacebookTwitterLinkedin Welcome back to Inside the Mind of an NYC VC, a new series at AlleyWatch in which we speak with New York City-based Venture Capitalists. In this hot seat this time is Joshua Siegel, General Partner at Rubicon Venture Capital, a NYC and SF-based venture firm with over 20 portfolio companies, now investing out of its second fund. Joshua sat down with AlleyWatch to talk about his journey from operator to investor, Rubicon’s evolution from an angel group to venture firm, its future plans, how it manages it relationships with LPs, its innovative “sidecar” investment offering, the differences between the west coast and NYC, and everything in between. If you are a NYC-based VC interested in participating in this series, please send us an email. We’d love to chat. If you are interested in sponsoring this series that showcases the leading minds in venture in NYC, we’d also love to chat. Send us a note.Inside the Mind of a New York VC: Joshua Siegel of Rubicon Venture CapitalBart Clareman, AlleyWatch: Tell us about your journey into the Venture business and how you came to found Rubicon? Joshua Siegel, Rubicon Venture Capital: My journey into the venture capital business was very atypical. It originally started back in ’07 when I had to shut down my real estate development company due to a death in the family and an illness with another family member. I was unable to hold down a full time job because of my responsibilities, and thus I became a professional angel investor in New York City.In early 2012, I had a very extended conversation with my now-partner, Andrew Romans, whom I had met originally at business school in 1998 at Georgetown. We had done some deals together over the years – we’d made money, we’d lost money.We ultimately decided that it would be in our best interest to start an angel group before starting a venture capital firm, and that was the birth of Georgetown Angels, and our plan was to transform it into Rubicon Venture Capital subsequently. We prepared for this right at the start as Georgetown Angels was set up to be a true VC with all the proper paperwork.It took 15 months, almost to the day, from when we decided to start Georgetown Angels to when we fully transformed it into Rubicon Venture Capital, which is very short for an angel group.Having run both an angel group and a VC, how do you compare the two? Angel groups and VCs do need each other, it’s a very symbiotic relationship.Angel groups typically do deals very early, pre-Seed or Seed stage deals, and occasionally they might be allowed into a Series A or beyond, but generally speaking they’re involved very early. So it’s a lot of risk; there could be a lot of reward but the risk far outweighs the reward.As an angel group, you also don’t have a real pool of capital that would enable you to invest in a deal very quickly. When you get a deal you have to pass the hat so to speak. And then when you do pass the hat, the individual angels in the group may not be really sure what to make of an opportunity, and you tend not to have someone professionally managing the process, in general.We did approach the process from a professional standpoint, because Andrew and I are professional investors. So we knew how to do that but it was still a challenge of corralling capital for every deal.As an angel group we did five deals. One of them, OnePage, did spectacularly well; we made a 24x return in 27 months. One failed after almost 3 years, and the other three are still alive and kicking, although one went through a restart.But we realized for us to be able to do this full time we needed a full fund to draw down management fees and get carry. You can’t live running an angel group, it just doesn’t work.Rubicon offers a Sidecar investment strategy – tell us the genesis of that and why does that make sense for Rubicon?Rubicon has a dedicated fund that Andrew and I manage directly. When we want to make an investment into a startup, the two of us decide on that and we’ll wire funds into the company. We’ll then go back to our LPs and say, “Rubicon is making an investment in this company, who would like to add additional capital alongside us through our SPV?”The reason we allow that is we have quite a large number of LPs and a lot of them are very influential in their respective industry verticals. By allowing them to invest alongside us, they feel they have more skin in the game and are willing to help the company above and beyond what we might just ask them for on a normal day for fund investments. It makes them feel more attached to the company and that’s really important for us.It’s also a way for the companies to get additional capital without having to sell it to everybody else. Andrew and I communicate to our LPs: we give them a memo telling them exactly what we’re doing, so they already know the company and for them to add additional capital is a very quick decision. And they can do it in increments as small as $10k, or as high as they like, as long as the company will accept it.The other thing is it allows the LPs to continue to invest into a startup beyond a point where Rubicon will no longer invest. Rubicon will do late Seed, A, and B, and we typically won’t go beyond that because it doesn’t fit with our portfolio construction. But if a company’s raising a C round or a D round all the way through to an IPO, our LPs can participate because we have the pro rata.That’s important because as a company grows it get de-risked – you might as well invest to get the return. But as a fund it doesn’t make sense from a returns standpoint, because our investors expect a certain level of return from us. If we invest later it’ll throw off our IRR.Does that suggest your LPs participate more actively in later stage Sidecar opportunities, rather than in a company’s earlier, riskier days? No – actually, historically a lot of our LPs have participated with us at the late Seed and A. It’s when we’re getting in to later stages that only certain LPs will participate with larger checks.It’s often ironically noted that for a business at the forefront of innovation, there’s been very little innovation in the nature of venture capital. How do you assess the evolution of the industry and what do you perceive to be the most critical areas for innovation?There is a lot of innovation in VC from the standpoint of data. Correlation Ventures invests based solely on data points and CB Insights has become quite influential in tracking startups as well as providing metrics that many firms use in their analysis.Everyone brings up Correlation. Well, they’re very good at it. They’re very unique in how they approach it.The problem is, unless you’re a VC you generally speaking don’t understand the motivations of VCs. A lot of this goes to portfolio construction theory, and also where you are in your cycle as a fund. The reality is that 70% of venture capital goes to zero. 20% is even money, and 10% is outlier.We don’t want that. We want to reinvent that model. We want 70% outlier, 20% even money, 10% failure. We have a thesis approach to make sure that we get that right.What you have to understand about venture – let’s say you have a $100m fund. You’re in year 5 of your investment cycle and you still have $20m left. You might throw that $20m into a later stage deal that you otherwise might now have done and it might only be a 1x exit, because you have to spend the $20m during the investment period – or you have to give it back, and nobody wants to give it back.Our typical investment horizon is typically 3.5 years. We’re very efficient at what we do. We just happen (wink wink) to get into some great stuff, which we work very hard to do.70% outlier performance is tantalizing. Is it possible? How do you get there?Tomorrow we’ll be investing into our 21st investment for Rubicon. We will then have 20 portfolio companies, with one exit.Of those 20 portfolio companies, I would say seven already are achieving way outside returns – in terms of markups and follow-on rounds and revenue execution.I would say three are in a challenging environment. And the other 10 are still too early to tell what’s happening; they’re generating revenue and they’re doing fine, but it’s unknown what’s going to happen with them.So we’re already beating the model, but it’s still too early to tell. We’ve only been investing for three years out of the main fund. We did a first closing for Fund 2, which has a $20m target – Fund 1 was under $10m.How are you beating the model? What’s the secret sauce?The secret sauce is how we approach investing in a deal.We want to make sure there’s a full team. We want to make sure there’s a real minimum viable product that has demonstrated traction with real customers, which for us means that the company’s generating about $100k in monthly recurring revenue.We want to make sure the company’s in a large enough market. We want to make sure we have expertise or have connections in that market so we can help them. Even before we make an investment we’ll call people in that market to say, “hey, can you meet with this company, we’re thinking of investing,” and then we’ll watch the company go through a live sales cycle to see how they do. If we know we can help them, and if we know we can increase their revenues by getting them to decision makers, which we’ve done for a lot of our companies, that makes a big difference.We want to make sure it’s an 8-10x return over a 3-5 year investment cycle. If we invest in a company with a pre-money of $10m and they’re raising $4m, and we can see them being an $80-140m company – we’ll invest. If we can’t see that, and it’s probably going to be a $30m company, we won’t invest. We need to get the risk-reward right.A lot of this has to do with the founders – are they realistic, do they know what they’re doing, can we work with them, does the team like them, do their customers like them? We’ve had situations where a potential portfolio company will pitch us, and then we’ll call their customers and we’ve gotten negative feedback.Some early stage companies don’t think you’re going to go through that diligence. We do. And we have contacts all over, we can always get to the right people.Depending on the stage, some companies will assume you’ll just accept what they tell you. That’s a danger. It’s challenging because we believe that the founders believe in what they’re doing – that’s important. But it doesn’t necessarily make it correct – so we check.And look, we’ve passed on deals that have gone on to get funding. We’ve also funded deals that other people have passed on and then they kicked themselves for it. Not every fund is appropriate for every deal.You talked a bit about founders – what would the founder of one of your 20 portfolio companies or the one that exited say about Rubicon?Without tooting our own horn, I would say that the founders, for the majority part, think of us as extremely value add and one of the best investors in their cap tables.Some companies we’ve been able to help for years, because we can continually help them by making introductions. Some companies have outgrown our ability to help them, simply because they’re on their path, doing larger kinds of deals and they don’t need our help.We try to maintain a great relationship with all of them. We try to be super supportive, super helpful, we introduce them to other VCs, to talent, customers, law firms, accounting firms – whatever we can do to help. And they know we’re there to help – I get calls at 1am sometimes.Your partner Andrew is based in Palo Alto, so Rubicon has direct exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystems in New York and Silicon Valley. Compare the two markets – what differences do you see between entrepreneurs, companies, and LPs on the East Coast vs. West?There’s a ton of difference. In New York we’ve found that most of the entrepreneurs come from industry expertise areas. They’re typically a little older – late 20s and 30s as opposed to early 20s.The New York entrepreneurs tend to try to achieve a bit more in terms of real revenue prior to raising real VC capital. They tend to get more money from friends and family first. They tend to be siloed into certain industries that are bigger here, like fintech, adtech, marketing tech, consumer stuff, things like that.On the West Coast you’re seeing a lot of innovation in AI, computer science, machine learning, big data, IoT, enterprise SaaS, things of that nature which get a lot of support from the ecosystem – so it’s just different industry verticals.You also see a lot of multi-time entrepreneurs – they’ve done something and they’ve either failed fast and started something else or they’ve done well and exited and on to their next thing.There’s a lot more early stage ventures on the West Coast because there’s a lot more early stage capital available so you see a lot more deals there. The ecosystem itself has more entrepreneurs because you have Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, things like this that support computer engineering and computer science degrees. In New York you don’t really have that as much as the collegiate and advanced degrees available aren’t established for those areas.The challenge I’ve found though is that what works in San Francisco doesn’t necessary work anywhere else. There are lots of companies that do things that work in the confined space of San Francisco but they can never grow out of San Francisco. That’s a problem.Can you identify the ones that can only thrive in San Francisco, or will they only reveal themselves over time?Things like “the Uber for something,” the on-demand economy stuff, “Pinterest for something,” things of that nature are the things that never make it off the ground. The originals have done well but the copycats won’t. There’s a lot of food company stuff that happens in San Francisco that will just never work anywhere else. Also a lot of service-based companies – a lot of people are doing on demand this or that which just doesn’t work. Those are the things I’m wary of.True or False – New York can become a bigger venture capital and entrepreneurial hub than SF in the next 10 years? Definitely false, although I hate to say it, San Francisco is as big as it is for a lot of reasons. It has a lot of money, it has a lot of success, it has a lot of entrepreneurs, it has a lot of support in the ecosystem from the ground up all the way to the exits.New York has a lot of this, too, but the venture capital asset class isn’t as widely accepted or known here. You do have a lot more firms now, which is great. You still need more LPs and we need some bigger success stories, bigger exits in New York.Ten years’ time is not enough time. This is a generational effect. So 30 years? Maybe, but it doesn’t need to be. There’s room for everybody. New York doesn’t need to overtake San Francisco, nor should it, probably.Part of it is the culture as well; New York is a no-bullshit town, a lot of startup stuff is fake it ‘til you make it. We don’t have tolerance for that. If you’re faking it, we’re going to find out. So, there’s less room to maneuver in New York. We call bullshit. You typically begin investing at the late Seed stage, after a firm has raised $1m. What do you require companies to have achieved in the early Seed stage? Typically we want our companies to have at least $100k in monthly reoccurring revenue, that’s real revenue, plus we’re looking at 80% margins, we’re not looking at ad-tech type stuff where you only have like 20% margins. We want real margins on the product, or real volume on the product.Our thesis stipulates that if we see this happening over a good period of time, and the company is growing, it’s accepted in the market, it’s been de-risked to a certain extent, so it makes sense for us to get involved at that stage because we know it’s a real business. It’s already proven itself to a certain extent.If you look at a risk curve and investment horizon cycle, this represents a great opportunity. Because at the late Seed, they’ve already raised a Seed, they didn’t get as far as they wanted to but they still got pretty far. Nevertheless, they’re not quite ready for an A, but they’re still going to raise for 18 months of operational runway which will give them enough time to achieve the milestones that they really need to get an A and break out. That’s where we feel we’re getting the best bang for our risk versus reward type system.At the late Seed stage, the company’s also usually tested stuff. They’ve spent money on stuff that has worked and other stuff that hasn’t. Because of that, they know what they need to do, so our dollars are being spent in a better way, it’s not experimental stuff.When you invest too early, when you invest prior to that late Seed stage, you’re investing in possibilities, in ideas, in what-ifs. We feel that the pricing is usually too high and the companies haven’t learned fully how to spend their money yet, so they’re spending they’re money inefficiently, and we don’t like that. We want a certain level of learning and discipline.What one thing should someone reading this article know about Rubicon? What makes you guys unique? So many things. We have a tremendous amount of access to industry verticals throughout the world. We can get in to the decision makers at almost every Fortune 500 Company there is, but we also have access internationally.Our LPs are spread throughout the world, they’re all high net worth individuals or family offices.Either becoming a portfolio company of Rubicon or becoming an LP of Rubicon gives you tremendous access. We’re highly respected in our field, we respect our peers, we work well with them. We can leverage our network to help these portfolio companies from day one, which is what we do.What can an entrepreneur do to make themselves interesting to Rubicon? Hit real KPIs. Don’t use metrics of things that aren’t necessarily valid or representative of success in a company. Somebody might tell us they have a lot of GMV – gross market value – moving through their platform but they haven’t monetized it yet. That’s bad.If you’re a business, businesses make money. We want to see that. We have opportunistically invested in earlier stage companies, but only when we really know the CEO already.What we also like to do is, we like companies that have been referred to us by our portfolio CEOs. That helps.It’s still (sort of) the New Year period – what trends are you watching closely in 2017? With particular emphasis on what you’re seeing here in New York? The thing about us is we hear about the trends that are happening but we try to stay way ahead of the trends, because trend investing is very dangerous. VCs typically are doing stuff 2-3 years before anyone’s seen it. If the public knows about it, it’s too late.Certainly artificial intelligence and machine learning is big, we’re looking at a lot of stuff in fintech but not in the payment space, really on the enterprise software side. Subscription services in different markets are interesting – different products, different services.Drone management is an interesting thing; everyone wants to create a drone but how do you manage fleets of drones? Logistical companies are very interesting. Insurance tech companies are very interesting, not from the standpoint of customer acquisition, but from the standpoint of upending traditional insurance models.Alternative viewing for the sports industry, eSports, things like that. Giving different perspectives when you’re viewing an eSports game. eSports is fascinating to me. I simultaneously believe it will be really big but can’t possibly imagine sitting down and ever watching it myself. All eSports is, is you’re watching someone play a computer game versus watching someone play football. There is a difference, but you’re essentially being entertained by watching someone play a game.The data is there. People are watching eSports. It’s just a matter of finding the right, entertaining game. Maybe it’s team player sports versus solo player.As an order of magnitude, what do you think is the right comp for eSports? Is it NASCAR? The NBA? NHL? Something else?I think it can be larger than football, because football really is an American tradition. It does have international appeal, but you have so many young people who are on the computer all the time who play games that maybe they want to watch it.How many young people actually play football? I don’t mean two-hand touch, but real football? But everyone somewhere has played Pacman and Defender and World of Warcraft or whatever, so it very well could appeal to more people. It just needs to enter more into the mainstream, and then you have it. The challenge is, parents don’t necessarily want their kids on a device all day – and as a parent, I understand that. My kids get access to devices sparingly.What are the unique challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and investing in NYC?  The great thing about New York is you can always find people to do stuff with, although we do have a challenging environment for technical talent. But, it’s cheaper to live here than it is in San Francisco. It’s easier to get around because we have a functioning mass transit system. Good lifestyle, good food, full social possibilities – there is plenty of money around you just have to find it.I think we need larger funds in New York. The challenge right now is, the larger funds in New York – Union Square Ventures, Bessemer, Susquehanna, Insight, FirstMark, Bain Capital, Tribeca Venture Partners – other than that most of the funds are under $100m dollars. And there’s probably only about 25-30 of us, General Partners that is, that are really active. Otherwise you have a lot of fringe stuff.Do you have a number in mind as to how many >$100M funds the ecosystem needs? If you had another 6-8 $100m funds that could lead real Series A rounds it would change the landscape dramatically. Because generally speaking, VCs like to invest within their local ecosystem. We at Rubicon don’t adhere to that model, we invest anywhere we find a great deal.Will Rubicon ever be a $100M fund?Oh yes. Fund 3 we’d like to get to $100M, Fund 4 we’d like to be $250M and up. Right now we’re still taking in capital for Fund 2.For Rubicon, a number of our companies are really starting to break out – TodayTix, Navdy, Kanler, Agent IQ, Superhuman, and LISNR are all starting to really break out.You hold a degree in gastronomy from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and yet you do not invest in restaurants – what’s up with that?Restaurants are not venture capital deals. Restaurants are operating companies where you’re getting a certain level of cash flow. Restaurants also close a lot, and they’re very finicky to consumer tastes.Generally speaking food businesses can be dangerous. We tend to stay away from them. But Rule 10 of our thesis is “don’t be afraid to throw out Rules 1-9.”Rule 1-9, is our thesis approach. We invest in teams, product, market size and opportunity, returns, areas we know we can help in, software technology, probable exit paths, and the like. We adhere to that generally but if we see something interesting, we’ll do it. The problem is, if you’re just a restaurant serving food, you’re not scalable. Scale requires lots of additional capital time and time again.As to your culinary education, is there one dish that’s your specialty? I’m known for three things: my duck, ribs, and my chocolate soufflé.PREVIOUS POSTNEXT POST Filed Under: #NYCTech, AlleyTalk, Funding, Funding News, Inside the Mind of NYC VC, Interviews, New York VC Spotlight, Venture Capital Tagged With: Georgetown Angels, Joshua Siegel, rubicon venture capitallast_img read more

The National Misery Index How miserable are you…

first_imgThe economist Arthur Okun tried to answer this question back in the 1960’s by creating the National Misery Index. The value of the Misery index is calculated by adding the Unemployment rate to the Inflation rate. Okun chose these two variables because they are both economic phenomena that affect people negatively and the efforts to reduce one of them can result in the increase of the other. The current economic conditions make a lot of people curious on where we stand compared to the historical values of the National Misery Index. To find how miserable the Americans are today you can take a look at the chart below, generously provided by onlineschools.org. Due to the low inflation rate, economists are trying to modify the Misery Index by replacing the inflation with the nation’s debt level. The rationale is that unmanageable debt and unemployment arguably leads to economic misery. Below, you can find alternative Misery Index graph that New York Times published a few months ago. People argue about the validity of this ranking as it puts the US between Jamaica and Island, but everyone should draw their own conclusions. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

Is email the next snail mail Not if Microsoft and Google can

first_imgIn my previous blog post, I discussed a new social networking site called Jibe, which combines Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as a means for professional networking while job searching. As more social networking sites are created, email has become less central to many people’s daily lives, and according to Computer World, Microsoft and Google are trying to come up with ways to combat this potential problem.Social networking sites are important for any business’ content marketing strategy, as they can help build buzz and your brand, to attract both new customers and potential venture funding. Networking sites can also be valuable collaboration tools, allowing employees to share their work both internally with one another, as well as with those outside of the company. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to utilize social networking sties for business purposes, particularly early stage and expansion stage startups who are still building on their customer base. Microsoft and Google understand its importance as well, and are trying to make email the hub for all electronic communications, by merging their email services with social networking sites so that users do not have to leave their service to have access to sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Microsoft recently released the beta of Outlook Social Connector, which will link Outlook 2010 to social networking sites. Google has released Google Buzz, which is integrated with Gmail, and has similar features to Facebook’s Wall and to Twitter. There are certain to be additional advances to both Microsoft and Google’s social networking integration platforms, as well, as these sites are becoming increasingly important to stay competitive.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

UX Lies Revealed

first_imgUser experience (UX) is all about how users perceive your product, website or application. Myths surrounding UX are plentiful. So how can a weary designer decipher fact from fiction? ThinkVitamin blogger Keith Lang has debunked ten of the most common UX myths. Below are a few highlights of his thought-provoking list: Myth: Experienced designers never need to test the user interface. Debunk: Testing is never optional. Testing independent experience of your design is cheap and necessary.Myth: If you have an incredible information architecture, you can slack on search – and visa versa. Debunk: Always offer both a well-fitting structured information space and great search. Otherwise you are short changing the user and your product.Myth: Users are certain of what they want and like. Debunk: People’s preferences can be swayed by external situations. So ask what people want, then research to discover their real needs.Myth: Users read. Debunk: Many site users will only read link text.  This means that whatever you write needs to be concise and easy to understand.UX assumptions can kill the quality of your site or application. Take a few minutes to check out Lang’s full list to be sure you are not buying into any UX busting myths.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

Bad Customer Service 1 Product Killer

first_imgProduct development is important, but customer service is the true measure of a company. During the product development stage, a lot of attention is paid to “customer input, market needs, translating them into requirements, and features that the engineering team can act upon.” However, all the product development prowess in the world, is unimportant if a company fails to offer world class customer service.Geoff Anderson, Senior Product Manager and Marketing War Vet, presents two real-life customer service experiences in a recent blog.These experiences shaped Anderson’s opinion of the products and companies:Dell: Anderson’s company pays a premium for next day, on-site service. When he had technical issues with his laptop, he called Dell expecting a fix the next day. Instead, “10 days later, 4 visits, replacement of: Logic board, Memory, CPU, display panel, and finally, just swapping the laptop for a new unit altogether,” he was back up and running.Apple: When Anderson’s Mac had issues, he called Apple tech support. They decided he required service. DHL arrived the next morning with a prepaid shipping box to send the Apple in for repair. Three days later, he had it back.Consumers are more loyal to companies that offer great customer service.  Anderson warns that even in B2B, great products can flounder due to poor customer service.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more

10 Tips for Planning Your Product Release

first_imgEven if you’ve already fleshed out your product launch with Scrum, there may be some fine details you’re missing.Make sure your strategy is thorough by checking out the 10 Tips provided by Bor!sgloger.Two of the best:Frequent involvement of the customer and management in this process.Scrum is based on teamwork, and without the entire team playing the same game, you’re apt to encounter confusion and mixed messaging.Clarifying that a Scrum project must also deliver on time and within the budget.Again, ensuring that every team member knows what’s happening and clearly understands the project’s goals is vital. You wouldn’t want to end up late and over budget!Bor!sgloger’s post is light on details and analysis — the content is useful to get some thoughts brewing, but won’t provide any specific direction or advice.AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to PrintPrintShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThislast_img read more