A push CEO Fang Yi three pioneering pit NAnswer how to know how to make a retreat of the beginner

do not blindly follow hot Wangzhuan, instead we should according to their own resources in the hands of cards reasonable choice, such as you are good at writing, copywriting, so micro business can do, because you know how to use words to increase their exposure, but let you go to the website you can Hold live? Similarly, you make a code to give you a written plan, he can do? Even copywriting market demand is big, I want to code will not do, why? Because it is not his forte. So do Wangzhuan we should be clearly aware of their wins in one place. The long and short solution, only has certain advantages to make yourself a better foothold in the market. After all, an exquisite Wangzhuan or strength of the place, you may not as > read more

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The moon after the individual owners will remain active in the nternet

is nearing its end in 2009, but the Internet has caused a great deal of controversy. Relevant departments to crack down on illegal information network, means tough, many innocent personal websites are also involved, but has been shut down the web site. We do not know if this is the intention of the government to combat or tough inevitable innocent price, in short, personal website in jeopardy, but powerless grassroots webmaster.

A5 forum bbs.admin5.com December 17th invited Internet Celebrities Zhu Zerong teacher, to explore "personal website prospects" topic, discussing whether to withdraw from the grassroots stage, personal website is bright bright or a haze. This paper focuses on finishing version, hope that the webmaster help. read more

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How to plan design and build websites

site planning, design and construction, first of all positioning, that is, you put your site as a "media" or "business"?". What is the media, the main function of the media is publicity role, generally used as a brand image publicity more, is the image of the enterprise window. Such as some enterprise website design is very beautiful, Flash animation is very beautiful, mostly some show, in some portal site do or big or small picture advertising. What is business? Business is the direct purpose of sales. It pays attention to the flow and pays attention to the user’s needs. At present, the websites of private hospitals in China tend to be business oriented, and private hospitals in places like Taiwan tend to be biased towards the media. read more

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Sun Saiwu bold face thick pay gains

successful college entrepreneurs, the scenery behind the hard, you know? A master in reading in just two years, get rid of the identity of poor students, with the knowledge to change the fate of a registered capital of 8 million yuan into the company ceos.  

is the internship in Liaoning more than a year, he learned a complete process of engineering, accumulated a certain amount of knowledge management and communication, and even to dig the first venture capital. To help the company in the process of doing things, he learned that a local environmental protection bureau to do the sewage treatment facilities, as an intern who grasp this opportunity, and the other person in charge of a communication, and in-depth investigation, put forward a set of effective scheme.

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The first one Chinese facet chain Bayu man Hu Daosheng

since the tongue of China 2 broadcast, Chongqing once again swept the face of china. In fact, some people have already seen the prospects for the development of Chongqing, the use of 10 years of shop operations, the achievements of the 200 millionaires, which is the Chongqing and Hutchison small.

10 years ago, Chongqing Hu Daosheng founded Hutchison hu man, with a bowl of Chongqing small noodles started to regain the Chinese fast food brand banner pasta. If not forgotten, in 10 years, Hu and recorded at every step, breakthrough of Chinese fast food insurmountable "1000 pass", the development of the chain of 1098 stores, the achievements of more than 200 millionaires. read more

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Young entrepreneurs need to solve the problem

China’s young entrepreneurs are very energetic, always confident of entrepreneurship. In order to guide the young entrepreneurs in Zhejiang in the right direction, the experts and young entrepreneurs to conduct a face-to-face exchange.

1 14 afternoon, held in Hangzhou "the Communist Youth League and the NPC deputies and CPPCC members face-to-face exchanges, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC members, experts and representatives of youth entrepreneurship in-depth discussion and exchanges on" promoting youth entrepreneurship "theme. read more

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Sing a duet to sing the wealth tomorrow

when it comes to the photo studio business opportunities, many people are the first reflection of art, and so on, indeed, it is also a business opportunity, however, countless business opportunities are in that regard, leading to intense competition in the industry as a whole. The studio trio business is easy to carry out more, and let us look at.

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How to open the car stores to make money

need to use regular cleaning to better, many people buy a car now, let this industry developed rapidly in recent years, the number of private cars increased gradually, many entrepreneurs see the car market is good, choose to open their own car stores, then entrepreneurs how to achieve normal shop to make money?

open car wash shop, do not need much investment funds, a few meters of the small store can operate, investment as low as $10000, and high profit margins, is a good choice for your business. Open car wash shop, provide better service for the owners, for them to create a more enjoyable noble enjoyment! read more

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A grand and noodle shop entrepreneurs story

this is a grand and the owner of the business line readme, ask how he golon noodle? Look at the patience to read the following introduction you know.

today, my grand combined noodle shop opened, see the full customer dining room table, steaming noodle and customers enjoy the expressions, I finally took a deep breath of light. My first venture, is the beginning of the.

I am a housewife, my husband was at work and the children are 3 years old, also in kindergarten, when not small, need to spend more time to take, every day in the home to do the cooking, cleaning, life is fairly quiet, but this year a friend and a shopping when it completely broke my quiet life. read more

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Snow ice cream preferably running business with a small capital to join the whole

like ice cream so the project, no doubt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. Because, join the ice cream project, less cost but can quickly return to this. How about running snow ice cream? High quality entrepreneurial projects, what are you still hesitating?

St. snow ice cream to make money?

St. snow ice cream after several years of development, the brand famous at home and abroad, in Asia, Europe and the United States have outlets, bustling. Many mainland stores have begun to take shape, consumers flocked to the brand to become synonymous with sweet. The sale is a kind of healthy and recreational life style, sell more precious youth taste. read more

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How to grasp the skills of money shop

now has a lot of entrepreneurs, it is easy to face in the business when the problem is the shortage of funds, in this case, people need to be able to master certain skills in the shop, shop in the process of financing, in order to raise the funds needed to hold the palm of your skills to borrow money and attention.

1. in time to repay the loan

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Smart life convenience service platform settled in Xining

to promote the development of logistics, payment, credit, financing, insurance, testing and certification services, and provide users with hard, software application technology and security service system. The day before, Qinghai full implementation of e-commerce services cluster in Xining city.

cluster commerce can provide users with hard, software application technology and security service system. At present, the first phase of the project has 60 sets of intelligent life convenience terminal in the city of Xining put into use by the end of 2014, Xining city will bring the wisdom of life convenience terminal 300, joined the company 1000 businesses, and under the guidance of all levels of government support, and gradually promote the construction and development of smart city ". read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources to protect the construction land to adhere to the red

prominent contradictions against the grim situation facing the field of land resources and land and resources department, City Land Bureau in the in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities, closely combined with the problems of our city resources has basically been depleted, further increase the intensity of work to crack problems.

Director of the Bureau of party secretary,

Bao Weizhen said, these problems by conventional means, rely on, follow the prescribed order stereotypes can not be solved effectively. In the next period, the city’s rapid industrialization and urbanization of land resources demand will continue to grow, the new situation and new tasks very conspicuous contradiction between supply and demand, we need to study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, based on the reality of our city to study and practice activities as to promote land resource management and booster multiplier, with Scientific Outlook on Development to guide thinking, to guide practice and promote the work, establish the promoting mechanism and the system worked well, saving and intensive land to achieve incremental stock land utilization; take incentive measures to minimize the illegal phenomenon, put the tube tube well, let go of the tube. To focus on improving macroeconomic regulation and protection of land for construction, promote the conservation and intensive, adhere to the red land, standardize management of mineral resources, safeguard the interests of the masses, strengthening public service, improve the land resource planning, management, protection and utilization. (author: Shi Fei) read more

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Recommended brand of snack food

now people in the house there are a lot of people, so in particular for this group, the network called Indoorsman Indoorswoman. What can you do at home playing games, playing mobile phone, reading, watching TV, the leisure time is so sent, but do not look at this boring life form there is a huge wealth of business opportunities, because this group is not for what the company, that is to eat. The leisure food of these consumer groups to start, absolutely profitable.

leisure food is always very hot to join the industry, many small and medium-sized business investment in this venture will choose to join the leisure food! So many snack food brand and you know how much? The following lists a small part, may help you to join. read more

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nvestment hotpot restaurant to pay attention to what matters

in the food and beverage market, hot pot restaurant is very popular, we all like to eat hot pot. Therefore, many businesses are willing to go to the agent pot shop. But before investing in hot pot restaurants, we have to understand some matters. The more you learn, the more chance you have to win! So, investment hot pot shop to pay attention to what matters?

in the market today Hot pot brand, Sichuan Hot pot, small Hot pot, Hot pot features many, the first step towards the success you want to store notes Hot pot, a clear understanding is the key, select the appropriate Hot pot to join the project on the go, first of all, must go to the field investigation, in order to quickly tap more profit. Have a successful career, must carry on to the brand Zhiyingdian investigation, investors should examine the brand, but not by the company, accompanied by staff, can choose to conduct unannounced visits in the Brand Company unknowingly. Can be changed in the vicinity of the store to observe a certain period of time, and then observe the store’s image, traffic, etc., to understand the characteristics of this brand is what? Can attract customers! read more

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Lingerie store dressing room how to design better

is every woman underwear not small personal clothing, good quality underwear always makes women very popular, doing business, in the past, buy underwear directly according to the size to buy on line, and now the underwear store has a fitting room, for consumers to try again after the buy. Lingerie store dressing room to a certain extent, enhance the sales, increase profits, is a very good set up shop. So, how to design lingerie store dressing room?

attention to privacy issues

when everyone in the trial fashion underwear go through not the show stage, so the design of the dressing room should focus on privacy concerns. read more

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Golden week online purchasing tickets quietly restored gray areas to be standardized

According to

China sound "peak Evening News" reported that before the May Day holiday this year, the railway department has issued an important announcement that, in addition to 12306 this website, not authorized or entrusted to any other sites for train tickets on sale and purchasing services, while the non line generation point of sale to the electricity supplier to provide votes. For a while, the number of sites to provide train tickets have to leave. But with the double golden week is coming, some purchase train tickets website quietly purchasing business recovery. read more

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2009 the second e commerce Entrepreneurship Forum will be held in Shanghai in June 25th

broke the news: June 25th Shanghai Hua Ting Hotel And Towers, ShopEx with the domestic well-known e-commerce on the school on behalf of the network invited many heavyweight guests, teach the marketing crisis Breakthrough Road, sharing success cheats e-commerce! This forum by Fudan University scholars, the first financial commentator Mr. Jiang Changjian chaired featuring iResearch Yang Weiqing, President of electronic commerce magazine editor, the famous scholar Ting Chao Zhao and Lining group, the Jingdong, the mall, wheat bags, VANCL and other company executives will live on the road. In addition, many celebrities — VC IDG, Softbank, Jinsha River venture, Lenovo investment will also attend e-commerce site reviews participating business guests, looking for potential investment targets. The pinnacle of wisdom, wonderful collision, the climax of read more

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Taobao Taobao recruitment ultimate cheats customer seller

first article: to understand how Taobao customers choose products

1, Ali mother background search to find


– General will search to the promotion of the target in the background when Ali Mama, baby in the search for the promotion of Amoy who has several major factors that determine your search rankings:

30 days, the 30 day promotion commission expenditure amount, the rate of commission, the commodity price, the cumulative amount of promotion.

so we always want to focus on these factors to grasp and promote your products, comprehensive grasp of good! read more

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How entrepreneurial companies do public relations old school a good story


, to give brother

Some time ago,

Luo conference once again maxed out the circle of friends, seems to be the mainstream media are very happy to see a personality kuangjuan are beginning to converge slowly, although in the process of the old Luo more or less showed reluctance, but most of them look out, fat tired. Of course I can’t comment on the old mobile phone, refer to the king freely, after all the small life is important; but the old public relations aspects of the watch is still good. So this article does not blow, not black, simply analysis from the angle of public relations, how entrepreneurs like Luo, tell a good story of resonance. read more

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Mop com list of VP members announced in December

respected webmaster, Hello everyone!

we have been very grateful for the support of long-term trust and mop.com alliance. We selected the last month on the mop.com advertising alliance, the flow is relatively stable, high quality IP, no cheating record and advertising average click above 3000IP webmaster, become our VIP member.

The number of members of the

VIP CPC advertising prices from 07 years in December 5th will increase to 45 yuan /1000IP, hope VIP members can increase advertising efforts and increase the number of ad clicks, make profit more ideal. At the same time, we also look forward to more high-quality webmaster to increase efforts to achieve our VIP standards and apply for our VIP membership. At the same time, VIP members will be proposed to optimize the advertising alliance mop.com, and MOP have more opportunities for cooperation, including friendship connection, marketing activities and brand promotion. read more

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