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first_imgPhotos: 1. Nordkvaløya, 2. 3. and 4. Rebbensø. Third day – the village of HelgøyThe last day of sailing before returning to Tromsø leads us to visit the beautiful village of Helgøy. There are a handful of colourful houses and a beautiful church that we had already seen from the water, with its sharp and elegant contours. No one lives on this wonderful island anymore, but the children of those who lived here until the 1960’s come back here for summer or Christmas holidays. We climb on the path that leads to the top of the mountain, from where the bay view is truly wonderful. On the other side of this rounded mountain is the end of the world, and to the north of us there are only the Svalbard Islands. In Helgøy, we feel like we are in a tiny secret paradise where we cherish the smallest and simplest and where the days spend serene and relaxed, between walks to the marina and a good book.We resume sailing and the last phase of our incredible journey – but first-up a delicious dish prepared by our host, Perri. We spend some more time with our new friends, sharing stories from the wonders we’ve seen this weekend. From the sunsets and Nordkvaløya to the surprise of discovering a lovely village like Helgøy, we realise that this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip that we’d recommend anyone to experience. Next time, we’ll come back in winter, set sail on a new adventure and hunt for a new set of colours – the Borealis at sunrise. Flights to NorwayArrival in TromsøSailing onboard the PukkaTravels catamaran departs from Tromsø, the starting point for all cruises and sightseeing tours in the northern region of Norway. From here, we embarked on what would be our home throughout the weekend, our beautiful floating base from which to explore the islands and fjords. Whether it’s for the northern lights or just for your love for nature, Norway is a rare wonder which we were fortunate to discover during a truly unforgettable cruise through the fjords along with PukkaTravels. If you’re planning to sail on a boat trip in the Norway Fjords you can expect desolate bays, fishing and trekking and perhaps even a few dolphins and whales.Below is the story of our three days spent on the PukkaTravels “Golden Eagle” catamaran witnessing this breathtaking scenery. Check out cheap flights to Norway if you’re tempted to experience this for yourself. In pictures: 1. Nordkvaløya; 2. Pukka Travels catamaran interior, 3. 4. and 5. Gåsvear, 6. and 7. The Nordkvaløya bay by drone.Second Day – Nordkvaløya and sunset at “Toftefjorden”We wake up early this morning. The scents of a sweet breakfast served in the lounge give us the incentive to leave our rooms and start the second day of our arctic experience.It’s raining a little today, but some of the group head out to explore the hills surrounding Southern Bird Island. I prefer to stay warm inside the catamaran and wait for the wind to sweep away the clouds and return the sun. And as is often the case here due to the almost constant light, time really does seem to stand still. Eventually the weather does improve and we resume sailing under a wonderful sun.After passing Rebbensø, Grotøya and Hersøya, we stop at Nordkvaløya Bay to try to catch some halibut. In the end, no-one succeeds, but nature offers us another reward: the most beautiful sunset we’ve seen in our lives, with pink, orange and red glittering in the sky before turning purple we’ll never forget. We head to an area called “Toftefjorden” to take some photos and videos where the sunset lights are still vibrant and full of magic. It’s at this point that we pause to think about how lucky we are to be in such a remote and beautiful part of the world, making new memories with new travel companions.center_img First day: Gåsvear and KvaløyaThe temperature at this time of the year is very pleasant, and the sunlight never seem to end this far north. We wore t-shirts and a light jacket and enjoyed the sea breeze and refreshing air, all in warm sunshine.Today we leave Tromsø to head to north and begin our exploration. After a light lunch of shrimp and butter-toasted bread, our skipper decides to throw the anchor and let us fish in a sheltered bay. In spite of our initial scepticism, in the end, we all get something out so we can cook our own dinner.We resume sailing and head towards Gåsvear, a small island with sunny white sandy beaches and pebbles rounded by weather and water. We approach the island to enjoy the view of the bay from the hill overlooking a little church with its small cemetery. No one lives on the island, but the spirit of this place is still intact and we are amazed at the transparent colour of the water and the beauty of this “abandoned” place.We resume our trip and before we all dine together in the wonderful lounge of our catamaran, we sail to Kvaløya Bay where we spend the night. Photos: 1. 2. 3. and 4. The village of HelgøyThe catamaran “The Golden Eagle”The PukkaTravels catamaran is a modern and highly-equipped vessel which can accommodate up to 10 people in comfortable en-suite rooms. Fishing equipment is provided onboard, including meals and snacks, assistance with a guide and an experienced skipper to steer your route and drop you at the some of northern Norway’s most beautiful and pristine points.On winter days, you can also wear the waterproof suits that PukkaTravels makes available to guests, while in the summer, as we experienced, the only thing to do is enjoy the midnight sun and the cool breeze coming from the sea.When to cruise to NorwayPukkaTravels organises cruises throughout the year and can arrange it on different routes according to your preferences. In general, if you want to observe the Aurora Borealis, the best times to see it are those ranging from October to March, but these latitudes could be seen from the end of August.In the summer, or whatever it is from May to August, the days are long and the sun never falls below the horizon. 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